How to get baby to sleep in their own bed?

My son and I have co-slept since he was born. He’s 9 months now and very mobile. I’ve not been getting sleep at all the past two weeks because i’m scared he will crawl off the bed while he’s sleeping. He squirms and wiggles all around now. It’s breaking my heart to think i we won’t be able to co-sleep anymore (onviously i want to continue sleeping with him if possible), but for his safety i’ve been trying to lay him in his crib the past few nights. He sleeps for a little while, but once he wakes up i can’t lay him down again without him continuously waking. Has anyone else had these issues, and if so, do you have any advice?


my son fell off the bed when he was 9months… husband and i put our mattress and box springs on the floor so we could continue to cosleep without worrying… he’s 3.5 now (we do have a 1yr old daughter no too) and our bed is still on the floor.

Following bc i have the same problem

My daughter is going thru the same thing with her daughter. I’m gonna tell you like I told her. Never start the habit of sleeping with the baby in the bed with you. It’s harder to get them to sleep in their beds later on. It comes down to self soothing now. Gonna have to let the baby cry until they’re used to their own crib/bed.


All of my kids slept in their bassinet next to my side of the bed .As soon as baby moved it they went in their cribs.

Baby bed didn’t work for us either so we put play pin next to our bed. Normally I lay him down while he’s asleep but the last week at bed time I lay him wit his blanket and cup down and he has been Goin to sleep on his own.

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Try something like this!


Kitchen chairs next to the bed so he can’t roll off lol…or push the bed up against the wall! :joy:

Buy a guard for the bed like the ones you use for a toddler bed

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I co slept with my first son unril he was around that age. He rolled off the bed twice. My mom and my aunt had to talk to me and explain it was time for a crib. Plus hell be walking soon, you don’t want him getting out of bed and you not knowing.

You could move crib into your room for a bit so he can get used to
It? Or just stick it out with the getting up until he gets used to it or have him start naps in there first to get used to that. We have a safety net on her side of the bed so that she can’t roll off that way, she can’t crawl yet so that’ll be interesting when she does start. We have a playpen beside the bed too in case I ever need to put her there! But the mattress on the floor is a good idea too in case you’re worried!

Good Luck with that. One of the main reasons I NEVER co slept… our bedroom is off limits to our kids :woman_shrugging:


Put the crib next to your bed.

Same boat, we put those rails for the kids…on all the sides.

I pushed my bed to the corner and she slept on the inside of the bed, but I did have pillows around when she started crawling and walking more because I was super nervous. She’s 7 now. We currently co sleep with our 4 month old, so we shall see how things go this time!!


Pool noodles under your fitted sheet or those pointless small decorative pillows. My crazy 2 yr old never rolled up and over those in sleep.

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My son is 2.5 and we still co sleep and love it. We put our mattress right down on the floor and put a twin mattress for him right next to our bed! It took a few weeks for him to stay on his own mattress but he’s still right next to us. His mattress is against the wall so we don’t worry about him rolling off or anything.

My lil one is 5yr old now and still sleeps in my bed. I just pushed her side up against the wall and put pillows along it so she wouldn’t fall down the side


Moving your bed up against the wall, buying bed guards. I don’t personally co sleep (hubby won’t let me), I’ve wanted to. But friends of mine suggest putting the bed against the wall and getting guards for the edge

Put your bed against the wall! That’s what I did

If you have a crib take one side off and put it up against your bed or get a side rail to put on the side of the bed he sleeps on. I’ve co slept with both my kids and my youngest now is 2.5 and has his toddler bed up against my bed only way either of us get any sleep…

Put your T Shirt on a teddy bear and keep putting him back in his crib. It takes time.

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Both mine co slept (still do mostly). My first never really got close to the edge so it wasn’t an issue but with my youngest (almost 8 months) if she moves to close she’ll grab on and scream for dear life… So i started putting pillows around the sides of the bed and our couch incase she does fall it won’t hurt too much if at all… We have all hardwood so falling hurts period.

Push your bed up against the wall

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If he wakes but isn’t crying or fussing leave him to fall back to sleep. Even if he whins a little he will be fine. He will continually wake as long as he knows he will end up in your bed

Take the facing off the crib and take your bed off the frame and have it level to the crib, push the crib against your bed :woman_shrugging:t2: have your bed in the corner of the room so it’s only the foot of the bed and then get a bed rail

I put my son in a pack n play in my room for a couple weeks at night and put him in his crib in his own room for naps. I’d put him in his crib at night and bring him in my bed when he woke up. It took a few weeks but now he’s sleeping exclusively in his own room and rarely wakes up during the night now. He’s 13 months

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Idk how you do it. I hate it when my son sleeps with me :joy:

I’ve co-slept with both of mine. My son is a wiggle worm as well. We keep our bed against the wall and I have things I’ve turned into boarders that he can’t get over. Plus I cradle my son all night, so if he moves I know about it. Good luck momma!

Have you tried him in a sleep sack? They can be great for stopping too much movement and they never get cold as the can’t kick the covers off :grinning::grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: also when my kids transitioned to their own bed, I put pillows underneath the bottom fitted sheet this created a small wall at the edge of the bed which was just enough to stop them rolling out and the pillows don’t move as they are fixed in place by the sheet :grinning: also could try the barriers you can buy to fix to the side of the bed for young children and also as someone else said, push the cot right by the bed and create the space there for them :grinning: good luck xx​:heart:

That was around the age my daughter crawled off the bed in her sleep. I started putting a hand on her till sleep crawling stopped.