How to get baby to sleep through the night?

I have a 10 month old son who wakes up every 2 hours all night long wanting to breast feed. his dad and i are exsausted. I don’t know what to do anymore. im almost 20 weeks pregnant also and this is super hard on me. he will wake up and fuss for about 10 min and then its full out screaming. he used to be a great sleeper but not anymore.

please give me ideas how to get him to sleep longer so this momma can get more then 2 hours of sleep at a time.


Express your milk and see how much hes getting, my little boy was the same,i found he was a lazy feeder,but if i gave him breast milk in the bottle he drank the lot cos he didnt have to work for it. Also you can always mix half formula half breast milk if you didnt want to give breast feeding up. Formula keeps them
Fuller for longer. The beauty of expressing to is that you and the father could take it in turns, i found i woke up everytime though anyway. Good luck. Xxx


Feed him food before bedtime… Maybe a pacifier… Do you plan on stopping breastfeeding or are you going to nurse both at the same time… If you plan on stopping then now might be the time… You are going to be so exhausted by the time #2 comes… Good luck and find a way… Your body needs the rest …

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Try giving him his last bottle 30min before bed time. I know you mentioned that you breast feed but maybe even try formula at night, might be a little bit more filling for him. If he’s teething try Tylenol an hour before bed.

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He probably isn’t getting enough breast milk or food during the day.

At 10 months old, it’s habit and comfort feeding, not hunger. After the newborn stage is over, the night time feedings aren’t necessary (unless baby is under weight or doctor says so). My first son went through a phase, and at 5 months he wanted to eat every two hours overnight (he ate great during the day). His doctor said it’s comforting and a habit and he didn’t need to eat that often because his weight and other feedings were great. She said feed him well before bed, then when he’d wake, to change him, calm him and lay him back down. We had to do that a few times a night for a week. But then he no longer expected to eat every time he woke. So then waking every two hours no longer benefitted him, so he went back to sleeping through the night.


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He eats alot during the day. A jar sometimes 2 of baby food with rice cereal and he can eat 8 ounces of formula. But he’s still up wanting more within a few hours. I dont think hes hungry I think its comfort nursing.

Try doing a formula bottle at night. But, feed him before bed. But, give him some time to digest. After the one formula bottle don’t give another. Unfortunately, you may have to let him cry a little if he wakes up again, but he should be able to go back to sleep on his own. If he still keeps crying try some music.

Maybe he need more then breast milk

About 20 weeks pregnant is about when I dried up. If planning to switch to cows milk would probably start.

Mix a bottle of breast milk with some baby cereal at night… Also, try some tylenol. He might bw teething.

he may be going thru a growth spurt…and rice cereal is literally tricking a babies body to ignore hunger cues and is a huge choking hazard.

Also unless absolutely needed please do NOT just give your baby tylenol

Andrea is right on both counts. Maybe it is time t9 start weaning him from the breast and onto food and milk. I br3ast fed, but, she weaned and was drinking from a sippy cup at 10 months. If you think toy are tired now, wait till you have two doing the same thing, but on different schedules. Also, this 10-month-old might resent having someone else sharing mommy’ s beeasts. Help him to transition and make your own life more bearable. Everyone will benefit. Poor Daddy. Does he have to get up for work each morning? GEEEEZzz…He’s lost Mommy‘s cuddles; he’s lost a good night’s sleep; and he has more of the same to look forward to for another year or two. I wouldn’t be a man for alll the money in the world.

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Sometimes it just happens. My son is 11 months old in 4 days and just started sleeping till 11 am like 2 1/2 weeks ago. He’s a bottomless pit during the day with both breast milk and food. If he gets heartier meals during the day at breakfast lunch and dinner, then he sleeps a little better at night. He breastfeeds about 3 am and then every 3-4 hrs until he goes to bed between 8 and 9. He eats 1/2-3/4 of those progresso or other big cans of soup for lunch(I drain the juice or rinse the sauce off). He gets one pancake or a handful of cereal and 3 slices of fruit for breakfast. Sometimes I add sausage or eggs with breakfast. Has some crackers or veggie straws for snack. Then he eats the food we are eating for dinner. Also, my son will not drink milk from anything but me! He will drink water or juice from a sippy no problem, but as soon as any milk is put in it he will throw it.

Feed him little extra before bed if that don’t work cry it out.

Maybe try feeding him rice cereal and baby food quite a bit. If you pump a little milk during the day if you can, try mixing it with regular milk and warming bottles for him at night. Start introducing mushy foods and baby snacks as you can and his teeth come in when he is able. He may want to be cuddled to sleep at night. You may not be producing as much milk as before when you do breastfeed, so the pumping milk with help with that by increasing milk production and at the same time introducing the milk will help wean him from the breast milk too. Take what vitamins your doctor approves and drink water. Get as much rest as possible if and when you get the opportunity.

Pacifier or bottle of water ? May help -