How to get baby to stay asleep?

I have a question for yall my mommas out there. I’m a FTM and my baby girl turned 4 months yesterday. She still gets swaddled at night and wont sleep any other way shes getting to big for the swaddle now but I dont know any other options of how I can get her to sleep without it. Please help


I was told swaddling shouldn’t be done for baby to sleep at night…:woman_shrugging:t3:

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I would go to a fabric store and get a yard of fabric make your own swaddle

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Sleep sacks ! I used to swaddle my little girl until about 4 months and than I switched over to a sleep sack


Find one of those sleep sack things. Maybe that could be a replacement as she rows

For my little one, I went from a swaddle to a sleep sack. She has been doing great with it!

I went through this as well! It’s hard! Definitely a process! Try to start with night time sleep as their desire to sleep is stronger. I have no advice for naps because I still have to hold her for naps to get her to sleep more than a few min lol

She needs a snuggie… like a stuffed animal or somthing she attaches to take her shopping see what attracts her attn…i had two girls single mom same issue

My mom used to tuck all the blankets tight under the mattress. Like making a bed with me in it.

Get a bigger swaddle blanket. We used ours maybe until 8-9 months

Sleep sacks, bigger blanket swaddle

Can use a receiving blanket, once she can roll over recommend not to swaddle.

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Swaddle one arm out for a couple days and then go to both arms out and swaddle her tummy only

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Maybe try something like this

Slowly start changing the swaddle. Loosen her feet, then arms but keep her torso wrapped that way it’s a slow adjustment but she also starts getting used to sleeping on her own.


My son was swaddle and i use a regular toddler blanket to swaddle him

I had the same deal and never thought my swaddle baby would sleep without it. I just loosened the blanket a bit more over time. It was a rough few nights but she did sleep again

My daughter used to be like that then I had to start rocking her to get her to sleep. 8 months later I still have to rock her

Get a bigger swaddle, then a sleep sack, my son is 9 months and uses a sleep sack cause he loved his swaddle too. We get ours off of Amazon, the brand we like is Halo. Best investment we’ve made. It helps him sleep so good.

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Get a zipadee sleep sack

Put her to sleep in those sleepers with the feet do she will be completely covered and comfy. No socks.

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zipadee are wonderful i used them for my daughter

For the sake of a good night’s sleep - swaddle her lol. I’m 43 and can’t sleep unless I feel wrapped up. Apparently I was a swaddle baby lol


Yes swaddle her no matter how old she is we all do wrap up and it’s comfy I have a comfort blanket weighs 20 pounds I love it I feel like IAM being cuddled through the night and Al they make weighted blankets for baby’s that may help her to but shoot my kids are teenagers and I still wrap them up haha :joy: and they love it when I do girl do ya thang wrap that baby :kissing_heart:

Halo sleep swaddle. Transition from arms in to only one arm in, then both arms out. Or you could just buy a larger swaddle. We used woombie and swaddled right up until 8 months old. Woombie air during spring and fall and woombie true air during summer.

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If you want to transition her out of it we did one arm at a time then slowly swaddling her lower and lower until she was completely uncovered. Worked for us. If not use a sleep sack


Once they start rolling it’s not safe to swaddle. They cam suffocate of their arms arent free. Try little bit little trying to get them to sleep without being swaddled. Halo swaddle has a design that shows you how to train them to have their arms free. Look into it.


She’s too old to be swaddled and it’s dangerous to swaddle after 8 weeks

Try a sleep sack


Swaddle her with a blanket

Theres nothing wrong with swaddling her still. Just get a larger blanket

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I love sleep sacks!! Amazon has some really cute ones people make for both boys and girls. I bought some for my little peanut when he arrives in May… :heart::grin::grin:


Even if u don’t wrap her feet wrap her arms snug

My son was the same way. He threw his arms and woke himself up constantly, but we just had to stop. There were a few sleepless nights, but he got used to it.

Why is she getting to big for the swaddle first off I have grandkids that are older and still like to be swaddled Thats a form of security for your child don’t take it away

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My son will be a year old the 1st of May and he still gets swaddled when I put him to bed. He sleeps peacefully when I do so. My husband on the other hand, has issues keeping him asleep because he doesn’t swaddle him.

My baby is a few weeks old and I swaddle him, I have a sleep sack and I let him sleep freely

Swaddle with a bigger blanket. I’m 32 & still like being tucked tightly. My mom swaddled us kids till we we’re over a year I think

My son never kept put when I swaddled him, but THEN I got these awesome baby sacs and they are just wonderful!