How to get breastfed baby to poop?

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hi all, so i have a 3 month old which i breastfeed only. and he hasn’t pooped for 4 days now this has happened two weeks ago and his doctor said to give him karo syrup i did he pooped after that and now it’s been 4 days he hasn’t pooped. i don’t know if i should be concerned this is normal right? i will call the doc in minute just wanted see if ur kids went through this at this age and when i need to be worried


If he’s not in pain this is absolutely normal

Bfing babes can go upwards of 12 days without pooping and still considered normal :two_hearts: unfortunately pediatricians are not trained in lactation, just formula :expressionless:


Drink as much apple juice as you can handle until he poops, it worked every time for me

Nothing to be worried about unless showing signs of pain from gas or being backed up. If you are really worried you can insert a suppository into your babies bottom and that will help get things moving. Had to do it with my daughter a lot as she was easily constipated at that age even on breast milk

My son went through constipation a lot as well. Sometimes a baby will have a hard ball of poop that blocks everything from coming out. As soon as you see baby pushing, take the nappy off and push babies legs against his or her stomach and exercise his or her legs to help the poo come out.
I do it with my son every time he hasn’t pood for more than 24 hours

My granddaughter is exclusively breast fed and bowel movements this far apart were ‘normal’ for her…

Don’t worry. Is he uncomfortable? If not just keep feeding. It happens. It will come out… a lot!

I forgot exactly why, but my sister’s doctor told her that you’re not supposed to give babies karo. I’ll have to ask her why again😞 but bf’d babes don’t poop nearly as much as formula fed!! My son ended up pooping about once a week. My doctor told me to take it as a compliment because their bodies are able to use up pretty much all the milk instead of excreting toxins❤ unless your LO is in pain, I wouldn’t worry about it!

Breastmilk is a natural laxative. Just keep nursing. Unless your baby is showing obvious signs of pain or discomfort, I wouldn’t be worried yet.

Breastfed babies don’t poop everyday. No need to give karo syrup. Only intervene if he’s in pain

Its normal and remember what you eat can upset baby digestive system. In do baby yoga 3-4× a day to keep muscles healthy and everything flowing(moves gas) and growing on the little one. Breast milk is a natural laxative. You don’t want the little one body get dependent on Karo syrup as laxative at a early age.