How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Since we’ve started trying to get our 9 month old to take longer naps( he only sleeps a half hour) every nap and bedtime has been a fight. He flat out refuses to take naps during the day. Our schedule is 9 to 9(can’t change it due to work). He’s been up since 9 am and has yet to nap. It’s been 4 days since this started and he’s driving me insane because he’ll get super grumpy and just scream and cry for hours but wont sleep. Has anybody been through this? What can i do?


My daughter did this constantly before we started sleep training her. We just let her cry it out & give her a pacifier so she can learn to self soothe. Now she naps 2-3 hours

Probably not much help but when I noticed my 10 mo old (he was probably about 8 months at the time) was starting to fight naps I just laid him in his bed. Sometimes he will fight and whine for a few mins but then he lays down (I watch on the monitor). He usually sleeps 1 1/2 to 2 hours…2 times a day.

Edited to say…now that I’ve started doing his naps like this I think he learned to self soothe…he use to wake up a few times a night but just want me to hold him til he goes back to sleep…which only took like 2 mins lol :laughing: Now when i hear him whine and check the monitir he sits up for a second but then put hinself back to sleep.

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My son stopped naps at aboit 7 month’s old or so. If he had a nap he was a pain to get to bed at night.

Maybe lay him down with you for a nap or put him in bed and clean his room and putter around in there until he settles down and slowly walk out and see if that works good luck momma

Change the wording like insteadof nap time call it rest time

Could be going throw a growing spurt at the moment.
There’s an app called the leap months which is very good

He may need to transition to one early nap and then a reliable bed time. If your schedule is 9 to 9, give him one nap at 1 or 2, dont let him sleep back 3-330, then out him to bed at 9. This gives him a chance to get tired for both nap and bedtime. My daughter stopped napping at 3, before that nap time was a struggle every day, but I made sure to keep a strict sleep schedule because otherwise we paid for it.

I put mine on the boob :woman_shrugging:

Earlier bedtime. Take naps out of the equation.

Try to wear them out lots of play and a snack before nap. My oldest napped until four my two year old naps one to two hours every day they need it at that young of an agr

My son never took day time nsps

Do you give him a bottle with some cereal in it? Always used to work with mine. Filling up their bellies made them full and they slept really good.

He might be screaming and crying because he’s in pain maybe he has gas maybe he’s a little hungry try different things