How to get baby to sleep through the night?

I’m looking for some tips my almost 8 month old still wakes up at least every two hours to nurse during the night. He eats really for and drinks water during the day he only nurses 3 times during the day at the very most. He takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday about noon he wakes up every morning at 530 and we got to bed at 8. I have tried getting him to take a short nap in the morning and even before supper but he refuses to sleep any other times during the day. He has breakfast at 8 a snack at 10 lunch right before his nap a snack after his nap supper and a snack at 7 he’s constantly eating he just won’t sleep for more then two hours at night his nap is longer then he will sleep at night. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated thanks.


Get the book: Moms On Call

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Keep him up all day, and play around with him till about 6 to start winding things down, feed him good, give him a nice warm bath and hopefully he will sleep peacefully.
Sometimes you gotta wear them out during the day so they dont wear you out at night. Good luck!!!

If u give her real food she will sleep better.

It sounds like it’s just the comfort of your breast he is looking for and not so much the actual milk. I didnt breastfeed so I’m not too sure how to help with this, but I think it’s a comfort thing. Maybe have him sleep in bed with you? That might make him sleep longer if he can sense you near him

My sweet girl is 9 months old and she is the same way. She eats well and she naps well but she does not sleep well at night- up every 2/3 hours. Some things I’ve been trying:
-giving her cereal mixed with her bottle and then nursing her before she lays down
-laying her down when she’s still awake so she wakes up where I laid her down
-co-sleeping, we don’t do this often but if I’m wore out, she will sleep in bed with us. She still wakes up often, but she settles down quickly when I’m there and when she can comfort nurse. So at least I’m not up and down all night.
-I don’t let her nap past 6 (although that doesn’t seem like an issue for your little one)

Hang in there, mama! :heart:I know how incredibly draining it is- physically and mentally!

I swear by this sleep class I took . There are answers to every sleep problem I had and it changed my babe into an incredible sleeper. It’s a step by step program over 14 nights to correct fussy sleepers who wake too often.

What ever you do don’t put him in bed with you , will, be one more bad habit to break later . I always gave my babies pablum last thing before they went to sleep for the night . Good luck