How to get a 4 year old ready for preschool?

Tips on how to get my almost 4 year old ready for preschool ?


Take the kid to parks to have more interaction with other kids so its not too abnormal and distracting to be around others when class does start. Have them use safety scissors to cut along small straight lines on paper for practice (they will learn to use these in preschool), go over colors and shapes. Try to help your child identify/remember numbers and letters even if just a couple (any start is better than none), read more. Practice active listening (google and Pinterest have examples), and practice hand raising to ask questions.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get a 4 year old ready for preschool?

They will learn everything they need at school.
I would prepare emotionally more than anything. Read stories about school, making friends…


Let your 4yr old know that he/she is a big boy/big girl & that they’re going to go to school. They’ll make so many friends, learn, play & that they need to listen. Let them know that you will not be there but that you’ll drop them off & pick them up. Have them start doing things on their own without your help. If your child says no remind them that they’re big now & you won’t be with them at school. Mine is now not letting me help him at all because he’s a big boy who is going to school.

Biggest issues we have: sharing, eating without a fit, keeping clothes on, not punching

I was wondering the same thing except my kid is 3 starting head start in Sept

Self help. Putting shoes on, pulling up pants, zippers, sharing, washing hands.


Practice basic stuff like how to right his/her name, colors, shapes, easy short sight words. You can also practice cleaning up and taking turns/sharing, putting on shoes, going to the bathroom and flushing and washing hands.

Oh get him to know how to tie his shoes. Learn about numbers and shapes and colors. There are pre K books available to give you an idea.

Lots of story reading helps. Counting things. Make sure they know colors and shapes. Recognizing written numbers helps. But story reading, and having them “read” along with you, is good practice. Teaching how to print name is good too.

Kids today are so smart. Their little minds are like sponges. At the age of 3 and 4 they learn a lot through their play. They should know their colors, shapes, letters, count to at least 10. Most dollar stores have flash cards covering these topics. Try making it fun for them so they are interested in it. Work on areas of being self sufficient like putting shoes on, potty skills, hand washing, zipping up their jackets or at least know how to put it on take it off. Sharing is also important, cleaning up after play time. Working on puzzles, crafts, try coloring and staying in the lines as much as possible. Introduce a pencil to them start doodling on paper leading into writing their name eventually. This will take a lot of practice.:slightly_smiling_face:Read books everyday to them etc. Good luck!! There’s also a lot of learning shows for kids on you Tube and the computer but limit their tv and computer watching times. Everything is good in moderation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Get them up and dressed and send them to preschool… lol. Seriously though there’s nothing you need to do except send them.

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I was a preschool teacher for several years. When you say “get them ready” what exactly are you asking?

everyone has great ideas …

Also make sure a few things happen ( only if you don’t already )

  1. tv not left on all day and definitely not during breakfast and lunch … he won’t be able to watch TV at school , do he should get used to not watching TV all day

  2. tablets and video games should be limited because they won’t get to play them at school

I know plenty of kids that do these things and it’s very hard getting them away from tv and video games