How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Question for you mamas… not sure what to do im lost atm i have a 1 week old and the past 3 nights she wakes up from 12 to 3 and I could feed her, change her, rock her, burp her and its not enough she just crys. Im not sure what to do. I have a full house hold so I dont want to let her cry…any advice ? I’m exhausted and my first born i didnt have this issue.


Sounds like they’re colicky… Maybe change their formula or get some Mylicon gas drops(I get the Walmart brand, works the same)… Good luck!


Sounds like colic to me. Malicon (misspelled) gas drops are the best

Look up witching hour

Colic is when a baby cries non stop all day every day and witching hour is when they have a fussy period for a few hours every day at the exact same time

Did you try swaddling her?

My husband would walk my baby and burp him, babies have a hard time with bubbles in their tummies. He was the only one that could sooth our baby. Feed baby one once at a time and burp baby. It really helped my babies.

Just eliminate things. Colic reflux dairy or lactose intolerance. Sleeping arrangements ect. Could be the littlest thing like swaddling or not swaddling.

Welcome to motherhood

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Try Mylicon gas drops for infants. Then you’ll know if it’s tummy issues or not. Is she bottle or breast fed? Spitting up excessive amounts? If not, and it’s just the usual small Amount, it’s prob not the formula. Is she getting enough milk if breast fed? She’s newborn and the routine takes time for sure. If she seems fine most other times, then chances are it’s gas or just the normal newborn adjustment~her little fussy period of time, and it will change, give it time

Likely gas and burping needed being still at night slows digestion. Burp for 15 mins. And use gas drops in nighttime bottle before bed. Wiggling around in pain moves the gas out its all they can do. Their tummies are so immature at that age. It gets better in a few weeks. Check with pediatrician about the formula, make sure its not causing constipation. A probotic in the formula will help with crying spells due to tummy issues. That’s what colic is. Lack of stomach flora to digest formula. Breast milk passes gut flora from mom to baby and helps these issues.

Try the Mylicon drops. She may just be really gassy. What we had to do with out youngest was put her in her bouncy seat or her swing to get her to sleep. She dealt with colic and bad gas. Ended up switching her to Enfamil Gentle Ease formula and that helped too. Good luck with everything. I hope she (and you) get some sleep and I hope this helps.

She’s a week old. Colic often doesn’t start til the 4-6 week mark. You can’t just let her cry…she has no ability to self regulate. She probably still has her days and nights mixed up which is not unheard of.


1 week that’s awful early for colic,but these days who ur dr.before u start making changes if he has no advice try carnations was always a go to,even if children didn’t listen n went to dr. And then he prescribed it any way,just saying.

She is only a week old. She is supposed to wake up every few hours. Just let her be an infant!


Google “Happiest baby on the block, five S’s”.

My daughter woke ever hour till about 1yo then every 2 hours till 2yo to feed. . :sob:
She was grumpy most times. She was just the sort of baby that done that. . She’s now 4 and still wakes a few times a night.

Also my 2nd child. My 1st was great. I feel ya mumma.

Have your hubby get up with her and give you a break. A new approach and a rested mama could help :relaxed: good luck! It will pass.


Make sure your burping her. If a bubble is stuck it can cause doscomfort

Mylicon did nothing for my newborn so I always made chamomile tea to prepare his formula with and they went away … they have tea bags at heb i would make a pot and always carried a yeti insulator with me

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If you are satisfying all her needs and she is still crying then my guess would be upset belly (gas). Not sure if your using formula but you might need to switch her to something more easy on the belly. My oldest was on gentle-ease and my youngest had to go on soy. Are you getting good burps from her? If it acid reflux, she will get upset when she lays flat. Definitely talk with your pediatrician.


Gripe water, chiropracticor, mylicon… what in the world… just go ask your doctor. I will say my first was like that, my second was not. Just different babies. But we don’t know what is going on with yours. Don’t do anything before you consult a physician.


OMG, she’s a baby, she will cry. Welcome to motherhood.


Babies cry hun. Do all the things burp her really well, etc. but I wouldn’t give her any of the gripe water or anything like that. That sounds like too much for a 1 wk old.


She’s a week old… she needs to get up and eat and burp before going back to sleep.

Shes one weeks old. Probably scared and wants to be back in your belly mama. Give it time.

Sounds like colic. I would suggest taking baby too her pediatrician to make sure she don’t have reflux or sensitive to what you’re feeding her. Just went through that last year with my baby and I had to stop breastfeeding and put her on a special formula.

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Take a deep breathe and dont forget to ask for help. Waking up in the middle of the night becomes overwhelming and she could be feeding off your enegery. My daughter used to be very gassy. I used to sit her on my check with my hands on her back and head and bounce her to help her little belly. Or bicycle with her legs.

Shes also brand new. I would try swaddling she could feel insecure. There so many different things it could be. You’ll figure it out just stay calm

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Swaddling and white noise should help. My first I gave in to bed sharing with a cosleeper so we could both get some good rest. I did that for 1-2 months and then moved him to a bassinet beside my bed.

Burp her then just hold her. This big world is all new to her.


Change her formula if she is formula fed…if she is breastfed cut out dairy from your diet…colic doesn’t normally start until 4-6 weeks after birth and normally grow out of fit by 3-4 months old…

I have a 3 year old and and almost 5 month old he wakes up everyday at 3-5 and than again at 6 he’s teething …:…: same thing I do everything nothing helps I tell you it gets better my 3 year old sleeps like a rock but lately wakes up to make sure her baby is okay

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Your baby is still adapting to the new world if shes been fed burped etc wrap her up best to hold over your sholder sitting babys bottom on your arm whiles baby head lays on your sholder n rub n pat babys bzck just to help get the gas out from both ways best to do it when baby is wrapped up . I used to feed my baby every 3hr or 6hr breastfed till she was about 6months mayb try a dummy if you think she’s eating to much but she is still only new I recommend trying those n hope it helps a lot n get heaps of rest

My son did the same honey. It sucks I know, the only thing that helped him was about 2 ounces of sugar water. That was recommended by my ped.

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Oh yeah and wrap her up like a good ol burrito and that may make a huge difference. Lol

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Try womb sounds or fan noises worked for me

Lay her face down on your lap maje circular motions with uour hands from her bottom up to her back and it will relieve her colic. .do it for maybe 45 seconds then lay her face down on your shoulders and continue with the circular motions from bottom to above stomach area on her back and it should relieve ger

She’s a week old! Do not let her cry
This sounds like colic
Get gripe water (it helps sooooo much) I used it with my last baby. It helped a ton with his gassy belly!

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I would take her to the doc just to make sure it’s not reflux, colic or something like that.
Assuming that it’s not reflux, because you said that it’s been at the same time every day for the last 3 days and you’ve attended to her needs I think there is two options 1 sensitive tummy to whatever formula or maybe your breast milk you’re giving her or option
2. I think it’s just she’s scared it will take some time for her to adjust, so far her life has been living in your tummy this world is new for her new, big and scary. Really the only thing you can do for that is comfort her swaddle her up, hold her and tell her it’s okay that you’re there. I would suggest trying not to let her fall asleep in your arms try to get her into bed as she’s pretty much asleep so when she wakes up she’s not instantly scared cause she doesn’t know where she is, cause in her mind the last place she was, was in your warm embrace and then when she wakes up she is alone in a cold (compared to your arms) bed.

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Try taking her little feet and make her ride a bicycle. Pushing her knees to her tummy, and sometimes that will help. Good luck!

My 2nd born did this. He is now 8 weeks and is sleeping threw the night. He did it the first 2 weeks and at weeks 5-6 and finally at 2 months for a week. They were all before he grew alot. I talked to his doctor because my first born didnt do this and it was killing me being awake with an unsoothable child from 2-5:30am. So they could just be growing a lot like mine.i wish you all the best and hope they stop soo

Swaddle with arms down and inside, rock a minute, lay her down on her back❤️

Ear ache, tummy ache? Maybe just getting used to the new environment (outside your body). I would try to just swaddle her and hold her. Maybe get some of the household to help during the day. It helps if you can nap when she does.

I know you’re not a newbie, but have you tried swaddling a little tight? Maybe play some music on low. Try white noise. Those are the only simple fix’s I can think of. It could be just regular “stress” crying that all babies do.
Are you breast feeding? It could be the formula you are using. If you’re breast feeding, maybe she’s not getting enough.
If it continues, share your concerns with the Doctor. I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t know. Just trying to help. I hope you get some peace soon. The first month is always so exhausting. They are worth it right!

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My baby was similar, she had a lactose allergy and the pediatrician changed us from Similac advanced to Similac sensitive (it’s still lactose based) to Similac isomil (soy based). After a week she was a totally different baby. Her cheeks and neck weren’t broken out in bumps, her legs weren’t bumpy anymore either, she would wake every 3 hours to eat and go back to sleep after wards

She might have acid reflux

Sometimes babies that young need the closeness of their moms bodies. Think about it like this…your the baby growing in your mamas belly its warm and wet and dark and tight squeeze, so of course your cozy, then all of a sudden your brain and shoulders are squished through a tight birthcanal which is most likely painful just to come out into a big cold world with bright lights and loud noises to your little ears. The warmth and comfort from your moms body is gone, so when you do get the chance to feel your moms naked chest against your naked little chest and belly you here her heart beat once again, smell her scent, feel her body heat, breast can help regulate a babies body temperature, and if the light is off it 8snt so bright anymore. Maybe all she needs is comfort and calm babies can pick up on stress levels, so if your up in the middle of the night and stressed bc she won’t quit crying and trying to fracnticly rush her to sleep it won’t help her relax, so enjoy the few hours with your baby bc she’s only that small for a short time…sorry my kids are all growing up on me too fast and I’ve been really sentimental lately.

Baby is only a week. Shes scared & traumatized they’re scared of light & unfamiliar sounds & smells. Make it dark & cool in the room & get some slight white noise & just sway her. It’ll get better.

Lol tell everyone in the household you have a newborn and they can suck it and get a pair of ear plugs.


Even without a full house you shouldn’t just let her cry. For some kids its called the witching hours…it will pass.

maybe wants to be swaddled my son usually got fussy at that age was because he was tired and needed to be wrapped up

Probally the to baby dr.