How to get baby to sleep through the night?

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Does anyone have a baby with sleep regression? I think my baby does and I was wondering what you did and what helped them sleep.


Everyone’s baby. Every so often. It’s not an illness lol.


Both my babies did, we had to do sleep training with then for three nights then they were back to normal but teething, ear infections, or anything like that throws them off a bit again

We only had issues with sleep regression during nap times. She responded well to “Zen” meditation music and a variety of different rocking and twisting motions

Skin to skin really helped

My toddler gets them around growth spurts. We use lavender and vanilla shampoo, body wash, lotion. We even have a diffuser or lavender vanilla EO.

My daughter has it. She is 3 months. Nothing i do works. :frowning:

soft relaxing music really helps!

We sleep with a fan on an a little blue light night light. She’s 7 months almost 8 months and just started this. She’s not sick or anything. Just all the sudden waking more at night and not falling back to sleep well. Then trys to nap most the day but for only 5-10 mins at a time.

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Yes my son was like that.