How to get baby to sleep through the night?

my 1 year old has had problems sleeping since birth. She has been a night owl. since older nothing has changed… she can go all day with no nap… and still wake up at 1 am to 5 with no problems. I’ve tried everything, regular sleep patterns, keeping her on schedule, lavender at night, night lights… sleeping with me ETC. Her doctor and other mommy friends suggested Melatonin to get her on a regular schedule. I am not for it nor against it. Has any other mothers experienced this? what did you do? or anyone have any opinions on the Melatonin.

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My friend used it for about 2 months just to get a schedule down and her son has been sleeping in the same pattern even after she stopped it…

My daughter was the same way. We tried melatonin and it did nothing for her. She’s 5 now and has ADHD, and other behavioral issues. She typically has opposite reactions to medicine. We had to get on a strict schedule in order to get her sleeping through the night.

Had to do it with my son it worked wonders for him… just be aware it does cause some people to have nightmares.

I used it for my son to help him sleep but once he used it for so long, it was ineffective. Maybe try a weighted blanket. Ankle weights on him 6 months ago was what finally changed his sleep pattern thankfully.

Its all natural first off…and i use it if my son doesn’t take it he will never sleep! 4real! His dr said that its perfectly fine to use! Its a life saver honestly lol…u can get it in gummies liquid and pills start on low dose good luck!

I give my son melatonin. And it works wonders. If I don’t he would only sleep 4 hours a night.

I give my kids melatonin and it helps alot, we give it to them at 6:30 showers at 7 and bedtime right after, by the time they crawl into bed their eyes are already closing

I gave my son melatonin for a while to get him on a regular schedule. It did give him some scary dreams. We used the zarbees childrens melatonin from Walmart. He also would wake in the middle of the night and needed help getting back to sleep. I second the idea of a weighted blanket. I have been told no more than 10% of their body weight plus or minus a pound. Some kids need more sensory input to quiet their minds and bodies.

My oldest has been on melatonin since she was 3 it works well but at 5 she started showing signs of ADHD so we switched her to more advasive stuff

Melatonin for kids isnt good. Please research it. My kids dr actually told me to NOT give it to my kids bcuz of the negative sides of it in kids.

My son never liked sleep he fought bedtime and naps , I was lucky he was a good kid and never really got into stuff so to end needless hours of fighting and crying I just let him watch calm kid shows and do puzzles quietly as his sleep loving baby sister was happy to go to bed lol so he and I compromised, I wouldn’t make him sleep if he was a good kid and only watched or play with what we agreed on . He is now almost 30 and loves sleep . He was vary smart and even on less sleep thu school years got straight A’s . Some people are wired dif .

Melatonin helps u fall asleep but not stay asleep after long term use can stop working, remove sugar from diet . She could have stomach issues try removing cows milk .

It can help. But once taken regularly the body will stop producing it.
My daughter was this way and we just roll with the punches. She stopped napping at 1.5 and I’m strict on bedtime.

My now 11 year old was the same way. I think she was almost 3 before she slept through the night. I was exhausted. I never gave her anything. I just accepted it. My mom always told me that I stopped taking naps at 6 months old, so I always saw it as payback. :joy: (I’m not laughing at your lack of sleep, I’m only laughing because I made it through alive). Good luck with whatever you decide.

My daughter is the same way. She is now 11. Melatonin did nothing. We ended up getting clonidine. Stay on that until she was 9. Did ok for awhile just got back on it. We literally tried everything. However she does have a chromosome deletion that we didn’t know about until a year old.

My youngest daughter doesn’t sleep well at night at all. She could be up all night. We finally caved after trying everything else and started her on melatonin. It works wonders for her.

I was like tbis and still am iv always had insomnia some nights im good on 3 hours of sleep in kindergarten i wouldn’t go to sleep till 3 am be up by 6 every day eith a nap here and there maybe i drove my parents mad i was on sleeping pills at a youmg age but they never worked some are just like that

Melatonin didn’t help my daughter she hasn’t napped since 9mos is now 2.5 still doesn’t sleep they night. Some aren’t good sleepers

My 2 yr old is this way exactly. She hates to sleep. She’s been on melatonin and done fine with it. She needs something to calm her down at night. She usually wakes up between 2-5 and gets in our bed. She won’t even get in her bed if we don’t get her calmed down enough before bed. She’s very high needs and has always wanted to be right under me. I’m a SAHM so she’s with me all the time.

Our 1 year old is going through the same thing and she waking up through the night still some nights are worse then others

Melatonin is not good esp for kids that little. It messes with your body’s ability to produce it naturally so in the long run her sleeping could get even worse. I’d suggest trying a weighted sleep sack by nested bean or taking her outside more during the day

She’s naturally a night owl, if she’s healthy let her be. Parenting is adapting to the not so convenient. My kid is now an adult and works evenings to fit her lifestyle. Make sure you keep her active as she gets older in sports, dance, tumbling or karate. Good luck!

Melatonin is what I give my son I had the same exact problems and if you google it that’s the first thing that pops up is melatonin and you dont. Have to worry about giving to much because you cant overdose on melatonin research it talk to your child doctor

If you make it a habit of giving her melatonin her body will stop producing it after constant use. The Dr’s said the same thing with my son. Since birth he stays up all hours of the night. What I do now that he is two is secure him in his room safely with a gate and leave the TV on at night. No sound or if any very low. If/when he gets up in the middle of the night he now doesn’t even call for us he just lays there watching Disney and falls back asleep. It’s literally the only thing I’ve found that works. It was too the point I was gonna lose my job from being up with him all night and not sleeping. Now I will go in say 11 before I’m ready for bed. Change him make sure his water cup is full and unless I hear screaming or yelling mom’s asleep for the night until about 6 or 7. Dr’s all say he’s a night owl and after doing my research on melatonin this is our safest/most effective method

My oldest sister only slept like 4 hours a day and the doctor told my mom that some people just need less sleep…

Gave my 3 year old melatonin for several days and it was going well. But 2 nights ago he slept for 2 hours and then wome up and stayed up til nearly 3am. He will also not nap but only at home, he naps at mdo consistently. I say try it out. Good luck

How about warm bath before rekax her

If used melatonin but a bottle last me a whole year because I never did it every day. I did it when I know for a fact its going to be a horrible night. But I usually do a routine and try to not break it and now I haven’t used it at all. Dinner, bath, story time and then I’d pat my daughter to sleep around 9:00pm. And now shes so used to it she goes to sleep instantly

Melatonin doesnt help every child. You can try it if the dr approves first because of how young she is. It worked for my son but he got used to it quickly (doesnt help he has ADHD so now has 2 night meds). My niece cant take it because she will sleep hard for 3 or 4 hours and be up the rest of the time.