How to get baby to sleep through the night?

What do you do if your baby will not sleep in anything other than your arms? I have tried so many things and she will wake up as soon as I put her down ive even tried the bouncer nothing works. She’s 2 months old but was born 5 weeks early, in the nicu for two weeks. She only seems to want to sleep on my chest, can’t co sleep bc I have a queen bed my 2 year old ends up in my bed every night so I end up on the couch with the baby sleeping on my chest but I. Don’t want to make a habit of it and I know it’s unsafe. Tips advice? I go back to work in a couple weeks so I need to figure something out for when I leave her with my husband. He def cannot co sleep with her


Try a rock and play it rocks

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Have you tried swaddling my girl preferred her arms up if you Google there is so many different ways to do it, sitting on a blanket while you put her to sleep then laying that down before you place her in bed so it’s warm or even a hot water bottle for about 5 mins before you lay her down. Wearing a shirt for a few days and then having that tucked in where her head would lay? White noise or heartbeat noise playing.

Roll up a shirt that smells like you and place it on her belly and tuck her in on her side. Works like a charm

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Do you swaddle her? My son went through a phase where he wouldn’t sleep by himself and I started swaddling him again and he started sleeping in his bassinet. I swaddled him until he could roll back to belly and then swaddled with 1 arm out before finally transitioning him out of the swaddle all together. My son also saw a chiropractor for colic which greatly improved his sleep.

Swaddling helped my baby with this same problem

We did a swaddle, I don’t remember the brand but it was one with Velcro. For about and hour or two before bed I’d put it under my shirt, or safety pin it to my shirt. That got my “scent “ on it and he slept much better. So we got one of the vibrating attachments for his rock n play cradle and that helped a lot.

Have you tried sound machines? Being in the hospital makes them used to noise. Also try sleeping with the pack and play sheet if that’s what she’s sleeping in. Some recommend warming up the sleeping area with a heating pad before putting her down. Just need to make sure it’s not too warm! Swaddling should stop around 8 weeks but you can use the sleep sacks that her arms would be out. Try getting her used to not sleeping on her belly on your chest. That might be what she’s used to and likes. Being on her back might not be her favorite but it’s safest for her when you put her to sleep.

I put him to sleep with a blanket on his head and then take it off when he falls asleep. They just have to get used to life outside the womb where it’s not as warm comfy


My 2nd born slept on my chest for the first 3 months of his life. Then beside me in my arms for months after. Lol. Do what you gotta do to get sleep. Ypu CAN safely cosleep


My 3yo still sleeps in my arms every night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: there will be a day when it’s all a memory. I enjoy it.


You let that baby sleep on you. Lol

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I coslept because I had no help and needed sleep too.
I made sure I was half awake / not in a deep sleeper. Plus I’m usually a really light sleeper as it is.

My babies were the same. Try wrapping her up tightly.


Try a swddle & We used a boppy pillow & put my grandson in middle of it to help him sleep. He was about 4 weeks early, but no NICU. But we also went thru a period where he only wanted to sleep on my daughter. With the boppy, he felt as if he was snuggled, & stay asleep a bit longer~ also maybe get a heartbeat noise machine, & a small vibrating box from a bouncer & put in the bassinet too.
Hang in there, it gets better, but were 5 months in & some days are still a struggle, especially since he outgrew his swaddlers lol.
We just snuggle him thru it, as it will be gone way to soon <3

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Put her down when she falls asleep. If she starts fussing when shes put down try and comfort her without picking her up. Even as newborns babies can figure out that crying gets them what they want if they keep doing it. Eventually she’ll be able to sleep without having to be on your chest. And put the shirt you wore that day or the day before next to her


Shelly Perry SMH all you want. I have NICU twins and it worked for us. Babies don’t just decide to sleep on their own. Parents have to be parents and train them to be comfortable soothing themselves. “It’s all she knows” is the same as being trained. Have a pleasant evening.

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Sleep swaddler was like magic for my daughter. Trying to swaddle with just a blanket isn’t good enough

Shelly Perry try getting a swaddle blanket you can get them at Walmart and swaddler her like they do at the hospitial and see if that helps it helped with my three and I constantly held my

At two months old you cant let a baby cry it out. They dont recommend that till closer to 9months to a year.

I used a swaddle up until my daughter started to roll. Or you could try the weighted swaddles. There suppose to work as well.

Take a blanket of babies rub it all over you and wrap her in it and let her fall asleep in your arms and put her in her bassinet hoo luck momma

Madison McCloud he’s 2 months 5 weeks removed. Youre out of your mind. Comfort that baby! They are only small so long. Safely co sleep and move older child into floor bed with hubby.

Via Mrs. Mombastic

"When you have a baby who only wants to nap on you, will only sleep next to you, and wants to be held all the time…
Remember these words; YOU ARE BEING USED.

But not in the negative way that is associated with this phrase.


You are being used as your baby’s regulator.
They are literally using you to regulate their physiological functions.

When a baby sleeps, they cannot regulate their temperature.
They cannot regulate their heart rate.
They cannot regulate their sleep rhythms.

And children work this out at their own pace with our support.
For some, it’s instant. They are happy sleeping independently.
But for most, this is not the case.

Becoming a mother is a massive upheaval.
A baby comes snowballing into our lives and we suddenly have to change an entire lifetime of sleep patterns and thought processes and career paths and social schedules.
Everything that we ever thought that we knew comes into question.

And people will stress the importance of getting babies to meet the unrealistic pace of their parents.
But the mother/ baby dyad would benefit far more, if we could SUPPORT mothers in meeting babies at the realistic pace of an infant.
Because biologically, that is what our babies need.
Not want. NEED.

In theory it seems like a wonderful thing;
to give birth to an independent robot with a well established circadian rhythm and physiological functions.
But in practice, thats just not how it is.
And accepting it helps us appreciate the beauty of it.

Whilst we are holding our babies and doing the easy work for them. Breathing in their newborn smell and soaking up the time…

The hard work is going unseen;
The most important work.
The work that is overlooked because we cannot physically see it happening;

So yes, you are being used.
But for such an important reason.



United states is one of the only countries that doesnt recommend co sleeping if you feel it’s the best way for you then do it!

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