How to get pregnant?

So its been 5 years of trying to conceive, I get desperate everytime another family member announces they are pregnant, I just want it to be my time already I have no kids and I’m drained from waiting, everytime I take a pregnancy test it breaks my heart to see one line… I scheduled a doctors appointment to see what’s going on I have a transvaginal ultrasound coming up to see if everything is normal before they put me on clomid? Any advice? Has anyone took clomid and got positive results? If so how long did it take? Thank you for your time and best wishes means a lot :two_hearts:


It took me 9 years…dont give up…keep praying

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Took clomid 3 months later I was pregnant

I highly recommend preseed. And taking prenatals. With that combination me and my husband conceived our daughter that I’m pregnant with. It took us over a year of trying and used that combo and bam pregnant.
Also used the glow app to track my cycles and fertility.

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Took me 17 years & I now have 2…2nd due end of July! Never used birth control protection or even had so much as a fail pregnancy…I gave up myself for years before it happened…all in Gods perfect timing…I’ll be 34 this year & gave birth to my 1st at 31! I tried every crazy thing u could think of on the internet…was with the same man 14 of the 17 years & a few others over the next 3

Have your partner checked out as well it’s not always the woman’s fault my cousin tried for years before they figured out it was in fact her husband’s sperm count

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 14 years!
Make sure that the doctor you go to will exhaust all possibilities before putting you on clomid. Because clomid emotionally drained me!! I couldn’t stand myself!!
When I finally found a doc that listened to me, he found that my uterus was not only flipped upside down but was twisted and attached to my back! I had endometriosis, PCOS, and fibroids.
He told me they could have thrown clomid at my uterus all day and I wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant.
I have been taking Femera, and I’m still not pregnant. I’ve had 4 failed IUI’s, and my husband and I are taking a break right now.
I’ll say a prayer for you. I know how you feel. I understand all the emotions!! The sadness, bitter, life isn’t fair, what makes her better than me??? Yup, I’ve felt them all!!!


Make sure they test your progesterone too. Progesterone for 3 months and then added clomid for one month and I got pregnant right after clomid was added to the mix. T minus 5 weeks until I have my second baby

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My Wife and I couldnt get pregnant on our own without help obviously so we went to a fertility clinic to get the most bang for our buck (no Turkey baster child attempts). My thyroid was off - They adjusted it. The nutritionist suggested to try to be gluten and dairy free - So I did. I kept up my same exercise routine of three or four times a week with walking at least 3 miles at work daily.
I went on Clomid with a trigger shot (honestly didnt notice a difference in myself or my mood) for my first cycle of IUI and miraculously got pregnant. Now I know IUI and having sexual intercourse is a tad different scenario but I’m just here to tell you to treat your body right and it will return the favor.

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I got pregnant my first round on clomid. Our issue was that my husband’s volume was low.

Like mentioned above exercise and eating healthy I believe is a huge help as well. I was always told I wouldn’t be able to conceive without all the medication etc. I started to run everyday and ate a good diet. Well I ended up unexpectedly pregnant after I started to lose a lot of weight.

Have you seen your doc
I had two then a miscarriage. Took 2 years for our third after the miscarriage. The only thing that helped us was seeing an endocrinologist and getting put on metformin. I wasn’t ovulating. Even clomid failed.

You could have an underlying condition that prevents you from ovulating. But I do know that feeling, with my first daughter It took 7 years and 3 years for my second daughter. I was pregnant again after my last daughter but i lost it 10 weeks later and haven’t been pregnant since. She will be 2 in August. Keep your head up. Go to the doctor and just see what they suggest

Get the spermys checked first.

I took clomid and metformin for 7 months and got pregnant with healthy twins after years of trying to get pregnant. They also put me on prenatal vitamins. I’ll be praying for you :pray:

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My husband and I tried for 4 years before our miracle boy came along. I have pcos and a history of endometriosis. I’ve had several surgeries, and had to go through years of testing, hormone replacement, and strict diet. Start with what you’re putting in your body. High protein and green leafy veggies.

Also look up Creighton Model Fertility System. It teaches you how to track ovulation by cervical mucous. It’s very easy, and it worked for us. My ob/fertility specialist goes by this system. She’s one of the top in our state, possibly even country idk.

I got pregnant a month before we were going to start clomid, and I was a very tricky case of infertility. Stay positive and if it’s something you really want DO NOT GIVE UP!

I feel your pain hun. I had my first son after being told in would never have kids, I have PCOS, I’ve had cervical cancer, and chrones disease. At 17 I was told I wouldnt be able to have kids. At 20 I found out I was 6 months pregnant…even the dr was in disbelief. After our son was born My husband and I tried again for 7 years, everything short of invetro. We just couldn’t afford the energy or finances any more and finally accepted that our son was a one time miracle. 3 years later after not trying and moving on with our life, started focusing on ME and what I needed physically and mentally. We were suprised with another boy. I agree with alot of the posts here, stress is a huge factor. But I do understand how hard it is to stop stressing. Even if you think your not…if your focus and energy is going towards getting pregnant…your body is stressed. You’ve got this, take care of you dear

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I would use an ovulation test (sold at Walmart in a box of 10 usually) to see if you are actually ovulating. If you are then there is no need in taking Clomid. And it can be dangerous to take it if it is not needed. In my case I was not ovulating so Clomid worked very well for me! For us we had to try for 2 years before being considered for fertility treatment. You’ll try 2 rounds of Clomid usually before they up the dose. They can only up the dose twice. After that they will try other means. *i have endometriosis and Clomid. I had a laparoscopy to get rid of the endometriosis which last approx 6 months before coming back and then Clomid for the PCOS because I couldn’t ovulate. Hope this makes sense and helps!

I took clomid for 5 months went off of them in November 2017 Got pregnant in May 2018 …had my baby boy in January :slight_smile: we tried for years to get pregnant and when we finally stopped trying and said of it happens it happens and in a motter of months letting go it happened …i was in the same boat and wanted to be a mama so bad :heart: good luck

I know it’s hard. It took us 10 years before we finally got pregnant. Stress plays a HUGE part in things and as funny as it might sound, so does your positioning during sex. We figured out that my uterus was slightly tilted, so weird as it is, it worked with me being in top. I have no advice as to taking medicines as I never took anything, but I can say that the journey was hard and long. But when your time comes, either through conception or adoption, or however you are able to become a mom, it’s an amazing thing

My husband was taking cannabis oil for other issues and that got us pregnant with our little surprise, after being told we had fertility issues and costing us a fortune for our first two.

I hear a lot of women with fertility problems gave gotten pregnant while doing the Keto diet

I have pcos and we have been trying for 5 years. I took clomid for 2 cycles then switched to Femara. I’ve had 3 cycles with that and I’m still not pregnant but things have improved. I was taking provera to induce my periods since they weren’t starting on their own. Since the femara my cycles have started on their own and I have been ovulating (which was another issue I was having… no ovulation). I’m staying positive with each failed test. I did have my husband checked and he’s fine. I’ve also to a fertility specialist and discovered that it’s more than timing sex right and keeping track of the days of your cycle. You could be fine, your man could be fine, but you could have an antibody that’s preventing the sperm to make it to the eggs, your uterine lining could be too thin or too thick, your cervical opening could be too small. There are sooo many factors. I would definitely start with clomid, ask about femara, even try acupuncture and chiropractic. Those will help keep you physically and internally aligned

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Has he been tested? That was our issue. Got his issue fixed and we got pregnant right away!

You should really try Balance, by Alani Nu. It’s a supplement that helps with fertility, there are many woman who talk extremely highly about this product. They also have tried almost everything to get pregnant, and it seems this one thing could really help you.

Did you have your man tested? I tortured myself only to find out it was him :woman_shrugging:


Aw I hated being pregnant (but I absolutely adore children and being a mother), but all of yalls stories are breaking my heart! I didn’t think I could get pregnant. But then one night of birthday sex changed everything. Y’all are making me want to become a surrogate!

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I have had 2 clomid babies

My husband and I tried for 4 years before I finally got pregnant. I was told 6 months before that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant without medical intervention if that even worked. I did 4 rounds of clomid and they were unsuccessful but I have heard people who’ve had positive results with clomid. I know your heartache because I experienced it for 4 long years. We had given up and started the process to do foster to adopt and I went to the doctor for what I thought was a kidney infection and found out I was pregnant. I won’t tell you to relax because I hated that advice but I will tell you to just have fun with it because when you’re trying for so long sex basically becomes a chore and not enjoyable at least it was for me! Sending prayers and baby dust your way!

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We have been trying for 4+ years. I’ve tried clomid and didn’t respond to it. I had bad side effects and since I didn’t respond, they switched me to Femara. Once my dose got high enough I did get pregnant, but sadly it ended in miscarriage. But I’m not giving up! I’ve been responding to Femara every cycle since! :slight_smile:

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I just recently conceived naturally when I was told I needed fertility treatment. My new baby is coming 11 years after the first. Please have faith in your timing. You can’t stress your body out. I have severe PCOS and I’ve seen many of women take clomid and conceived. I really hope it works for you. Just breathe easy and let it happen when it’s time. My friend thinks that I got pregnant from doing intermittent fasting. I had done this fasting for 3 weeks the month before I got pregnant. The intermittent fasting changed my cycle days from 35 to 33 in that one month and I ended up pregnant. I wish you the absolute best and please keep in mind the impossible can become possible. Keep your spirits high and your stress down!! Sending good juju!! :heart:


I have pcos. Tried for 4 years with my ex fiancé with fertility tests, specialists, femara (similar to clomid), you name it. One chemical pregnancy (early loss). Thats it. I was with my honey for a year and a half and we’re expecting, due in October. We weren’t doing anything. Tho we both had edibles from time to time and I was still taking a good vitamin regimen. Perhaps that helped.

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My sister in law had to take clomid to get pregnant with all 3 of her babies. Calm down a bit. The more you stress out, the harder it will be to get pregnant. I have PCOS, so I know how hard it is “not to stress” when all you want is a baby.

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I was told for about 6 or so yrs i cant concieve. Then boom!! 34wks ago I did! The only health difference is at that time from some extreme stress i dropped 60lbs in a few weeks lmao
I got curious one night and looked weight loss up in any connection to conceiving and the way I lost tge weight was basically fasting. My guess is through all that my body pushed out and lost a lot shit it didnt need. And this is only a guess bc when i talk w dr about it we really do not know how or why

We tried for 5 years and i took clomid and I finally got pregnant.

I took clomid for 3 months and letrazole for 9. It took a trigger shot and and IUI as well to conceive at the age of 23. The path can be difficult but there is an end and you will get a critter. Stay positive and stay strong, you’ve got this!

I took clomid and conceived my son that first month. Don’t have sex except when you are ovulating.

It took my cousin years and multiple IVF rounds to have her daughter. She got pregnant on the very last round they could afford. It will happen. Just have faith

I hope for the best for you and your hubby.

Have they checked your partner? I tried for years to get pregnant. Even had endometriosis, everywhere. Had surgery and i was still not getting pregnant. Later on I got with my current man and I got pregnant even after being on birth control. So it turned out to not even be me.