How to get a baby to latch?

Asking for advice: I’ve been exclusively pumping since my baby was 2 months old, she just started refusing to latch. But I wanted her to have breastmilk for the first 6 months of life and she’s about to be 7 months, so I made my goal. I’ve been considering switching to formula now, mainly because I’m so tired of being hooked up to a pump all the time… however I feel soooo guilty because I still produce enough and I’m a stay at home mom, like guilt feeling like I don’t have a good enough reason to stop. My primary reason is I just don’t want to pump anymore. Any input? I feel stuck between decisions


Have you tried recently getting baby to latch? I give you props for pumping thaaaat long! Feel good about it, not bad. Pumping isn’t easy, add to it that it takes longer to pump than feed, then you have everything to wash on top of then making bottles and washing those toooooo! It won’t hurt baby to switch to formula now. Obviously you know the “breast is best” but really, fed is best and baby will start to not need as many bottles as it’s now time for other foods. Pumping is taxing and you’ve done more than most for your baby.


You have to do what works for you. I exclusively breast feed and I plan to until hopefully 14 or 15 months. Though I do put my breast milk in a bottle from time to time for my baby. She’s pretty great at breast or bottle. Breast milk is gold. Me personally, the longer she takes breast milk the better. If you can produce it, that’s amazing. But if you are choosing to go another route then you do what you feel is best. A baby fed is a baby healthy either way.

My opinion do what’s best for you. My sister once said something that made a lot of sense. “Breastfed or formula fed either way they all will be eating stale french fries off the back seat in a year or so.” It’s funny but so true


Its just as important to have a happy rested mother do what is right for both u n ur baby

If you want to switch her to formula look for the one that is similar to breast milk enfamail the yellow can or any that says like breast milk so it will be a easy transition and don’t feel bad for wanting to stop it’s hard when it comes to pumping I pumped for two weeks (only bc I didn’t produce enough to satisfy him but I also think I should have got the stuff to help me instead of giving up) I had to stop bc it he wasn’t getting enough I did Breast and formula and when he got to the formula he chucked it all gone and wanted more

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I breastfed An than finished up with formula since he was born. I went to 6 months switched to all bottled formula than switched to all milk An only sippy cups by 1 year

Hated pumping. I would try to see if she would latch again. Maybe visit a lactation consultant for a bit of help. In the end-she got breast milk for 7 months. That is awesome! Great work—pumping is a lot of work. Do what is best for your sanity.


Maybe see if she will latch again? Obviously a fed baby is best, but that also doesn’t stop the fact that ‘breast is best’ the longer your babes can have breast milk the better, the longer you breast feed it also reduces your risk of breast cancer, and your child’s.

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Personal choice. Babies do better on breast milk, but, 6 months is faaaar better than none. I just stopped breast feeding one day and my daughter never reached for me after that. I did not pump, just nursed. You know if it is right for you and your baby.

We as mommas forget that we need to take care of ourselves sometimes too. If you are going crazy from pumping, stop.

Your kid should be eating puree/solids so less pumping. Only few more months and you can switch to regular milk.


If you’re a stay at home mom I’d just suck it up and deal with it. Yes… it may suck especially since you’re mentally done but the longer you can go breastfeeding the better for your baby. Honestly, people say formula fed or breast fed doesn’t matter as long as they’re fed but you’re giving your baby something that naturally comes from your body to feed them instead of giving them something you really don’t have a clue what goes into it. Yes there’s ingredients but if you’ve noticed more and more canned food and stuff we buy have things in them that we don’t expect like mice and cardboard and such… formula is canned and we really don’t know what gets closed up in those things. But you know the natural milk coming from your breast is nothing more than natural milk that obviously your precious baby can handle. Do what you want but that’s just something for you to think about.

You’re blessed with breast that are able to give your baby healthy food some moms would give anything to be able to breast feed why buy food when it comes naturally from you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Now that she is over 6 months you can start doing food too to help keep her belly full id slow down the pumping sessions like if you pump every 3 hours go 4 hours now so you milk slows down and start rotating formula bottle breast milk bottle til her tummy gets used to the formula…

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Mom going crazy isn’t worth it. You can stop breastfeeding now.

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Please don’t listen to people trying to guilt you or telling you to suck it up.

Have you considered decreasing how often you pump? Especially at night, giving you more sleep can make all the difference.

No matter if you decide to continue, slow down, or stop, you are still an amazing mom so don’t forget it. :two_hearts:


DON’T feel guilty, it is not your fault. My daughter could not breastfeed either. She wanted the same thing. She had her baby in June 2018 he would not latch on. She went to classes and everything. He just refused she pumped he still refused. She was heartbroken. Finally had to give him bottles he is 7 months he doesn’t like bottles much better. My mother had 6 kids she had no problems with us but my last brother. It still upset her because he was born in the 60’s. Babies are their owe person in the womb, at birth, and when they are 49 years old that is how old my oldest is. Just Love your baby do the best you can Let it go feed them what you can. They will be ok, do what your doctors say. You got them though the hard part they are here 9 months of heartburn, morning sickness, cramps, non-comfort nights with no sleep, and the labor. Relax and enjoy.

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Do whatever you are comfortable with.

Do what is best for both you and her.

I say keep pumping with my oldest I strictly pumped because he would not latch and I ended up stomping because I got tired of pumping but I regret it. Breast milk is better for baby and you will end up regretting it if the only reason for stopping is because you are tired of pumping. Don’t do what I did.

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Try halfing them. She’ll wean herself.

I know how you feel. My baby is almost 6 months old and I’ve pumped since day one. He was 5 weeks early and refused to latch on and still does. It feels like that’s all I do is pump and feed but I feel like its totally worth the time and effort. Maybe one day he will surprise me and latch on like my other 2 did but for now I will continue to pump if my boobs continue to make milk. My goal is a year of breastmilk but I’ve never just strictly pumped the entire year. Good luck making a decision.

Fed is best. What a baby needs most is a happy mom!!

I get it. I hated pumping. Do weekday makes you happy.

Don’t pump if you don’t wanna. Do what’s comfortable as long as the baby is fed that’s what matters.

I stopped for the same reason with both my girls. They’re both very healthy and never knew the difference. The only person who mourned the loss of breast milk was me- and honestly it’s because so many people like to judge based off what they did. What works for some doesn’t work for us all🤷🏻‍♀️It made life so much easier not to have to be hooked up to a pump all day. More quality time for your baby! Goodluck with the mom guilt! It’s a nasty beast😫

Honestly, formula feeding was the best decision I made. My son wouldn’t latch, I hated pumping, it was stressing me out repeating to myself “breast is best”…the moment my husband convinced me it was OKAY to “give up” I was so much happier and able to be a better mom. I wasn’t emotional, beating myself up, or stressed out because of how my kid was fed. It was a blessing is disguise too because he ended up eating about double what is recommended by the time he was 3 months old.

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Just pump when your breasts are full to relieve pressure. Youll still make milk while it teaters out of production so baby still gets some milk and mommy gets relief and peace of mind.

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I love everyone’s opinion and honestly don’t care what she does. As long as the baby is healthy and fed that’s all that matters but she ask for opinions and I gave an honest opinion. I went two months sucking it up dealing with my nipples bleeding and hurting so bad I’d probably felt better if they’d Fallon off and six months like that with my first born (two of my babies didn’t latch on correctly for a long time) but I stay home from work until my babies are in preschool so I’m able to give them whatever I can to help them and I try to help my working spouse out in any way possible. I’m not saying I’m perfect at it but feeding our baby is something I can do that helps my baby get natural food and helps my hubby from having to buy expensive formula so I’ll do whatever it takes to give that to her even if it hurts or sucks for a while. Once again just my opinion. She doesn’t have to even acknowledge it.

You need to do what is best for you and your baby. Who care if it’s breast or formula? As long as you have a happy and healthy baby and a happy and health mom. That is all that matters!

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If u dont wanna do it…then dont. Dont feel guilty. Feel proud u provided her with breast milk for LONGER then u originally wanted. Its not a big deal. As long as baby is eating something and your happy…who cares. Its your body. No one can tell you what to do.

I exclusively pumped for 13 months, I almost quit like 70 million times lol. But I’m glad I kept doing it. I would say stick with it but you gotta do what you feel is best for your situation. It’s just so good for them. Especially if they get sick.

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Is the child Tongue Tied? It’s a thing.

Also formula is super expensive and you will go through so much. Would save you money if you tried to push through til one year where she wouldn’t need formula and you could switch to milk. And you gotta think about finding the right formula cuz that can be tricky. It’s a big decision

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Only advice, never stop on a bad day. As long as you and baby are happy, no one else should matter. BM/formula until 1 year and food before is just for fun. If baby wants to eat it let them if they just want the bottle that’s all the nutrients they need until 1. Best of luck!!

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It’s your child do as you want too many people and Drs trying to get in homes business

You should do what you are happy with in the end. You could go totally with formula or express for a morning feed and for an evening feed if you are up for that. It’s less time being stuck to the pump, but more time to focus on what makes you happy and in the end baby can sense your emotions. So do what feels right to you and you and baby will be happier in the long run.

With formula it’s really expensive an u have to throw out after 2 hours of being out in the witner an an hour in Sumer it’s produces a lot of bacteria after an makes babies sick I work in daycare in the infant room that what I was taught an u have to make sure u wash ur hands before touching it