How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My baby is 2 weeks. So far she does not have a sound sleep at nightbut she does during the day. Im convinced she has baby reflux. She gags. Hiccups. Spits up. Puts her knees to her belly. Grunts more so at nighttime. Right now she is being fed similac pro total comfort. Im not sure if its the one for her. This is the 3rd formula ive tried. Ive been debating switching again to similac for spit up or similac alimentum. Has anybody experienced baby reflux that is being fed formula? Which one of the similac brand fits best? Tia


My daughter had to switch to alimentum because of these issues

Have you tried gripe water? Worked wonders for my son. Worth a shot

My daughter had to have the enfamil gentle ease but not the powder but already made. Similac did that to her and as soon as we switched she was fine! :heartpulse:

Tske her to the pedi ur doctor can give u thw correct formula never change or give formulas to a baby with out pedi first !


The AR formula helps with spit up, reflux and lactose allergy

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If u go to the doctor they can give u the correct formula I was told never to just put baby on whatever i won’t to ask the doctor that os who chooses what ia best for baby amd baby’s tummy and stuff , just see pedi bout formula change

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Check the nipple flow too that was what was happening with my son. I thought it was acid reflux but We ended up switching to a extra slow flow and all the hiccups spitting up and discomfort went away . The nipple I had was 0 to 3 and it said slow flow but found out they had extra slow flow 0 months


Try the formula for gas. It worked


Sounds like son when he was a baby, turned out his tummy was extra sensitive and he was allergic to a lot of stuff. They put him on “elecare” formula which at the time you had to get from the pharmacy (not sure if that’s still the case, he’s almost 9). Talk to your pedi, switching formulas will constipate her.

Gentle Ease (infamil) is what we used for my son, and it helped his tummy.

Switching formula like that. Can cause tummy problems too! Try gripe water and/or gas drops


Similac or Enfamil Soy formulas and playtex drop in nurser bottles to help keep them from getting too much air.

First thing, similac has had a bad history of recalls and stuff so like I literally couldnt get paid to feed it to my child…

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Gas drops, Gentlease formula. Give it some time too. She is very young.

Elevating the head of her bassinet or crib will help with reflux issues when she’s sleeping also. And try not to lay her down for at least 20 minutes after a feeding.

Switching formulas 3 times in 2 weeks sounds like it would cause tummy problems all on it’s own. Definitely talk with your doctor not Facebook.


Sounds like GERD my oldest son had this

The child is only 2 weeks old and you have switched formula 3 times…you aren’t giving their stomach time to adjust to anything . It can take a couple weeks to know how something is going to react .


The two are unrelated, baby wakes up throughout the night because it needs to. But talk to your doctor about the reflux.


I never said i expect her to sleep thru the night. I do however expect her to wake at least 2 hrs or so. Not be up all night like we are during the day

A visit with yer doctor-

This question is for her Dr and only for her Dr. Stop switching formulas until you do. Make sure she is having regular bowel movements also.

3 formulas in two weeks? Let her adjust to one. It is normal for baby’s to grunt and cry and spit up


Enfamil is the one I like, but u need to talk to her dr. Too much switching in a small amount of time. Babies dont sleep all night. My youngest son woke me up every hour on the hour starving , talk to his dr. Because he was such a big baby , the milk wasnt enough, so I gave him really weaken rice cereal, I mean small amount like the doctor told me, what a relief it was. He wake up about 3 to 4 hours… new burns are a lit of work and seem like small amount of sleep

On top of switching formulas to many times she also has her days mixed up which is normal.

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Your baby is two weeks old … that’s what they do .
I find it a bit odd that baby is sleeping during the day and not at night and then putting it down to reflux .
Babies don’t get reflux just at night .
First thing to do if stop changing formula . Three times in 2 weeks is crazy and is going to upset her . She needs time to adjust .
Maybe it’s a case of making sure you are burping her properly. She seem to be fine during the day as you have already stated and are unconsciously burping her more during the day than at night ( I get it , waking up 3-6 times a night is exhausting )
Also most babies at 2 weeks old don’t sleep through the night , especially if they are sleeping by themselves ( she is most likely napping on you during the day because who doesn’t not cuddle there baby as much as possible)
Also try elevating the head side of whatever she is sleeping in and will help if she does have reflux .
She’s 2 weeks give her time to adjust and then if you think it really is a problem take her to the doctors .


Switching formulas like that can irritate her little tummy. Especially being only two weeks and 3 different formulas! This needs to be brought up to your ped and make them aware. You need to ask your ped what would be best for baby instead of trials and errors. This is so sad.

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Alimentum buty boys had reflux and had to be put on meds for that but they were a little older

My son was the same way and his dr. put him on the similac alimentum formula and it’s worked wonders for him!

We used the ready mixed similac. It was the only one that did not cause tummy upset.

Alimentum is a lifesaver. Expensive but has immediate results!

I would definitely speak to your pediatrician about the formula. My son was spitting up a lot and it ended up being that the nipple was too big so he was getting too much at once on top of not burping him well enough. I’m not sure if your a ftm or not but those first few weeks are rough. Try to get into a routine for night time sleeping. My son is 10 weeks and I started doing certain things at bed time to let him know it was bed time, not nap time as soon as he got home. I change his diaper, put his jammies on, swaddle him and then give him a bottle and that has seemed to work for us. Hang in there mama, it gets easier and it’s all so worth it!

I used enfamile gentlease but WIC only uses Gerber so shes on gerber soothe

The WIC Office in Memphis does not cover anything but similac.

I also give my child gripe water as well for hiccups.

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My son had really bad reflux his doctor prescribed him ranitidine and he was on enfamil nutramigen, I also gave him gripe water! After we started doing/using all thise products he was no longer colicky and a totally different baby! Prayers she feels better mama!

Formula in general sucks but if you must pick one carnations good start gentle on tummies. But if not almond ,soy or oat milk. Anise seed as a liquid helps too about 1oz I a bub (yes recommended by a figure doc) whom stated kids and people in general were never meant to drink milk or milk based products try these…

Baby could be lactose try switching to soy

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You need to make sure you’re burping her correctly and she has a bottle that releases air where she doesn’t suck it in with her formula. Unless she is constipated or lactose intolerant there shouldn’t be any reason in switching formulas like that. Before you mess her stomach up like that she needs to see a gastroenterologist.

Either use Enfamil gentlease or Enfamil AR also talk to your pediatrician about a reflux medicine and make sure to hold baby upright for 30 mins after feeding. My daughter has terrible reflux and it almost took her life so please take it seriously. My daughter has been on zantac since she was a few months old

My daughter had bad reflux. It took 4 formulas before we landed on Similac Alimentum. And this was such a big help. We tried enfamil infant, enfamil gentlease and the Nutramigen, Nutramigen was great except she projectile vomited on it, so we switched to Alimentum and it’s been great. Every baby will react a little differently. You also have to give it all formula’s at least a week before switching to see how they work.

It takes at least a week for baby to get used to one formula. If you are switching often that may be what is upsetting her tummy. Babies spit up, even breast fed babies do that. Babies get the hiccups, my 3 month old gets them more than once a day. Pulling her knees up is a way she works poo and gas out. If she isnt screaming at the top of her lungs for more than 4 hours a day I would leave her on this formula for another week or until you can talk to her pediatrician. You may just be being paranoid because you want what’s best for her.


We switched to similac pro sensitive and it worked wonders.

I switched to Enfamil because my first child was always spitting up and gaging. Never did anymore after the switch!!

Her gut is still very immature so that can be a reason to her discomfort. Hiccups very common for newborns. Also make sure you are not overfeeding.

I did similac sensitive

My son had bad reflux and was super fussy… we switched from enfamil to parents choice low iron and added rice cereal to his bottle …solved the problem

My son had reflux and he took rantinidine and tylenol (not every bottle) before bottles and he was on Similac Total Comfort. Dr also had us put rice cereal in bottles too

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Someone mentioned to put rice cereal into bottles … please don’t do this . Only if advised but a trained healthcare professional.

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I dont know if that brand is powder but under 6 months should have the concentrated premade or can that you add water to … that could be some of her discomfort maybe … not making any assumptions just speaking from experience

Alimentum is what worked for our youngest. He went thru 4 different types till this one. His reflux was so bad he was actually admitted to hospital because he stopped breathing (was a combo of reflux and head cold drainage). Alimentium was the only thing that helped him till he got older and it seemed to get alot better

Gentlease. My baby had reflux too. They just have to grow out of it. :expressionless: Doctor said to try and hold him up for at least 20min after feeding.

You’ve been switching formulas waayyyy too damn much. You’re supposed to wait at least 2 weeks between formulas… Your baby is only 2 weeks old that’s just crazy.
Also, I hope you’re using the distilled nursery water… But for Pete’s sake, let her stomach adjust to one type of formula… You need to give her time to get used to this new one … If you keep switching, none of them will work and you’ll fucking flip her stomach in the process. Don’t switch, give her 2 weeks to get used to this one before you decide whether or not it’s right for her.

And all of yall who are saying “baby could be allergic or have lactose intolerance” or “try switching to soy or goats milk” are straight fucking retarded if those are the first things that came to your mind instead of the fact that this baby has been on 3 different formulas in her short 2 weeks of life. Anyone with a brain knows she’s switching too much and that’s what’s hurting babies tummy.