How to get baby to sleep through the night?

My preemie daughter whom is 2 months already has trouble sleeping.

Sometimes she’ll sleep 15 minutes and be wide awake and refreshed. Other times she will be do tired that her eyes get red but she can’t sleep (only like 20 minutes) than she’ll wake up but still be tired. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?

This is a facebook group dedicated to NICU mom support. It’s a closed group and great for questions about preemies.

My son was a preemie. Love him dearly, he was a horrid baby experience. The only way he would sleep was either skin to skin on my chest, in a cradle swing or on his belly with a love beat heartbeat blanket otherwise he screamed for hours on end once he learned how to cry. None of those positions are recommended so I of course sat and watched him sleep to make sure he didn’t die. Even still he didn’t sleep long. He was colicky though. I had to do bicycle movements with his legs, do belly massages and eventually switch from exclusively feeding pumped breast milk (he also wouldn’t latch) to a sensitive formula. He was an adorable nightmare baby until he was a year old. No advice but my heart goes out to you :heart::heart:

I don’t know if you’ve tried swaddling but there’s a product called Woombies. They’re a swaddle that mimics the way the womb feels. I swear they saved my sanity when my son was new. He was early too. Maybe try a white noise machine? My son liked ocean waves sound when he was tiny.

seems very normal, at two months they dont know how to sleep or go back to sleep when they wake up, they also dont have a long sleep period. My son was a preemie too. he did not sleep more than half an hour first three months, had a severe colic, cried almost all day and never slept :frowning: I know days i only slept 1-2 hours. swadle your baby, always make her sleep in the dark at so she learns the difference btw day and night, sometimes dryer sound helps and I used to hold him and slowly bounce with him on a pilates ball. It helped a lot with the colic and sleeping. my son is two now and still wakes up but is it hell a lot easy than the newborn stage. Hang in there, it will be easier in a month.