How to get child support?

I just signed up for child support a year ago, but he hasn’t paid in awhile. He just doesn’t care, hasn’t called or seen my son in 10 months, even though he lives 20 minutes away. He has a court date on Thursday for the not paying child support. Even though the court docket says me vs him, the child support worker told me I didn’t have to go. I am gonna go however, but what happens/what should I expect? I haven’t had to do the court thing for cs before, just wanna be prepared.


He could be arrested for not paying. Which if he is you won’t see the money he owes but that will hopefully teach him to pay next time.


He will have to pay no matter what the courts are different now I think he will go to jail if he don’t pay

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I went to the first court hearing on his missed child support. They just told him he would have to make some form of payment at the end of the day to avoid jail time. He didn’t do it and was arrested. His bail was 250 and an ex paid it to get him out and the money from the bail went straight to the support account. That was 5 years ago and hasn’t made a payment since. He’s over 40,000 in back pay now that I’ll never seen.

Yup pay or stay (up to 6 months I think) they typically let them purge out with 10% or a payment arrangement especially if it’s their first appearance for contempt

If he is working it will be deducted out of his wages…Shame on him…

I never go. He made his bed, they get him

They will give him a certain amount of time to start paying and if he fails to do so he can be arrested.

Really depends on how far he’s behind. They’ll probably just tell him he needs to start paying.

You should go just to know what is going on. Every state is different with the laws. In NY, they have to be behind thousands of dollars before any legal action happens. And usually they would lose their license before jail.

Id see if you can ask to have the support taken directly out of his paycheck

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If you are in Wisconsin they are cracking down, it’s now a felony to evade CS.

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Go always go. Don’t listen to the worked. be there at every hearing, decision, conversation.

I went through CS COURT. started a new job the day of the hearing. After my ex failed to show up are 3 out of 4 hearings- was over 2k in arrears- Everything was thrown out because I didn’t show up to one hearing. I never went back to cs court and have been able to care for my life without his consistent support.
Always go.

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Im going through the same thing. There was a court date scheduled for his failure to pay. However, he never showed up. Automatic failure to appear warrant. I had no idea about the court date, was necer even sent anything from court so I never went. Well theres no warrant for me so I assume I was required to go.

Always go, it makes you look better to the court, like you really care about this matter. Also bring documents showing costs you incure for your child if possible. Childcare, food, diapers, everything you can show that you’re paying on your own. Show what you make at your job if you can. Also if you can show he is employed that helped but the court can find out on their own (just takes longer).

One of my ex’s doesn’t pay. They have contempt hearings, threaten jail and give what is called a drop dead order (they have to pay a certain amount by a certain date or go to jail). He was actually given a suspended sentence but went to jail the same day for an unrelated charge. At 2,000 behind, in the state of Indiana, they will suspend your license for not paying as well. It just depends how tough the judge is and what types of punishment are imposed upon him. It can vary case to case. I would most definitely go, though.

Hell probably get arrested if he hasn’t paid

The court is trying to help your child. You certainly should take the initiative to be there.

You can go and they might give you a chance to speak.

If he’s court ordered to pay, ask what the state guidelines are having his paychecks garnished and how to file so his taxes are taken until he pays.

I think it varies by state what happens.

Absolutely go. They told me the same thing when I moved to a different state…they said all I had to do was give them written proof that I was moving, a letter from my boss saying I quit my job to move and and a note from my doctor saying at that time I wouldn’t be able to travel back for court because it was my due date because the case was rescheduled for him to provide proof of his child support payments to his other kids so I didn’t have to be there. My daughter father was ordered to pay a hospital bill and child support was dismissed because I was considered in default for not showing up

Being ALL documents , doctors bills , clothing receipts, grocery receipts everything you can bring , bring . Also YES do go . Other wise without you being there he can swindle other deals without your argument… GO .

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I always go and I’ve been having issues for the last 8-9 years. I’m in Louisiana and mine is behind over $25,000 and has gone years without seeing or contacting our children. Down here they let them get away with a little too much. His checks are garnished as well as income taxes. However they have to work in order for you to get taxes back and lots of them avoid jobs that don’t pay cash so they can avoid that.
I was always told I didn’t have to go to court because it was him that was being subpoenaed but I always went to stand up for my children and I also seen cases get dismissed because the other parent wasnt there.

Be prepared for him not to show up and it getting layed over for a few weeks … at least that’s what happens here in KY unless hes like 5000$ behind he prob won’t get any jail time…

The judge gave me an opportunity to speak at the contempt hearing so I updated the court about his bragging that he got a tattoo and a grill instead of paying his support. Lmao the judge destroyed him after hearing that.

He will not show up and they will reschedule

They don’t usually push it as hard if u don’t go. So I would go and let them know how u feel about him not paying

Hey Im the person that submitted this. We are in KY, hes a little over 3000 behind. He told cs about 3 mths ago that he had lost his job. Unless his gf is paying all his bills thats a lie. He stopped paying it in Feb., but they took his state taxes to try to catch him up, which didn’t. Our sons 13, and I have been in constant touch with his family. I have taken him to all their family things(mostly drop off/pick up)…holidays bdays etc. But his dad never showed up to them. He has gotten off the bus at his great gmas house to spend time with her. The exs dad and gma even came to my memaws wake when she died to check on my son, and Idk if his dad even knew. I have even set up playdates with my sons sister from his other ex because my son misses her. Theres really no reason for him to not see our son…he just really doesn’t want him. My cousin saw him at the store yesterday getting redbox n hugging all over the gf he just got a domestic viokence thing with, but of course no call to his kid…sorry Im angry…so when they call his name do I go up there too?

I don’t ever go anymore. Here they don’t even let you say anything. It’s not like I’m about to pay for a lawyer to get support. When the ex goes. They just tell him to make a payment or he gets his license revoked or whatever. He usually pays a bit when he goes in and brings up the receipt. I’m sure other places are different. I know he has kids in another county and they don’t play there. If he gets behind he gets in big trouble. Here it is just a talking to lol.