How to fix a relationship?

Asking for a friend a buddy of mine has really gone downhill since his divorce last year and he really misses his wife and really wants to get her back but she seems very bitter how does one go about trying to win her heart back ?


That’s hard, she may not be interested but honestly. I would suggest him starting with just trying to be a friend right now, he needs to get back trust and such. With no background intentions.

You don’t; divorce happens for a reason and he should move on.


Court her all over again if she’s even open to it. Show her through consistent changed behavior that he’s a better man.


He’s tried I think the last thing he tried doing was for vday and she burned the flowers he got her

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Divorce happens for a reason. Hope your “friend” will accept she’s moving on to the next chapter.


He’s even asked a few times to take for dinner or a concert and her reply was no

Hard to say without knowing why they divorced…why shes so bitter…did he cheat? Lie?

He’s gotta make a big deal. As if it’s the 1st or 2nd date… if he can’t surprise her after this long, it ain’t meant to be…

Unfortunately, you really can’t if they have already been through a divorce that alone gives enough reason to why they aren’t together anymore. Maybe try helping him through the hard times and help him find happiness with someone new. Clearly the past marriage was toxic and they had to legally end it.

Non reciprocal is so hard but letting go is all he can do. You can’t love enough for both sides

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Last thing he did was lie about looking in her phone because he thought she was doing something suspicious

Because she clicked out of the screen quickly

You don’t to be honest, him trying to win her back could quite possibly do the opposite and put her off him entirely, its not appealing and can be quite a turn off… He’s best to pick up what’s left of his pride and start the healing process… What’s meant to be will be…


They divorced for a reason…

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Sounds like she’s not interested. Move on.

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The guy deserves a second chance he’s a great dad he’s a great provider it’s just sad one little hiccup can ruin ten years like that

Reading through all the comments, he sounds like a creepy obsessed guy


I’ve seen plenty of couples get divorced then back together but only because both parties wanted to. If he misses her that much I’d say aim for just friendship because if she’s not interested in anything romantic and he doesn’t respect her wishes, he’ll only end up pushing her far away. Sometimes it’s just better to move on.


I’ll be sure to pass the message along thanks everyone have a blessed day

Matthew Almeida is it you?


He needs to get over it. 🤷🤷🤷

Matthew Almeida is the guy you?

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Unless he wants legal troubles, like a peace bond, or actual arrest, he’d better stay away and find somebody else to bother. The decision was made. He may get his own way by whining and crying to his mama or his audience - you - but a grown woman doesn’t have time for a trifling man who won’t take NO for an answer. Odd that he hasn’t mentioned her concerns or his contributions to their problems. He sees her as an object to obtain, like a toy.


When a woman is done she is done. There is no going back.


Sometimes you just have to accept defeat and realize there is no chance. My dad tried to get my mom back after he filed for divorce and she turned him down because of what he did. When us women are done then we are done. You don’t get redos or second chances.


He doesn’t get her back. And unless it’s a 3 way marriage and you are in it too; stay the hell out of their business. Sure, support your mate :+1: But it’s their relationship and you only have 1 side of the story. Even with both sides … Not your business

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It will take time to heal, im sorry…give time to be with friends,get into golfing,…family time…ect…groups…church…use this time to soul search…do what u like to do…take a trip,make new goals…move forward…it will hurt but its better to keep busy…good luck my friend…

Give it time and maybe start again as being friends.

He needs to respect her wishes and leave her alone. She is not a prize to be “won back.”

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Your buddy needs to start dating other women. Follow my logic here for a minute. If she is still in love with your buddy, and sees he is moving on, Sue will come to him. If she has no interest in him, this is a good way to start moving on with his life. I know it is tough. Really tough. But your buddy needs to realize that he deserves someone who will love him as much as he loves her. If his ex isn’t interested, he needs to move on.

Look he didnt trust her, shes not intrested, move on. The end. If i were her and a guy kept trying to win me back after ive made it clear i aint interested id get a restraining order.

You don’t at that point you dumped the b**** find someone else who will appreciate you

One must not. He should move on. Once the love is gone there’s no reviving it. Sometimes a marriage just runs that particular course.

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Well, they did get a divorce for a reason! Lol.

Best Thing He can do is Move On! XO!

I went threw this and its not a easy road i cryed and cryed she ran me threw the ringer and took my kids i was liveing on the street for a year aand a half and i finly started geting better at least what she thought the dvorce was done and she got all the money and i got slaped with dnco i was living at. Friends house i finly woke up one day and said i was done i started eating right and luse sum waight and looked good and looked happy one day she cam walking up the drive way and wanted to talk and i treated her like it was our first date and it was going grate i was getting happyer and happyer but then 4 months later she stoped calling and showing up on time and then she told me she only wanted to be friends and then one month later she was ingageed to my friend who just got out of prison he use to bead the shit out of his girls and do realy mean shit to them and now my kids have to move in with him my advice to you is get you shit togather and if you got kids you take them as muck as posibul and treat them grate and dont worry about her if she comes back good if not know that there is sum one elace waiting for you and you just dont know it yet when she left me the last time i felt i lost 5 monthe of recovery from the loss of my family becare full

When a womens dun a wonens dun x

Remember why you left in the first place.

You don’t move on. Never take back your ex.

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He has to figure this out himself. She should be bitter a failed marriage is awfully hard to deal with. He’s gotta talk to her not you.

I wonder if your a part of the problem?

You don’t. She wants to be left alone and he needs to improve himself before damaging someone else.

He needs to try n move on poor guy. He should start dating

Im reading all these comments and the problem Im seeing it that the person asking for advice didnt state what priblems "his Friend "and his wife werr having. I have seen people saying he was triffling and he seen her as a object ext… Maybe he and her should talk and work out their problems with out turning to social media because the only ones that know what tbe issue is is him and her.the rest of everyone only knows a onesided story and not the whole story just a paragraph if u can call it that.

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Not enough info to even help.

Or find another women but first move on it get better.

Move on. Trust me she wants her life back without all this crap

Get a dog and call it good

Nothing, things would be worst, tell him to take a cruise and meet other girls. He 'll wake up

he leaves her alone :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

In any relationship that has ended, there are issues to be dealt with on both sides. One must first take stock of their part in the problem and be willing to accept full responsibility for the negative things they brought into the relationship… Next, time apart is needed. If one desires reconciliation when the other doesn’t, one must give the other space, while still fulfilling their duties as parents and what. It is human nature to push harder when someone is resisting you, whether you are the one giving or receiving. So, he needs to back off and give her some time to miss him and decided if she thinks its worth another go. And after that time, he must accept the outcome and decide whether or not to find another.

The only 2 people who truly know what went on are the 2 people in the marriage…leave it alone…hes got no chance

Stop trying. Move on.

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