How to get baby to sleep through the night?

It’s normal. Just wait a year I think :wink: my 9 month old is still waking up at night

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Turn her counterclockwise my grandma did that for my daughter and it worked


Like other mama’s have said. Babies at that age wake up constantly (except for the rare exception that will share their story of their 3w old sleeping through the night like it’s common place & you will feel crazy). Having a new baby is hard. Ask for help from another adult to give you a little chunk. This too shall pass.

I’m sorry but the first few months of a new born , are a nightmare on Mom’s…we are zombies…no sleep, afraid to even get a shower at times…it really is welcome to Motherhood…


Just don’t put cereal in her bottle, please. :weary:
It’s normal, it’s frustrating, you’re probably going to lose your mind a bit. BUT! Around 6 weeks they should start sleeping a bit longer. Just a couple more weeks!


My 5 yo still wakes up at least once every night. A waking baby is a safe baby. The long they sleep at that age the higher the risk of sids. The first 3 months are the hardest and most sleep deprived. Work out a shift schedule with the father. He should take at least 3-4 hrs at night for you to sleep and recharge. If father isn’t in the picture I would ask a family member or friend to stay the night with you a couple nights a week for a couple months.

Swaddle them, incline the mattress slightly with a reflux wedge under the head of bed. Do a regular routine every night. Ours was lights down, lotion massage, brush hair, rocking while eating night time bottle then white noise. I also had a vibrating lovely I put in the bed with them. Keep lights low and the room about 70°. No blankets other than the swaddle.

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My son didn’t fully sleep through the night until he was 1.

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It will get better. Just roll with it.

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Maybe she’s colic, as your pediatrician about what you can do to help her

My daughter woke up every two hrs… this to shall pass :hugs: make sure you are taking care of yourself. Just give that baby lots of love she will adjust to your time.

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Doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong . It’s just how it is. Swaddling helps them feel comfortable.


Welcome to the club. This is totally normal for her and it’s the unusual babies that sleep through the night.

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My children didn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time until they were over 8 months old

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Settle in honey. You don’t sleep again for about 30 years. You need to adjust how much sleep you need. I have a 5 yr old and 7 yr old . I average 5 hours.


Me and their father did night shifts. Every other night you are on call. We both worked full time tho. Saddle up. It is what it is. Take care of your babies. You can sleep when you are dead :joy:

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It’ll get better as baby gets older. But it’ll probably go for another 6 months.

Get some over night diapers. Those were a game changer for us.

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Let them fall asleep when the Muppet show on!Worked For Me Every Time. Everything Made since when They Explained It. Like it or Not!!!

At that age, unfortunately you can’t.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Check out Richard Ferber’s book

Maybe try a Fan so it can Help muffel the other sounds it doesn’t even have to be pointed at you guys they should have A small one you could clip on the bed

Noise canceling headphones for infants. They have ones like a headband.

White noise. Definitely helps

Baby sleep music on YouTube and a fan helps drown out noises for mine. Not sure how much that’ll help because baby is not home, quiet or not baby will not be comfortable, especially with tubes and stuff.

Definitely a white noise machine!

White noise! If you can’t get the machine you can look up white noise sounds, rain sounds, ocean sounds, etc on YouTube and play it on your phone. It drowns out other noises.


That’s a tough one. I wonder if you could pick up a sound machine for her. My daughter bought one for her kids when they were little to help them sleep. They make different sounds. A babbling brook, a steady rain, a mother’s heartbeat… the boys liked the mother’s heartbeat best. You could set it at the top of her crib, or move the nightstand closer and turn it on. It wouldn’t necessarily bother other patients, but it might do wonders for your little girl.

Unfortunately that is going to be next to impossible. Let her sleep when she can. Nicu/cicu momma here. It’s much easier if you have you own room, but with all checks that the nurses need to do they are still going to be waking your babe just as much. It sucks so much. Hopefully you won’t be their to long and your babe can get back to a normal schedule.

try soft quiet music that u would play at home - and he may fall to sleep- have u asked a nurse or doctor if your baby can fall asleep on here belly at night - this also could be another answer or if she’s having a bit of breathing problem maybe u could ask doctor if your child could be on a slant to help fall to sleep at night ! u have to realize that a lot of other moms-dads are trying to get there child to sleep also - this can’t be helped if it’s so loud !

I softly rub her temple that’s how I got my babies to sleep

Really?If shes in yhe hosp she isnt.gonna sleep all nite.the.nurses will wake her every check.try when she gets home

White noise it helps my baby - we have trucks that go in and out by our house and it gets loud so that has been the best thing

I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t really think there’s much else you can do since you’ve already tried what people have suggested. I would just keep trying with playing lullabies or maybe look up nature sounds on your phone, rubbing her little head, and maybe doing the “shh shh shhh”… that has to be so hard that you can’t even pick your baby up and rock her to bed. I’m sure it also doesn’t help that she’s probably uncomfortable being connected to tubes and being checked on every so often :pleading_face: Fingers crossed that she’ll be able to come home soon and get back on a regular schedule. :heart:


There’s nothing right now to be done. This will pass when you can go home.


The the people to be quiet. I would do it. And I have.

It’s biologically normal. Babies are not meant to sleep through the night. It is survival, prevention OF SIDs. Babies still need to eat and drink at night, need help falling back asleep, and need for mama.
It’s biologically normal.
Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep is a great group.

Hold her so she sleeps better, if you can.
Something that smells like you in her crib.
White noise machine, there are apps on the phone.

Most 6 month olds don’t sleep thru the night. But if she was and isn’t now its definitely bc she’s in the hospital. It will pass. Hope your baby is ok! Sending hugs!

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If you can and if she is accepting of it try white noise at night I used to play ocean waves crashing it’d put all of us to sleep lol and honestly if the others are loud crank those waves lol ps mad props for holding your cool and keeping your head I can only imagine how exhausted you are


Feed him real food. Before bed. Bath routine.

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Ask for different nurses. Write a complaint. She may never sleep though the night she is probably really uncomfortable

This is common in this situation. Even adults don’t sleep through the night in the hospital. Let baby sleep when they can and correct the issue when back home. :heart:

You just have to pray your daughter gets well enough to leave the hospital. Then the tuff part will be getting her back into a schedule. The hospital is filled with the sick, nurses and doctors are more concerned with healing than being quiet. Guess you never spent time in a hospital.

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This unfortunately is how hospital stays go for all of us. Try speaking to the charge nurse and doctor if it’s too much and making baby feel worse. Ask them for a different room or roommate as it is hindering the health of your child. Rest is extremely important for healing. :sparkling_heart: good luck!

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Talk to the nurses. Ask what they can do to keep it a bit quieter & darker. Sadly, she won’t really be able to sleep all night if she’s being monitored. Help her sleep when she’s tired. She’s going to start having sleep changes in a few months anyway.
Hope she’s better soon! :pray:

Can u request a private room?

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The only option you really have is to request a private room. But since you’re not able to pick up your baby I’m going to guess that she’s likely in an ICU. If that’s the case, then there’s probably nothing you can do other than ride it out. I’m sorry that you and your baby are going through this. Praying that your sweet little one is well enough to go home soon.

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Your doing everything it’s alot and mew environment

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M0re Info.

The staff should not be allowing that to happen, guests should be thrown out!!!

I work in a hospital and since Covid all rooms are private.there is no reason your baby isn’t in private room. And I would be upset if visitors were coming and going Fromm my child’s room. Should be only one visitor per patient.

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Ask if they can move her to other room , or start doing the same when the baby next to you is trying to sleep ( I know it sounds mean , but they may get the message)

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White noise machine will help drown out the talking.

At 6 weeks old they aren’t supposed to sleep through the night


6 week old babies do not sleep throughout the night, my 8month old still has yet to sleep a whole night without waking up. Babies need to wake up to eat as their stomachs are small at this age. Sleep when baby sleeps is your best option to help fight the tiredness, trust me :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck mama.


Six weeks? He’s not going to sleep through the night yet!!


Just stop thinking about yourself because we understand that you are tired but that baby needs to be fed at night. And just because the baby doesn’t wake up for the bottle doesn’t mean they don’t need to be fed. It’s your job to make sure they get the nutrients the need, wake to feed and soon you’ll be able to sleep the whole night.


Lol you’ve gotten lucky he’s been on a “routine” up to this point. Look up mental leaps and sleep regression though, it happens often and will make you feel like you’re losing your mind. Just kinda gotta ride it out, contact naps are a lifesaver if you’re able to do them, but expecting a newborn to sleep through the night is setting some really high expectations.


They don’t. At least most of them don’t. Their bellies are very tiny and empty often so they need fed often.


There are a couple of things you can try, to see if it gives him better sleep. First, if you use bottles, you can increase his bedtime one by an ounce or two and see if that buys you a little more time before his first wakeup.
Second, if he isn’t fully waking up but seems uncomfortable, you can try to treat for gas. We’ve used mylicon gas drops since my girl was around this age and it helped a LOT.
Otherwise, all I can say is…
It gets better as they get a little older. At 6 weeks mine was still waking up every 2-3 hours and I remember feeling like if I didn’t get sleep I was going to go crazy or collapse from exhaustion…believe me, I get it. And I had my husband right there with me, trading off feeding and changing every time. I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been if it was just me.

But if you can hold on for just a couple more weeks, it starts to get better. Their daily bottles increase, so they don’t need as much overnight. It keeps slowly getting better until you’re still tired, but not full blown exhausted. Just be as patient as you can, with him and yourself.

Not many babies sleep through the night at 6 weeks old. It’s perfectly normal for a baby to get up every two-four hours. Just stop and be there for your baby when he wakes up hungry. When he’s ready to sleep through the night he will.


I always woke my babies up before going to bed and feed them cereal and a bottle, they always slept through the night by 6 weeks. My doctor started them on cereal at 2 weeks


At 6 weeks, I went through the same thing! It was because she was sleeping too much during the day. I still left her take naps, but not as long. Once I kept her awake more during the day she was back to sleeping throughout the night.

No infants sleep through the night. Mine woke up every 2 hours to eat. I’d change diaper and feed,burp and they’d fall asleep for a couple hours. Make sure they’re getting full when they eat. Maybe if they’re fussy it’s gas and try gripe water, I’d discuss w pediatrician before of course. It’ll get easier in a few months. Both my kids slept through night btwn 4-5 months, but most babies itsmuch longer. You will adjust to not sleeping much though. Just take care of you and baby and try to nap when you can.ask for help if you need it.
Best of Luck mama

Good luck mommas your either blessed with a baby who likes to sleep or doesn’t! I had to sleep when they slept till they where about two.

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My little boy didn’t start sleeping through until he was 3 so I wouldn’t be getting hopes up on sleeping through

My son slept through from 9 weeks. He did 7pm-7am but I never forced it he did it naturally. He fell in to routine with my daughter who was 1 & a half at the time so we would be up at 7:30am every morning & I’d give him a bottle regardless of his last feed to try keep feeds the same time every day. At 7 weeks I started putting him to bed a 7pm along with my daughter & he would wake about 12am & 5am & we just persisted with routine. I would feed him with a dim light at night, not talk to him or interact (I’d cuddle him of coarse) & just feed & change & back to bed.


Haha no answer for that get use to no sleep or very little sleep👶good luck

Um 6 weeks just be there for your baby!!!


11 months old and my baby slept through the night. 6 week old shouldn’t be sleeping that long without food……


6 weeks and your expecting your wee one to sleep through the night. Give your head a shake. Your sleeping is long gone.


I mean, that probably won’t happen for a while. Babies that young don’t usually sleep through the night. You’ll just have to wait it out.

I don’t mean this in any kind of rude way but you don’t takes baby a while to get on the schedule and they’re going to wake up it can take a long time my toddler did not sleep a full night until she was a little over 2 years old lol but just keep at the best you can with the routine or schedule bath at certain time laying down cuddles food at a certain time and eventually the eternal clock will sync up but it might take a while and baby will still wake up but if you can get somewhat of a decent routine you’ll be able to get a little more sleep and your body will get used to it a little easier but good luck mama I have four littles

My daughter has slept through the night since she was born she’s now 16m I swaddle her rock her and place her in her vibrating chair sat in her crib she sleeps a total of 12 hours if she isn’t swaddled like during the day naps I don’t swaddle she sleeps 20min tops every hour she also gets cereal and it fills her up and she sleep better not so restless

Unfortunately it sounds like you got a normal baby. Most don’t sleep all night by 6 weeks. Only 1 of mine out of 3 has (3 weeks). Sorry mama. You gotta learn to try and nap during the day too!

At 6 weeks they have a recession that can last a few weeks,sleep should improve :heart: but at that age it is completely normal to not sleep through the night.

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Lol. My youngest is almost 20 months old and doesn’t sleep through the night

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My son didn’t sleep through the night until he was like… 2? I’m 21 weeks and I pray to God this baby is a good sleeper.

All babies are different. My 4th took 10m to sleep through the night my 5th was 2m . My 6th is 4m and he rarely sleeps through the night . I don’t sleep train I feed when hungry

Most babies are up every few hours to be fed and changed. Sleep when your baby sleeps

Omg 6 weeks old, oh mamma you ain’t sleeping for years lol

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Thats normal. You also need to try napping during the day when baby is sleeping too.

They should be eating every 2-3 hours. 4 tops.

What I will say is maybe try swaddling if you’re not already

Truthfully newborns should not be sleeping through the night. They are biologically supposed to wake up. It also sounds like he is going through a developmental leap!

Warm compress on the tummy and gas relief drops helped my twin grandsons

at 6 weeks they start to get bored lol move around, go outside if you don’t:)

Hey hun I know your getting a lot of
Comments that are not helpful and are just criticizing what your asking if you feel comfortable send me a private message so I can send you some
Advice that worked for my two kids and kept my sanity but also got
My oldest to sleep through the night my kids are almost 9 and 3 1/2 so I’ve been doing this for a bit lol :joy: if not I can comment here but I’ll probably get trolled
Mamas Uncut could you ask the OP to message me if she likes or if you guys can give me her info to private message thanks

You don’t… Babies are made to wake up.

6 week old babies don’t sleep thru the night.
Sleep when they baby does. Good luck, it’s hard.

You don’t… Your baby is 6 weeks old :neutral_face: they are supposed to wake up every 2-4 hours to feed

Why are parents trying to rush their baby to sleep through the night? Mind boggling how this topic keeps coming up :unamused:

Have your significant other help you, nap when baby does, ask for help… your baby could be going through a sleep regression or could possibly have colic…


You don’t. Baby is only 6 weeks old. It is not developmentally appropriate.
I would research the 4th trimester!
Baby wakes up to feed, and they constantly because their brains and bodies are growing rapidly.
Waking up is also a survival instinct.

I am an advocate for safe cosleeping or bedsharing. Safe sleep seven.

Biologically Normal Infant & Toddler Sleep is a great group.

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