How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Okay y’all… I need some help. I have a 21 month old who will ALWAYS wake up between 1:00-2:00 am to come sleep with her daddy and I. We literally get no time alone… I need to get her outta the co sleeping … not only for my and her daddy’s sake but for her sake… I feel like she sleeps better when she’s in her big girl bed . Ultimately I WOULD LOVE for her to be able to get herself to sleep even when she wakes up in the middle of the night .


Just put her back to bed with a lovey or something that smells like you… but you have to stick to it… even when tired.

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I would put a baby gate in front of the entrance of her room. Put a monitor on and when/if she wakes up crying go in her room to sooth her. If dad and mom’s bed isn’t reachable she’s gonna eventually realize it’s not an option she has to sleep in her own bed. I personally baby gate my son in his room for his own safety. He likes to go in the fridge and cabinets. If he cries I just go in his room give him a water cup, diaper change and tell him back to bed. He will be 2 in march

My four year old still does this :rofl::joy:…same time too. Anywhere from 1-3am

My 4 year old doesnt sleep all night yet, but my 20 month old will when he isnt teething. It’s just a kid to kid situation. If you want it to stop you have to pretty much be willing to get up when she wakes up and put her back in bed in her room every single time until she sleeps through the night. I’m chronically I’ll, my husband works thirds and I’m solo during the day so the few hours of sleep I get at night are not really optional so I just co sleep, but I know eventually my kid will not want to sleep in my bed and I’ll miss it so I’m just cherishing the snuggles for now.

When she gets up comes in there put her back in her bed. Start out by sitting in floor by her bed. Then wait few days put her in bed then quietly leave room. You got keep redirecting her back to her bed. I have custody of my granddaughter she 4yr. We had her 3years. When she was bout ur daughter age she did the same thing I keep putting her back in her bed. Now my granddaughter is 4 is up several times in night go potty she wakes me still when she goes she not picked up how go potty by herself I’m working on that. You still have plenty sleepiness nights. Stay strong

We put a giant Mickey in bed with our little one. It works wonders. When she wakes up she sees it and goes right back to sleep.

So does my 19 year special needs 1. I put baby gate on my door so I can hear her monitor she plays with and gate with hook lock on her door. She is also hungry so I leave a Vegan Gluten free fruit bar we call candy hidden for her to get for herself and eat between 12-2 am she is happy and doesn’t come to me or cry anymore.

Juat walk her back to her room…give a quick snuggle and say “bed time…i love u. See u when the sun is up” kisses again amd leave. Dont lock her in or gate her in…she could get scared. Food leads to crumbs or possible choking…so i wouldnt suggest that unless ur awake while she eats it. But just redirect her.
Keep the lights off, stay calm and quiet. It will get better.