How to get a 5 month old to nap?

I am in desperate need of advice for the sake of everyone’s, especially mine, sanity. My little one just turned 5 months old a two days ago but he’s just absolutely been refusing to nap or sleep for at least a week or so now. He won’t nap unless he’s already so cranky and overtired to where he can’t fight it any longer and when I put him down for the night it could be 8 or 9 pm before he will finally fall asleep. He’ll be up again around 12 or 1 in the morning and nothing I try will put him back to sleep. Rocking him, his bottle, white noise, the pacifier, walking with him, nothing. I get a maximum of maybe 3 hours of sleep at night nowadays and it’s making me just as cranky as him. He will not sleep unless he’s just at that maximum level of tiredness that he can take and I’m truly out of ideas. After 3 he’s up every hour until he’s finally up for the day at 7 in the morning. I don’t know what to do anymore and I truly need help. I’m running out of fuel to deal with daily life at this point. Please?


Is he teething, the pain will keep him up.

Sleep regression. It will pass.

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Following… my almost 5 month old has been waking up throughout the night as well. I’m almost certain it’s from teething. Her gums have become white with little teeth indentions like they’re pushing through. And only takes one good nap through the day now. It’s hard to get anything done at the moment.

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Sleep regression or teething. Totally normal and if it helps don’t be afraid to throw on some tv, put baby in the playpen, and take a freaking nap. You’re a mom, but you don’t have to be super mom. It’s okay to give yourself an hour or two and as long as baby is in a safe space it’ll be okay. Both these things will be pass and if it gets really bad, call your pediatrician and ask about Tylenol and dosage.


I’m guessing teething or gas. Could you try a warm bath before bed. Then bottle. Maybe Tylenol? Teething gel?

Ask your pediatrician about melatonin drops. It really helped my twin grandbabies when they went through this. Aslo warm baths with baby lavender calming body wash just before putting him down for the night. Good luck. We’ve been there and it can get overwhelming! God Bless!

Both my daughters had HORRIBLE sleep regressions around 5 months old. It will be horrible for a week or two, then snap back to normal.

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Aww that’s so sad, sounds like teething! If you nurse, nursing can help with comfort & pain. Amber teething necklaces work wonders, they have bracelets/anklets too for night time use. If not I’d try a natural safe remedy to numb his gums at night. If u do teething gel maybe that, & there I always tylonel or baby ibuprofen!

My child did this… we co sleep. So rather than rocking him I just put him in my bed with me and he puts himself to sleep

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Try orajel and gas drops to see if that will help… My son use to do that same thing and then after getting a teething necklace and orajel he’s been sleeping alot better

I’d ask the doctor. Most of the time that’s the answer. They could let you know wether he’s teething, just fussy, or has sleep issues. You could ask the doctor about ways to help him sleep if it’s just sleep issues. Best of luck❤️


My daughter had the same issue. I just started putting her to bed with me at 11. Then when she would wake up i would make a bottle and let her eat in her crib. We follow this every 4 hours from 5am till about 11am. That way she knows its not time to be up yet.

There also a vibrating grape toy that my daughter loves to chew on

Time for solids. Period.

its like teething pain the only thing that worked for my kids is rubbing a little bit of vanilla extract on the gums it helps with pain and inflammation. u can also try baby oatmeal by the spoon right before bed.

Probably teething and sleep regression along with growth spurt. My dr told me to do tylenol around nap time because the pain of teething but obvisoulsy they cant talk but it worked

Babies feel ur energy. If all you think about all day is how can I get him to sleep and you stress over it he’ll feel the tension and fight it cuz he’s not comfortable

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Have his bowel movements been regular? There is something called gripe water in the baby section at Walmart that soothes their belly. I think you mix it in their milk. Try a bath right before bed too. Is the temperature in your house consistent? We always have our air on cool in the Summer, so I always put a sleeper on my babies since I didn’t use blankets in the crib for a long time. I would also try to keep him up later. That might help him sleep longer if you are able to do so. I would try to keep him up like 3 hours longer, and maybe he will start sleeping through the night. It’s so hard to get on a routine. Good luck! :heart: Definitely give him the recommended dosage of Tylenol or Ibuprofen before bed if you think it is teething pain. I would definitely have him checked out by your doctor though. He might have a sore throat, bladder infection, or ear infection. It’s so scary when they can’t tell us what kind of pain they are in. :sob:

I highly encourage you to join the Facebook group Babywise Mamas. It’s a sleep training fb page. It’s not all based around babywise but it gives different ways to help baby self soothe and different sleep training methods. We did a gentle sleep training method called Ferber when my daughter was almost 4 months old and it changed our lives. She now has 2-3 great naps a day and sleeps 10-12 hrs at night. (She still wakes up at 3-4ish for a bottle but I’m ok with it so I haven’t worked on changing that yet.) it’s difficult when they are so little but that Facebook page seriously surrounded me in love and support while I tried to find something that worked for us and there was no judgement. I hope things get better for you soon mama!

He’s probably teething mama

Take him out for car ride. I had to do that so he’d go to sleep

Could be teething (tylenol n teethers help) n sleep regression like other mamas said(staying consistent is huge to help w that), but 1 mama said they use the guideline for 6mths to start solids but isnt for every baby…n she is right. My little guy started cereal at 4 and a half mths old n now is almost 8mths n loves foods more than formula (though he still gets about 28-29oz a day). He might be ready for some solids in between the bottle feeds or even during a bottle feed like I do w my LO to help wash some of it down. He has been sleeping like a champ for many months now. Just start w 1 small, thin cereal to start n slowly increase it to make it a little thicker. Also, make sure LO gets all the burps up and maybe hold him upright for about a half hr after a feeding. Could be a little gas too. Hope this helps and much love

Try having him sleep with you.

Look into baby massage after a Nice warm bath & a full belly, and burped! Good luck

Nuby teething tablets and teething gel if he’s teething (my youngest is 5 months and a week ) sometimes i have to walk around with her in the moby wrap to get her to sleep but thats not ideal for night time when you need the sleep as well . Will he sleep in bed with you? My daughter sleeps best when snuggled up to my side

Take him to the Doctor get ears checked and is he teething?