How to get a toddler to stop hitting?

I need advice or what should I do…
My 12 month old boy loves to hit and throw toys at other babies his age. I take the toy away tell him it’s not nice to throw or hit others. He laughs and thinks it’s a game. I even try sit him out of play time. I don’t know what to do now because his loosing others to play with. Is this normal behavior

Put him in time out and show him its not a game and when I say time out I mean facing the wall with nothing to do and if that doesn’t work spank him it’s going to become a very serious issue if he does this when he goes to school


Don’t “TRY,” to sit him out. DO IT. -he must have an immediate consequence. And just stick with it… Be consistent

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He’s 1. He does think it’s a game. All you can do is watch and be 10 steps ahead of him, when you see him going for the bite, intervene. He won’t understand any type of consequence because he’s only 1. You can pick him up and move him back a little bit which will redirect him.

For toy throwing, same thing.

He’s only 1. You can punish him or remove him from play time all you want, but he will not understand it’s a consequence because developmentally 1 year olds just aren’t there.

Please do not Spank or put him in a time out. He’s only 1!!! He won’t understand what or why. Just redirect him.

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When he does it hit his hand (not hard) and say no!. What’s so hard about that…? parenting is common sense.


He’s a kid of course it’s normal lol

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Hitting isn’t parenting… It’s lazy and it is abusive.

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Yes it’s normal, but so is getting firm,spanking is not against the law. He is little so a seat will do. It won’t hurt anything but his feelings…trust me.

Put him in another room in time out right after he does it. Dont even acknowledge him for a couple minutes. Thats what my sons doctor told me to do when hes naughty, which is often lol… I put him in his high chair and make him face the wall

Watch him closely (I would sit with him as he plays since this is a known issue and could really hurt someone!). The second he pulls back to throw a toy or hit, you grab the toy and firmly say “no throwing toys!” or grab his hand and say “no hitting!” Tell him the toy he was about to throw is “all gone” and I’d give it to the kid he was about to throw it out as well. He’s lost the toy for the rest of playtime. Don’t let him throw a toy… Watch him like a hawk…

Tell him if he tries it again, he will be sitting out for a bit (he’s 1, so 1 minute is considered appropriate, but I’d do a couple since you’ll be sitting with him.) Follow through. If there’s a 3rd attempt, you make a big deal about how you’re going bye bye because he can’t play nice.

That’s what I’d do the next time you’re playing. After that, as you go in, remind him “no throwing toys or hitting or else we have to go ‘bye bye’.” The second he tries, pick him up, say “no throwing/ hitting! We have to go bye bye now”. Apologize and tell everyone goodbye and leave.

I do home child care. Behavior like this is not acceptable and other mothers are not going to tolerate their child being a whipping post. Good luck!

Ok so people thinking there is just some magical solution that works with all kids​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: my lil guy has sensory processing issues and when he gets too much going on…he hits, or claws, or bites. He is needing some sensory input he is not doing it to be mean he just can’t regulate well. Your little one is still small and you will learn what works and what doesn’t. With my lil guy it just depends on the situation. We obviously tell him no and thats not nice but redirecting usually works pretty good. However sometimes we just have to leave the situation. The world is a big place for this little people and it can be overwhelming. Im not against a swat on the butt…in my situation it doesnt work because he is a sensory seeker and he likes to smash and crash and jump and get those sensory feelings so he likes to get a swat​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: the point is there is not one solution to all children you need to find what works for your child

He’s… literally… 12 months old. It’s normal behavior.

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A wise old preacher told me approx 40 yrs ago.if you wait until they are 2 to start correcting them you have waited to long…js