How to get a child to pay attention?

My son will be a year old soon & I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get him to pay attention to me. I try to sit & go over colors, numbers etc. But he just walks away. He seems so uninterested lol. Is it because he’s still so young? Will it get better as he gets older? Any tips are appreciated. Tia


In my opinion, he’s in the exploring stage. Find books for bedtime that go over colors and numbers.

read when he does sit…and just teach through play this is how they learn . talk about things through your day, cleaning, shopping, taking care of him, during eating…

Describe the colors of toys when he has them in his hands

He’s 1, hes too young. From 2 onwards they start soaking up the info but not quite understanding, 3 onwards is where in sinks in and they understand what they’re learning more. It’s great to encourage it always but don’t expect him to learn like a school kid. He’s playing and discovering right now.


Let him use chalk out side. An go out with an do numbers. Make it a game.

YouTube is my best friend when teaching kids stuff. I just look up daycare music and it helps a lot

Hes. A. Baby. And. Onlyy. 1.

I was a toddler (18mo) teacher for 3 years and that’s completely normal behavior you just need to have a set time and practice every day eventually he will get the hang of it and sit and listen more and for longer periods of time the key is to be persistent and keep it a part of your daily routine. It’s hard for even 2-3yr olds to sit for more than 5-10mins so just keep lessons short and sweet :blush:

He has the attention span of a fly right now. You have until he is in Kindergarten, he will get it. Good you are trying so young.

Oh plzzz don’t do it he is to young! Let him play!

My daughter was the same way. She will be two soon and is just now getting interested in looking at books and learning colors, etc. No worries :slightly_smiling_face:

My two year old just started sitting still long enough that I can go over stuff with her. Her attention span is still very short.

keep it positive and be patient

That’s pretty young my son started learning his numbers and letters from TV shows like baby bum bum

My son just turned 3 and still wont sit long enough to even to the alphabet :upside_down_face:

He’s a baby only 1 year old

My 4 year old still does this. But has her days shell actuslly listen and sit down.

Way to young I have 3 years in my daycare that won’t sit still and listen lol just enjoy the time with him and play

He is too little yet. He cant sit still and concentrate just yet. Teach him by sight, sound, word, and touch right now😊

He’s a baby! This is sooo normal. You kinda have to slide it in when he’s playing. They learn a lot through play. Like of his favorite toy is yellow, tell him. Don’t worry, he’s a baby. Perfectly normal :+1:

Yep he will he still a baby

Little Baby Bum helps my daughter out A LOT. It teaches her colors, shapes, how to count to 20, and has many many nursery rhymes along with it. It’s on Netflix, and on YouTube. My daughter is 16 months now and knows how to play “pat-a-cake” because of LBB.
We also sit with her and count her fingers and toes, tell her where her nose, mouth, eyes, etc is and she will follow movements and tries to tell me what I’m pointing at. Make games with everything! It works wonders!


Don’t force it. I would just say colors or number all throughout our day. For instance when I would hand her a cup I would say 1 pink cup. Or 1 blue plate. Walking through a parking lot we would count the cars as we go by or say the colors. Point out shapes of items when going through the store. It really does help and it’s effortless. Good luck!

He is way too young to comprehend what you’re doing. Try again when he is two.

His attention is just really short cause of hi s ave o e day he’ll surprise u and start saying all kinds of colors, mine did and I had about decided he was
Color blind lol

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At this age he’s curious bout stuff and his surroundings

He is still to young ppl want thier kids to grow up to quick these days

I think it just depends on the kid. My daughter does pretty good listening and sitting with me while I teach her numbers colors and the ABCs.

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Try introducing one colour at a time or one number for a whole month.

Sesame street. My son is going to be two next month and already trys counting and singing his ABCs

He’s a baby. Just relax and let him a be a baby. Cause one day, your gonna miss these days. Enjoy them


I think you should just play with him for now, incorporate colours and numbers into his play, point things out when out for walks etc… he just wants to explore :blush:xx

Yes still young. My 5 and 6 year old don’t sit and listen lol
Do things on the move, while shopping grab and item and say the color or shape and what it is (red apple, or orange circle or even A is for avacado etc.) We even used to do numbers (going down isle 5 or 3 cucumbers) little thing you can do on the go.
He is still a baby, he won’t sit still for another 6 years at least!

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Lol you’re on the right path! They learn sooo much the first 3 years. I check out books for my 1 and 2 year old my 2 year old is into them. My son not so much lol but nothing wrong w teaching them early anyways

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Maybe colors, simple words, fruits, foods

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He’s young. The best way to teach my kids colors and shapes was while we were playing. Expecting them to sit down and learn is a bit much that young.

We do flash cards and wood puzzles. But honestly… my son is 20 months today and he’s only been interested in the least for the last couple months. Don’t rush.

At his age, the only thing you should be concerned about so whether or not he’s securely attached to you. By securely attached, I mean does he cry when you leave and is easily comforted when you return.

Hes still young my son didnt start to get interested into that stuff until like 16 or 17 months old

He’s still too young.

Hes to young give it until hes three

When you see a banana, say look a yellow banana

I have heard of a method for “calm” time where you set them at the table for a set amount of time with a timer with one or two items and increase the time a little each time. It conditions children to learn to focus and be still :wink:

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That’s a little young. Their attention spans are just not developed to sit and pay attention yet. They just can’t sit and pay attention for longer then a min or two, which is why time outs are not effective until at least 2 years old. Just try 1 thing with him for now. Like primary colors, blue red and yellow and just repeat them several times a day. Less is always more!!

Just talk while playing with him
Not necessarily sit down and have a lesson
Say stuff like wow I like your yellow truck! Can I have the yellow truck? Look. The yellow truck has circles for wheels
Play Time = learning time


Well he’s a baby. Babies don’t have the brain capacity to sit still and learn like you want him to. Teach him while he’s playing, while changing his diaper, during bath time, while eating, etc.

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My son was like that. It never changed, we got him a tablet and put kids youbtube on it and it had his attention. He’ll be 4 in December and knows 1-20, ABC’s, shapes, colors and animals. He’s learning to write the alphabet and his name…that is still a work in progress because he just wants to color.

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He’s a baby lol. He learns through play. He’s too young for what you’re doing.

Sing and dance. Make it a game. Put educational videos and implement props and visuals ? That might help

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He is very young and curious. It will come soon.

Kids learn through play not sitting and staring at cards.

Try getting balls in different color and bins. Say when he throws what color he throws or what color hes holding. Then ask him to throw in a bin of ur choice. Touch it when u say the color.

My son is 2 and still wont focus enough

If you are certain he doesn’t have hearing issues, please relax. He’s not ready. Life isn’t a race. What is he interested in? Join him in that joy and at some point you might incorporate - how many cars do you have?, which car is your fav ? Oh - you like the red one. Please enjoy the baby years.


Give it time. My son is 2 he knows his colors although he doesn’t talk yet.

He is just too young. Just let him him be a little bit and play

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Don’t pay eny attention to him for a day or to. He’ll come around.

He’s not even a year??? Back off and stop being “that” parent. Let the kid be a kid. He needs to learn social skills and the such in order to be successful in school. This is coming from a very experienced teacher.


Play cars with him make mess with blocks and playfough
Stop being so controlling enjoy your baby…

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My son is almost 5 and shows very little interest in visual learning. He always is so hands on. Maybe get a fun puzzle or use chalk outside?

He’s just to young. Right now you can do activities that involve hand eye coordination but most babies aren’t using very many words by one. Plus he’s not gonna sit there he wants to explore. Wait 6 months. My daughter was a year and half before she got interested in numbers or colors. Now she is 2 and half and in a year’s time she has learned all her colors, the whole alphabet, all her shapes, and she can count to 20. But also remember all kids learn at there own pace. So just bc Cathy’s kid can count to 20 at 1 years old doesn’t mean your child will be able to. And that’s ok bc every child is different

Pck One number and colour. U cant can’t do more then one thing at a time. That’s all. There at the repetitive stage. U need to repeat it a thousand times first

He’s way too young. They don’t really start keeping their focus on things like that till close to 3. My son is almost 5 and he will only focus on writing letters, numbers and colors for about 15 minutes at a time


He isnt even 1 years old yet. Relax and let him play. If he is playing with cars…play with him and say “I have the red car…you have yellow car”. He wont sit still and look you in the eyes with full attention…lol. Stop worrying and enjoy him being little.

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Maybe try teaching him how to wipe his butt before you try teaching him numbers and letters. :woman_shrugging::sob:

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When my son was 1 we had one of those shape games where the kids have to put the correct shape in the correct hole. They were all different colors also so he learned his colors that way. I would just talk to him each time he picked up a shape and id say “now match the yellow block to the yellow side” and i just talk to him constantly while he does that.


Also i want to say that kids are never too young to start teaching them these things. Dont stress yourself about it but 1 is a great time to start pointing out colors to him. Kids at that age learn everything by mimicking. So repeating the colors as you point to them throughout your day to your kid is great teaching and will help them catch on quicker.


So when my little eats lunch we read a book and work on our ABC’s and numbers its great also if you do it three times thwy will more than likely remember it faster

My daughter is 14 mo. and loves me to read she will bring books over and hand them to me. I think at this age they will let you know if they are interested in playing or learning with you

Aww mama! He is still young. Just go with the flow. My little one (20 months) has only been sitting still for flash cards for about 6 months; each kid does things in the own time :blush:

Ok so I asked this question & I’m a ftm & honestly a little offended by some peoples responses. Yes I’m aware my son is still a baby, obviously! No I don’t compare him to anyone else baby but I was wondering if it was normal basically. When I talk to him when we play he doesn’t even look at me most of the time. Someone said don’t be that parent… Well I will be the parent that introduces education early on. Sorry, not sorry. Yes I do sit & play w him telling him what color car he has or ball or naming the toy. I’m not trying to sit him down & put him in school :expressionless: I’m js he literally doesn’t even look at me, sometimes when I call his name he doesn’t even look. But thanks to all the actual nice ppl who gave advice & to the people who are rude, fuck u lol. I tried to say that in a nice way but I can’t :joy: i was just asking for advice there’s literally no need to be nasty & make fun of me. I’ve noticed that alot of ppl on this page are rude as hell. & I bet most of y’all teach ur kids " if u can’t say something nice don’t say it at all." shame on y’all.

Don’t force him. He’s too young to want to learn those things right now anyway

He is still young if he wants to do them he will. My 2 year old daughter will do certain learning things with me when she wants but shes a toddler they have their own way and want to be allowed to learn and play on their terms. Dont frets over it. My husband tells me daily that I need to make her do her ABC’s. Better said then done. Toddlers are active and want to be allowed to do their thing.

He’s still too young! But you can read to him, and he’ll pick things up.

He is waaaaay to young… colors and shapes are 3yo at earliest level… letters and numbers 4 or 5… some get them younger, some later… let him just explore and play


it’s all about consistency and repetition with this age. I use to be a one year old teacher and we use to do circle time with our kiddos every morning and every afternoon. yes, it was hard and yes it was crazy at first…but they get use to it. trust me. if we could do it with 5 to 10 one year olds, you can do it with one. pick a certain time of the day and turn tv off, etc and have him sit down in the same area every day…just as you would do with circle time. eventually he will know what time it is. and he will settle down.


They have a little dog stuff animal at Wal-Mart, my grandson learned alot with it. It sings and talks . They learn colors numbers and songs. I love it. Most babies know most of the colors by the time they’re two so I thought anyway.Its never to early to start with little things. They listen better & more than we think.


Best thing to do keep talking/ singing/ reading to him. When you are playing with his toys say to him let’s put two yellow blocks next to each other and two red blocks on top. Would you like to put this black shirt on or this brown shirt on? When you go to the playground ask him are there two swings or three then count. Just talk talk talk to him while you are playing, driving, cooking. He will model your behavior and want to talk back with you.Don’t use flashcards…read picture books to him of things that interest him. Take him to our awesome libraries. Try to get into a play group. This is great for him and you too! Enjoy this wonderful time playing and spending quality time with each other. Everything else will follow and you have create a very close bond with your son. What an awesome Mom you are…he is so lucky to have You! :star_struck:


Expecting a one year old to sit and listen to you going over colors or numbers isn’t age appropriate. I really don’t mean that as rude as it sounded I just mean that at this age exploration and play is how they learn best. Narrating as you interact with them or just talking to them teaches them so much already. Puzzles of shapes and colors, books, and blocks are great tangible ways to learn and they’re fun.

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Just tape a picture of the shapes it to the wall he will be interested

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Nothing wrong with trying it! Stay consistent, positive reinforcement, repetition, and make it fun. I wouldn’t expect them to sit down and jump into it right away. Maybe not even the first few weeks. Just keep trying!

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Remember to be patient. As long as u try that’s what matters. I used to make games out of it or use art activities. Every child learns at the own pace so dont be discouraged. He at the age where they wanna explore and play so jus be patient with him. Also learning shows help like Mickey mouse club house my nephew loved it so much and would interact with Mickey

Keep working with him it will get easier

My son will be 3 in December and still doesn’t talk sentences or colors or shapes. I’ve tried and tried but he has no interest 🤷 so I hear ya