How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Ok momma’s I need some advice. I have a 19 month old who doesn’t like to sleep all night. He will take a two hour nap from 12-2, then he goes to bed at 7. He will sleep for a few hours, then he will wake up around 11 and he’s wide awake. nothin I do will help him fall asleep. I have tried earlier and later bedtime. If he does have a night where he wants to sleep all night, I have to lay down with him all night. Please. Ant suggestions would help. I’m one tired momma


I cut the nap when mine started doing that. Replace with something fun for them


My son after he turned one was done napping more than 30 minutes during the day between 1-2 he would fall asleep and wake a half hour later, then bedtime was always at 9. We would change and read and sing two song then go to bed. He would sleep great. He was always a 730 riser though :frowning:

Has he ever slept through the night before?

I always gave mine a warm bath and night time lotion before bed… Slept all nigbt

Whats his diet like. Is it high in sugar? Salt? Does he eat a lot of processed foods etc? What does he drink? Take a look at his diet, maybe a bath and massage before bed? Get him tested for adhd otherwise enjoy your lack of sleep. I feel so sorry for mummies who go through thid

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Maybe try laying him for bed an hour or two later?
Or cut his nap time down a bit.


Make nap time only an hour and move bedtime to 8.

Cut out naps or you will play this game for a longer time. My twins are the same age as your little one and naps are no longer a thing for my sanity of getting sleep. I get them up at 7am do breakfast, play time, books, tv, then snack, Lunch at 1pm, more play time outside, snack at 3pm, dinner at 6, bath at 8 bed at 9pm and I dont see them till 7am.

Sounds like my grandson… Turn him on his tummy or side and is content for lot longer… He has digestion problems… Just a thought for you x

Try to aim for a type if schedule of a morning nap before noon then an afternoon nap no later than 5pm. Have bedtime at 9pm instead of 7, that seems too early

It’s not adhd… Every baby is different… Don’t put a label on him… Or her… They far too young… X


Either cut the nap completely or move it up to around 10. My mom’s rule is always no later than 1 because of this.

If he sleeps better with you then that’s what I would do…

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Lyla comments are great…:woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

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I had to cutout nap times for my 2 year old, at least afternoon naps, she naps at daycare after lunch and she used to nap almost as soon as she got home, about 5 pm…not anymore no naps or she won’t sleep, but she goes to bed around nineish

I bought my daughter a vibrating mattress on when she was going through a similar schedule. It worked fantastically! Also, make sure his belly is full before bed. That’ll help him sleep heavier.

I took away my sons naps a few months ago. He’ll be two next month. It was literally the only way we can get him to be sleepy enough to sleep through the night. I also did it with my 8 year old daughter when she was around the same age.

Shorter nap or cut it out. When babe gets sleepy at 7 like mine does, we turned 7 into outside play time after dinner then bath at 8 bed at 9. It’s awesome getting a full nights sleep

Cut the afternoon naps short n maybe that will help ? I had to do that with one of mine it helped

Maybe cut the afternoon nap and have a schedualed routine. Meals and play time at the same time every day. Get into a routine. Have him play…play with him. Take him to the library or the park. Outside time for at least 30 mins a day for him to run around outside and get dirty. Have a strong bedtime routine. Have him in bed between 8-9pm latest. Once the routine is established and he gets use to it…you will see a difference for sure. Have a nice war lavender relaxing and fun bath every night (even if u only wash him every other…it establishes a routine and gets him all warm and cozy before bed). It will take time but it will work.