How to get baby to sleep on their own?

best advice to get your baby asleep by theirselves? my baby is 9months old, and doesn’t sleep through the night. she will only go to sleep if i’m holding her, or i put her in the bed with me. i’ve tried the crying out method, but it hurts my heart hearing her cry for long periods of time. any advice is helpful.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get baby to sleep on their own?

Try and do the same schedule every night. Bath (I do every other night), take to her room, shut door, turn lights out, give bottle, tell her you love her and it’s night night time. And put her in bed and cover her up. Maybe try a sound machine. I have to use one for my 1 year and have since she was born. It’s a life saver.


My almost 9 month old sometimes will sleep 6 hrs straight but other wise its 2 to 3 hrs and wants to sleep with me.


Have you tried co-rooming? My daughter has what she calls a family bedroom she has a bed her son has a bed and the baby has a crib all in one room. She created the family bedroom because of this very issue she couldn’t put her son to bed in his own room in his own bed and get him to stay there throughout the night because he wanted to be with Mom. So maybe try co-rooming so you’re close but not in the same bed and see if that works. Good luck


I let my babies sleep with me. I don’t like sleeping alone, what makes me think my babies like sleeping alone.


Im still working on getting my daughter to sleep in her own crib. She goes to sleep in my bed and right now goes in a side sleeper type bed. But she’s 1 and i still haven’t been able to get her to sleep a whole night in her room. Naps are good in the crib tho occasionally.


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Babies are not meant to get to sleep on their own. They are biological hardwired to still need help falling asleep and staying asleep.
We help babies regulate their breathing, heart rate, and temperature.
Sleep is developmental not trained.
Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep is a great group.

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Make sure your baby has a lot of activity before bedtime as that will help baby fall asleep because he/she is tired. Put your baby in the crib after he/she has fallen asleep. Also, have a set bedtime for baby. Mom put her babies to bed by 7pm. I did the same with mine. Babies that have been playing hard with toys, pushing their baby walker around, etc, will be tired and easily go to sleep. If baby wants a bottle, hold the baby while he/she drinks as much as he/she wants - babies often fall asleep while sucking on their baby bottles.

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Put earplugs in let her cry it out easy