How to get baby to sleep in their own bed?

I need help getting my 1.5 year old to sleep someplace other than my bed. I never planned on co-sleeping, it sort of happened because it was the only way I’d get more than a couple hours sleep. I’ve tried to transition him to a pack and play in my room which someone recommended on here, it went well for a couple nights, now he’s got me figured out, and only sleeps in it f or a couple hours. I can’t and won’t do the cry it out method. Anyone found a way other than crying it out?


Well first of all have you seen a pack n play?! Those things are soooo hard you wouldnt be comfortable sleeping in there why should he?!

I gave up on trying tp gwt my baby to sleep alone. I mean he will only be this young once so i decided to just enjoy it. He cosleeps with me n i get kisses early in morning… its the best. We need to enjoy our babies… they are only little once… ijs


Let him fall asleep in your lap like on the couch and then go lay him down I coslept with all 5 of mine and this was the only way I could break it

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Try putting baby in a crib rather than the pack n play. That thing is for playing and the occasional nap, not made as an overnight bed.

Keep encouraging each night, I could never do the crying out thing either. I can’t stand to hear a child cry.

Put an actual crib in your room and make it comfy for the kid… Other than that I got nothin cuz we did cry it out… It’s really not that bad if you’re using the method correctly. It’s very very hard at first but your child also needs to learn how to self soothe and get themself back to sleep without mama, a bottle or anything as a crutch


We didn’t really do crying out but whenever my 2 year old would get out of his bed and try to get in bed with us we would walk him back to his room and explain that it was bedtime and that mom and dad were going to sleep too just in another room. He rarely cried (more whining). Caring reassurance and being calm helped a lot. We didn’t yell or spank him or tell him that getting out of bed was a “bad thing”, we just made sleeping in his bed seem more desirable and not scary. It was hard because it took 3 weeks for him to stop getting up, but we sleep so much better at night.

If your not already start a routine. Dinner, bath, lotion massage, might have to let him cry a little while. Also try some white noise music. Keep things dim and quiet while doing bath and lotion.

Introduce him to his own big boy bed (toddler bed) We moved into a new place and my daughter wasn’t too sure about having her own room until I put a toddler bed in and she loved the idea of have a big girl bed. Now she sleeps in a twin bed and she absolutely loves it and also sleeps in a lot later which is a plus!

Well a year and a half is a toddler so a pack and play won’t really work. MayBe a toddler bed would be good. When it’s bed time go in there and lay him down and read him a story, then turn off the light (have a night light) maybe rub his back and sit next to him till he falls a sleep… Or maybe make a pallet next to your bed and do the above steps… or let him lay with you in your bed till he passes out and then put him in his own bed. It’s time to start training him with a bedtime schedule. And sometimes the “cry it out method” will need to take place because he does need to know how to soothe himself or you will always have a very needy baby that won’t make progress on learning how to fall back a sleep on his own.

My son had a white noise machine that also had a projector in it. I could just turn it on and he would watch that until he fell asleep again.

Will you let him cry for 10 min? I did sleep training and mine only cried 10 min at most

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Also sound machine helped a lot

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We put his crib by our bed and took the front rail off. That way if he starts to stir and I wake up I put my arm over him and it works great. He’s been sleeping in his bed this way for almost 6 months. And he had slept on my chest for almost 2 years.

Embrace it. He won’t be on your bed forever. I’ve co-slept with all 5 of mine who moved to their own beds right around 2 with no trouble.

Is the Father in the picture and home for bed time? If so, it seems to go a lot easier if they do it. My little one is 17 months and we still BF/ cosleep but we’re working on transitioning her. She will wail like a banshee if I even think about it… Lol, but the other night Hubs was able to soothe her to sleep in her mini crib in our room.