How to get pregnant?

Advice needed regarding getting pregnant.

  1. At 20yrs, I had a miscarriage- got pregnant, but the baby never grew.
  2. At 33 yrs, I got pregnant and have a loving 2yr old. At 5mnths I had to go to doc ever wk due to baby not growing, and placenta had mature early.
  3. At 35yrs, I got pregnant but ended with an ectopic pregnancy and removed a tube. Also found out I had something that blocked my eggs and made my organs or ovaries to stick together. The doctor that did the operation said that I can still get pregnant but will have difficulty to get pregnant, 10 to 20% chance that I may get another ectopic pregnancy. My regular obgyn now said that it was a 20 to 50% chance of another ectopic pregnancy and very difficult if not impossible due to the other thing of blocking my egg. Also said that the only way I can get pregnant was threw threw implantation.

So my question is if anyone has gone threw something similar. And what was the outcome? Should I try or just give up and get my one tube tide :grinning:.
Thank you for your advice.


Dont give up mama. Same thing happened to me in 2013. I was ok knowing I couldnt have more. Since my daughter was already 9. Um…fast forward to 2016 and I gave birth to a set of TWINS! conceived naturally. No fertility help. Trust me its possible. After that I had my one remaining tube removed. Now I have a 14yr old and 3yr old boy/girl twins


Don’t give up. If it’s meant to be, it will! I know it sounds cheesy but it’s soooo true. I had unexplained secondary infertility for years then they finally diagnosed me with PCOS because I couldn’t ovulate. Finally got pregnant after 5+ years of trying (with help) had a very healthy baby boy. A few months before his second birthday I found out I was expecting again! I was not trying and actually still breastfeeding… I’m 31 and they told me my age was becoming an issue at 27!

I didn’t have those problems but I was told I wasn’t able to have kids, straight up told I couldn’t get pregnant.
I’m due with my second Christmas day


This is such a personal thing.
You and your husband/partner need to get another opinion and make a decision.
Would IVF be a consideration?
That way the eggs can be implanted into the uterus to make sure you don’t have another ectopic pregnancy.
Is it financially possible?
If it’s what you want find a way.
I will keep you in my prayers.
My youngest granddaughter will be 3 on September 19th. She was born at 29 weeks and was only 2.3 pounds. My daughter in law is 37 weeks pregnant now. They are taking him on the 26th.
Everything is good this time.
So, it can go good for you.
I wish you the best.

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I know I’m going to get slammed. It’s THROUGH not THREW


I had 1 tube an got pregnant an was told i could never have kids so yes keep trying you will eventually get your miracle

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I think it really has to be your own decision. I think you have to weigh out the consequences. Is getting pregnant again a danger to your life? How much would you hurt and suffer from the loss of another baby, should you have more complications? Those types of things. I think if you’re really wanting another child and willing to take those chances, you should go for it. Just because it’s not likely doesn’t mean it’s not possible.


Don’t give up!! My friend had the same problem. Her and her husband were going through fertility treatments for months and had given up, but then a month or so later they found out that she was pregnant. And 3 years later they found out that they were having another baby

If it is meant to be it will happen , i got pregnant at 42 after I’ve given up

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So you have endometriosis. It’s basicly scar tissue that is everywhere. Blocking you tubes so the egg can’t pass into the uterous and implant. They did the surgery to clear them. But endo grows every month… And a baby need a healthy place to implant. So you would need a healthy egg that made it through your tube (that was already blocked once) to hit a healthy lining to attach and grow.
If that were the case you could probably carry a healthy baby. But I am also not going to lie. Getting pg with endo is hard and there alot of missed opportunities.
I would educate myself alot more, ask more questions to the drs and go from there.
You sound kinda… Unprepared for this issue. Learn the terms, what they mean, the standard treatment and plans and you will be better informed to make your decisions

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Doctors aren’t always right love, my husband and I were told he’d NEVER have kids of his own and I am currently pregnant with our second child! If its in God’s will, you will get pregnant. Just don’t stress over it and enjoy the moment.

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If you want it why get fixed? But health wise if give up

Don’t give up but dont stress about it

Don’t try to hard. Relax and let it be natural.if it meant to be u will be pregnant…god got plans

I had an ectopic in 2011 that I had to have 2 liters of blood pumped from my stomach and a tube removed. then two back to back miscarriages the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015. The doctors said I wouldn’t be able to carry full term if at all. All my miscarriages were between 6 and 6 5 weeks gestation. Doctors were wrong. In beginning of 2016 I got prego…didn’t find out til just under 7 weeks gestation. I wasn’t very hopeful that I’d carry. I was 39 years old at the time. I gave birth to a healthy 6.3lb baby girl at 39 weeks. She will be 3 years old on the 23rd. Anything is possible hun. Don’t give up just yet! Trust your body and believe in yourself! :heart: good luck hun!

I can tell you actually do want kids. I know you have a small chance of ever getting pregnant but if you get your tube tied you will never know if you would have ever had a baby. If you get pregnant you will know it’s was a miracle and it was always meant to be. You can’t risk that.