How to get baby to sleep in crib?

my baby has a curved bassinet type thing she sleeps in, she is curently now 6 months old and im trying to get her to sleep in the crib since shes almost too big for the bassinet and hardly has room and im worried over her rolling over in it. she will not sleep in her crib, playpen anything if i get her to fall asleep she will wake every 30 minutes and cry like something terrible all night long. i don’t want her to sleep with me because i get way worried but that or her going back in her nassinet is the only way she will sleep all night shes slept all night since she was born. any suggestions? ive tried taking the side off the crib and pushing it by our bed and still nothing does it. i need help this momma is going nuts


When you say curved, do you mean the head is propped up a bit? That was the only way my son could sleep when he was younger. In order to get him to sleep in crib I had to put a pillow and then a boppy on top to prop him up and hold him there. It is a suffocation risk. My son is now 3 and I suspect he has GERD.

I put baby sleeping music and he tends to sleep long cause if he wakes he hears it and that’s his cue for sleeping.

Try staying in there a little bit before leaving sometimes just gotta let cry and will learn your not going to come running every time you hear crying

Leave her in the bassinet. My granddaughter was in her bassinet until she could push herself up and stand. Then she happily went to her crib. She might find comfort in the closeness of the sides of the bassinet.

Sometimes you have to let them cry it out. If you give in every time, they will never learn

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Take top of bassinet off set in Crib put sides up good night


Lullaby music played lightly

Elevate the head of the crib…I got a small pillow and placed it underneath the crib mattress, that helped alot

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Have her slept with you

Try putting her in her crib during a nap with music they have music and lights thing that hooks on the side or things that go on the ceiling