How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My baby is 3 weeks old she was born at 35 weeks… I am at a loss of what to do she won’t sleep in her bassinet she whines all night literally I get 2 hours of sleep every night if that which wouldn’t be bad but I also have a 2 year old at home. I even tried putting her in a bouncer she seems gassy and she is getting checked for reflux in a couple weeks… she just does not sleep and cries is there anything else I can do or anything I can put her in thay would help her sleep better? I’ve even tried swaddling


Some babies are clingy, try getting one of her blankets smelling like you and put her down with that. Good luck

Try laying her on her tummy

Chiropractor helps so much

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Does she sleep on your chest?


I have a friend who has twins like that I feel horrible for her when I stay the night and see her struggling I’m still learning myself so I freeze a lot. Anyways she told me they get better past 3 months so just hang in there. Sometimes babies are just like that​:pensive::relieved: I have one (my first) on the way so I pray every day I get a baby that’ll sleep through the night…I heard those are rare though haha good luck!

Gripe water helped my twin boys at that age with their stomachs.

Gas drops maybe if she is gassy they saved my life with both my kids

Gripe water and rock n play saved us!

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Put her in bed with you!!! I sleep with both my babys the first month of their lives. If i didnt i wouldnt get any sleep!!


Maybe swaddle her? And I would take a small blanket or one of my T-shirts n put it in the bassinet or crib n lay my son on it. N he slept better n sometimes I Co slept with him. Co sleeping is fine him just be safe about it

Swaddle her. Make sure she warm. My son was 4lbs at birth (he was termed) and I never thought he would be cold even on a hot summer day. I had to swaddle him and dress him warm to sleep

N try gas drops I had to d oil that with my son n switch to soy formula

If your breast feeding maybe something in your diet? My little girl was on gas drops for the first four months while trying out different formulas and they definitely helped!

Shes 3 weeks old. I mean get used to it. Thays what babies do.


Was the in the NICU by chance?

My son has reflux and he takes zantac .5 ml and soothe Gerber probiotic drops and they changed his formula to a no spit up formula. Might look into it

Gripe water and co sleeping helped me. Did that for the first month then after that first month hit she sleeps in her crib just fine

Have you tried gas drops? My son was born at 35 weeks and he ended up have acid reflux bad. I nursed him so I had to really cut back on what i was consuming but it made a world of difference and when he started on the medicine for it too. But we found gas drops helped him at night and making sure he is upright for 30 minutes after drinking a bottle if he does.
Hang in there mama! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Gas drops and a rock n play sleeper it worked wonders for my son

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Is she breast or formula fed my son was like that when he was exclusively breastfed once I started supplementing with formula he stopped

It’s okay mama. My son would only sleep being held until he was 8 weeks. I consistently put him in his bassinet awake or asleep (even though I knew he would wake up) to get him used to it. Bicycle her legs to relieve the gas. Idk… I wouldn’t give gas drops due to her being premature and only 3 weeks old…

My little one is 6 weeks and will not sleep flat on her back. She will only sleep comfortably on my chest. She still wakes up every 2 or 3 hours. But a nursing and change usually puts her right back to sleep. She is use to you. She was constantly touching you for 35 weeks. Now she is in a world she is unfamiliar with. You are her comfort. If she is whining all night, maybe she is just looking for you. This will pass, good luck mommy! Congratulations on your little one. :heart_eyes::gift_heart:

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My newborns doctor recommended tummy time for gas as long as you’re watching them.

Gas drops, night time gripe water, a warm blanket that you put in the dryer and loud rain/ white noise! Worked like a charm for my daughter.

She is 3 weeks old, thats what they do. It is hard but it does eventually get easier, my lo is 10 weeks old and still doesn’t like to be put down for long. I also have a 2 year old so I understand where you are coming from. Try wearing baby in a wrap so you can have your hands free to play ect. Try reading about the fourth trimester too x


Way too young for a bouncer if she’s “standing” in it. And it’s normal to have little sleep. You’ll probably have to sleep with baby to get much more

With my first he would NOT sleep unless he was on me. I know they say you can suffocate the baby but for me that mom instinct kicked in immediately and I stayed in one spot the whole time. I would have never slept otherwise.

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Gripe Water or gas drops are good. Also, try elevating her head a little if it is reflux. You can use a rolled up blanket or towel under her mattress. You may also want to speak to your doctor about food allergies. When my son stopped sleeping well because of reflux, it turned out he was allergic to almost everything I was putting in my body (breastfeeding at the time). He was also allergic to his baby food later.

magic merlin’s sleep sack

Oh damn that’s the hardest because you can’t nap when baby naps or the 2yr old will make a mess or possibly destroy the entire house . That’s a ruff age in genreal and to top it off no rest.

Try inclining her bassinet. Our dd would not sleep flat. We rolled a towel and put under the head of the mattress/board inside bassinet.

Why wait “a few weeks” to have her checked for reflux :thinking:

But you can try gripe water…and just hold her instead of putting her in her own bed. Shes only 3 weeks and was premature…she probably just wants some body heat and closeness.

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It’s a 3 week old baby. Theyre pushed out of their warm home after 9 months and have to regulate to the outside world.


If gas drops dont work, my aunt who used to be an LPN and her mother have always told me to crush up some peppermint and put some in warm water and give it to them for reflux. My twins have/had issues with reflux since about a month old. Also if you havent swaddled her when you lay her down try that. It was the only way I could get my twins to sleep at night. Good luck momma!

Cosleep, 9 months in 9 months out.


Try putting an item of your clothing, a jumper, tee-shirt which you have recently worn in with her. The smell of you may help.


Swaddle and tilt, try rolling up a blanket and propping her on her side a bit against it, only way my 1st would sleep, then each time you lay her down put her on a different side

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Co sleep. Babies are instinctively meant to be close to mum. Maybe she’ll sleep better close to you


Do you swaddle her. Maybe she is cold or over heated. Does she burp good.

Baby is three weeks old that’s normal…i have a 1 month old and a 1 year old it sucks with little sleep but it’s to be expected…

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My son who is now 8 cried like that for the first year of his life. He did have acid reflux. However it is normal when there that young to cry and wake up a lot. I don’t recommend cosleeping. I recently had a friend kill her baby that way. Never think it won’t happen to you. Not a good idea. It won’t last forever remember that.

5 out of my 6 kids were premature and all but 2 had reflux. Try propping the head of her bed up, it is a life saver. I tucked blankets under the mattress. Gripe water is good to try also. I also took a receiving blanket folded long ways until it was 2-3 inches wide, just enough to cover the tummy, then wrapped it around their midsection. It helps by putting pressure in their tummy so they pass gas better. If you haven’t tried it yet get a soothie blanket and you sleep with it for a night to get your smell on it for her then put it in her bed. Just keep it away from her head. Also just breathe! You are doing amazing! This is a whole new world for the little one and it will take some time to get use to it, it will get better!

I have a 3 year old and almost 2 month old. I know the struggle. On nights my youngest won’t sleep swaddled I cuddle with him in bed and we cosleep. Other times he sleeps swaddled.

Try burping after ever half ounce to an ounce. Gas drops. Butt pats, etc.

Let her sleep bare skin against your bare chest.
3 weeks is still tiny especially if she was born early too.
Look up safe co sleeping


My son was the same, and as yours was premature she is still meant to be inside you so she wants to be close. I had to co sleep, I said I wouldn’t when I was pregnant, I had to go into surgery after birth and after days on a few hours sleep I gave in and he slept. If you’re not comfortable with co sleeping continue with the swaddling, a nice warm bath, a baby massage with coconut oil or your favourite lotion can relax them. My baby is still an unsettled sleeper during the day and has been since birth and a white noise machine has helped a lot, keeps him settled for longer, the sound is similar to what they hear in the womb so maybe because your bub is premature it might help. I hope something works out for you I know it’s hard when you’re in the moment but it goes get better mama, good luck

Does she have a pacifier? If not try that

Like a few said. Swaddle, Make sure she is warm (premature babies cant hold their heat as well). Ovol drops for gas and try sleeping with one of her blankets for a few hours. Having your scent on it might help her believe your there.

My daughter did not like a bassinet, I thought it was because she couldn’t “see out the sides” so she slept in her crib better…

Get little remedies gripe water. It’s all natural and safe for newborns. It doesn’t have any additives or dyes. It helped tremendously with my son who suffered from a severe case of reflux. Every baby has silent reflux it’s just some are worse than others . Try swaddling the baby. Also do smaller feeding more frequent. My boy cannot drink powder formula as it causes him to be extremely uncomfortable with gas and his reflux is super bad. Powder formula is harder to digest and is not recommended for babies under 2 months of age because it’s not sterile and their belly’s does not have enough gut flora and good bacteria in it.

After feeding put baby in boppy lounger or something where the baby is sitting up

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Rub the burps out. Burp her more during feedings. Grip water. Have her sleep with u the first month. Maybe it’s something else like a dairy intolerance(that was my daughter). Similac Alimentum was a life saver(Dr recommended) Maybe try a soother. Dont have her laying flat on her back(my kids never liked that) There looking for comfort. Swaddle her when you have her laying down. Things smooth out and get better around 3-6 months although my daughter slept through the nights at 2 months and still does. Your just going to have to find what will work for your baby. She’s still young. Also, maybe try more frequent feedings because if there really hungry they’ll drink to fast which will also make them uncomfortable. Good luck

I bought my daughter a vibrating crib mattress online when she did this. Worked great!

Are you breastfeeding? At that age most babies fall asleep eating

Try getting her a heartbeat bear to sleep with.

Chiropractic helped our newborn granddaughter with gas…3 x week

Could just be colicky as well. Good luck!

Co sleeping worked wonders for me. But i breast fed. And it was easier not to have to get up all night too

Maybe her formula doesn’t agree. I had the same problem with my boys. Had to switch them to soy based.

Use a wedge under her mattress so shes not paying flat, that helps with reflux xx

A mommaroo are the best