How to get baby to nap more?

Hi all, I’m a first time mama and my little girl is 2 months old. I feel like she doesn’t nap all day just little cat naps and only wakes once for a bottle at night is this normal? She fights me and screams if I try to put her down for a nap during the day and will just crash in her swing if she’s super tired. I’m not sure what is normal or if I just have an awake baby. This has been going on for a couple weeks now. If she needs more sleep any advice on what to do? We do tummy time and play a little bit to tire her out but it doesn’t seem to work


My little does this… Some days she doesn’t wanna nap and takes little cat naps. Other days she naps hard. Just be thankful at the moment that she doesn’t have her days and nights mixed up. Her sleep schedule will change every few months to weeks so dont worry about it. Every baby is different I’d say its pretty normal what your little is doing. Your doing great.


As she grows her sleep schedule will change…don’t wait till she wakes up to feed her…every four hours weather sleeping or not you have to feed her

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Every baby is different. At least she sleeps good at night.

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My 2 almost 3 month old is like this. He’ll maybe take an hour or so nap if my oldest is being quiet. Other times he takes about 30 min naps 3 times a day. Then around 6 he starts getting fussy and wanting to cluster feed. By 8 he finally goes to sleep and only wakes once a night.

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Also, if you want her to nap longer try letting her sleep on your chest if you can. If I need a break I tend to let my youngest sleep on my chest as long as I can let him.

My daughter was like that until about a year old. She didn’t have a bottle after 1 and still woke up almost every night until she turned 2. She didn’t take naps more than 20-30 mins until she was maybe 1.5 years old. Now she is 2.5 and lays down at 12 and will either be quiet in bed until 2 or will fall asleep. All babies are different and she’ll get into her own routine. My first born was an angel when it came to naps and sleeping at night, so I was surprised when my daughter didn’t sleep for nothing lol it will get better :heart::heart: enjoy these times, even though they’re hard right now

Baby 101. Don’t wake a sleeping baby unless you’re dr tells you to. When my daughter was 18 months old she stopped taking naps all together. But she would sleep 12 hours. You have to decide what you can handle. Good luck.

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She is likely overtired. Infants this young should have wake times no longer than an hr. Should be taking 4+ naps a day equaling to around 4-6 hrs of day sleep, and 12 hrs of night sleep. As long as baby is having enough wet diapers and is gaining weight 1 feed is fine, some babies sleep through the night and don’t feed. Do you have a nap\bedtime routine? Invest in some blackout curtains, keep room cool, and maybe a white noise.

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My first son had a nap schedule, napped for 2 hrs at a time and was super easy to put down during the day. My 6 month old son will not nap for anything longer then about 15 mins at a time no matter how tired he is. Every once in a blue moon he will completely crash and take a hour long nap. Every baby is different…

Girl I was in heaven when my daughter slept like that at that age (she’s 8 now).

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My 3 month old will maybe take 2 one hour naps in the morning but after lunch it’s game on and he will maybe only nap 20min at a time if at all…but once 9p hits he’s usually out till about 6am. I think you’re doing great and it’s normal.

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Sounds like she is over tired. Try putting her down for a nap earlier. Maybe 2 hours after she wakes up. In any case you are super lucky she sleeps well at night. Both my boys nursed every hour and a half to two hours around the clock for the first 4-5 months

Every baby is different. If baby is happy and healthy, meeting milestones and sleeping with only 1 wake at night, then that’s her normal.

When she needs to sleep she will!

Its normal. Your baby is on her own schedule. My son slept through the night at like 6 weeks old and took a few short naps during the day.

2 months? Do you breast feed? I’d say something to try is “skin to skin” she may just feel uncomphortable because she’s only 8ish weeks she still wants that Womb-ish feel! Skin to skin soothed my baby at that age because mommy’s body is the most comphortable place for them. Once they feel that protection and skin of mama, they are OUT!
On top of you ofcorse, but OUT.

My babygirl would never go down for a nap. Occasionally she’d fall asleep in her swing, high chair, babyseat or car seat. Never for very long though. She started full time daycare at 3 months old, and didn’t nap there either! She’s 21 now and still isn’t the greatest sleeper. But she is fine. She graduates college next week. Hoping to have a 4.0 this semester!! :crossed_fingers: It’s who she is, what she does.
As long as your baby is healthy, on schedule with growth & activity, don’t stress over it!!!

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Some kids don’t nap during the day.

I would ask for a doctor’s advice

They start to be more awake around 2 months. Very normal.

Quit trying to put her to sleep and enjoy her. You don t want to make sleep a battle of the wills. Do you bundle her or wrap her tight. Sometimes they just need some comfort. My daughter fought sleep to the point of having a fit. I think she was of afraid she would miss something

What she said it’s all good

Also hang a toy that has movement over the crib that usually gets the eyes tired at that young age

My son has always been like that. He has little cat nap in the day and by night he sleeps really good