How to get pregnant?

So I’m 26, with an almost 4 year old, my hubby and I have been together for 8 years. It took us forever to get our son. I was on birth control but I stopped a few years before getting pregnant. I feel like I can’t get pregnant. So my question is how do you know when is the right time to get pregnant? We desperately want another baby but we are struggling.


Consult with your OB. If you have been trying for over a year actively they should be able to do some blood work and such and help you conceive. Baby dust to you!


Seven years took for first one ,then eight years second ,one n seemed like every woman in both families got pregnant easily, I felt like not normal odd one in family ;”/

If you mean struggling financially, then nah you need to wait. But if you mean struggling with the getting pregnant part, then consult a ob about it… But don’t ever bring a child willfully into a situation where the finances can’t provide for him.

Girl, try pregnitude. Amazon has it. I started it last month & I’m pregnant. Seriously didnt even finish the box. I’m 4 weeks and 6 days today! :revolving_hearts:

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Get LH tests from amazon.

2 weeks before or after your period and have sex like 5 times a week. And don’t get up right away after… And use whatever position gives yall maximum insertion lol :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I used MyDaysX app you can put when u start your period and when your off and it’ll show you when your ovulating light yellow means your ovulating and dark yellow is when your high ovulating and it’s a free app and won’t hurt to try good luck

15 days after the first day of your last period or you can take an ovulation test

join a page called fertility awareness method of birth control start tracking your basal temperature your cervical mucus in your cervix position there’s a lot more that goes into fertility than people think just because you’re having what appears to be a normal menstrual cycle doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ovulating and if you’re not ovulating you’re not going to get pregnant and you can’t confirm ovulation without tracking basal temp

I will tell you my husband and I tried for 1.5 years. We were about to stop trying and then I remembered my friend telling me she went to a holistic doctor. He told her to go gluten free. He said within 3 cycles she’d be pregnant. And she was! I did the same thing. My husband thought I was full of shit but when I showed him the calendar of when I went GF to the 3 cycles, he was floored it worked. The holistic doctor told her went aren’t meant to eat gluten and you may not be a Celiac but you could have an intolerance/sensitivity to gluten that is blocking your reproductive glands from working properly.
I had another friend that has 1 ovary and couldn’t get pregnant a second time even with all the drugs they put her own to get pregnant. I told her my story and what my old friend told me about her doctor. She tried it and boom 6 months of GF and she’s pregnant.
By the way, both friends were on drugs from an obgyn to get pregnant and had stopped taking them because of the side effects. The holistic doctor told my friend because the drug was still lingering in her system she was at a higher chance of having twins… She had twins. I forgot to tell my new friend this and… She had twins. I was never on any drugs so just the one for me.
I tracked and did everything to get pregnant but it wasn’t until going GF that landed the little swimmer to my egg! It’s hard/ pain in the ass to do GF but it’s worth it for the few months to get that baby! About 3 months into my pregnancy I ate whatever I wanted, GF or not! Good luck and I hope you do this!

Go see and talk to ur doctor about this. They are the best ones to help u both

Get a Period tracker… tells you when your ovulating!!!

Stop thinking about it and just make love like you’ve never made love before.

Muccinex… 2 days before you ovulate and during the first day of your ovulation.

Get a period and ovulation tracker app. I use the one on the fitbit app.

I got pregnant the month after I had it removed

It can take a healthy individual up to a year to conceive. Good luck to you :heart:


It took me about a year but I didnt have a period at all when I had the nexplanon.

They told me a month or two but I got pregnant instantly

It is totally normal that it takes time, average is 8 months so just give it a few more tries :heart:

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I had nexplanon for about 9-10 months, after our first, took out in October of 2016 preggers by February of 2017. But we have also gotten pregnant twice on the pill so we may be an abnormal situation. Best of luck!

I got pregnant 2 years after removal.:woman_shrugging:
Everyones body is completely different

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It can take up to a year for your hormones to adjust.
Try talking prenatal vitamins for 30-45 days.


It could range from a month to a year. I went off March of last year, on to the mini pill, kept missing pills, got pregnant in the first week of August. It depends on when you start to ovulate after removing It and when you get your period back. I constantly bled the whole time so idk if that part I know much of.

I got mine out in October and was pregnant in April

Took me about 4 months to get pregnant after having mine removed after 3 years.

When I had the Implanon removed it took 6 months. When I had Nexplanon removed I was pregnant the next month :flushed::sweat_smile:

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It took me about six months to get pregnant.

I never had an implant but I was on the pill for 7 years straight and it took me about 3 months after stopping it

I had mine in for the 3 years and got pregnant a month or two later.

It does take time. I got mine out in June 2020 and got pregnant in March 2021.

I had mine 3 years in lost insurance so it was left in for an additional 3 years. N after having it removed it still took a year to conceive then miscarriage n then 3 months after I got pregnant with my now 21 month old son. It caused me so much health issues, cyst on my ovaries constantly. now my dr says I may have to have my ovaries removed! So we are trying for another baby before but its been 5 months n nothing. Everyone’s bodies are different where some can get pregnant right after having it removed. There are some that have stories like me.

With my first child the home pregnancy test was always negative. I had to go to the doctor to find out i was actually pregnant.

Average is 8 months to a year. Some people it happens fast, some people it happens later. Just up to your body. Baby dust your way!

Try some vitamins. Like Mayo instol, it will wake your overies up and help regulate everything

I’ve heard taking Mucinex can help

I had it taken out the end of January this year and just found out that I’m 6 weeks pregnant


It took us almost 4 months after we got it removed. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a little longer. I wouldn’t worry just yet. Hang in there! :crossed_fingers:t3::heart:

Took me a year after I got mine removed, to conceive

I got pregnant about 6 months after I got mine out.

Tracking your ovulation will really help. First time I was pregnant within 6 weeks second I was pregnant within 8 weeks. Best of luck to you xx

I got mine removed 17th jan and my girl was born 9th nov :flushed: … they did say it can take upto 6 months for your period to return to normal … give it a few months to a year xxxx

I had Nexplanon I took it out March of 2019 and took me almost 2 years to come out pregnant it really messed up my body I thought I couldn’t have a baby anymore… but now I’m 24 weeks pregnant so don’t worry everybody’s body is different what really help me get pregnant was this lube I bought called pre seed I used it for 2 months and bam I was pregnant!!! It has really good reviews and I was also taking prenatal vitamins too… and anything do not stress about it that’s takes a toll on your body to… hopefully this helps you got this girl!!!

I,had mine in for 5 years. Took 5 months to get pregnant after removing it

Everyone is different but often times bc of any kind can take a few months the fully come out of your system. Give your body time. Maybe take prenatal vitamins. Or ask your doctor about other ways to help boost fertility.

I had mine for 5 years ( it was suppose to be taken out after 3) but through those 5 years it kept working. I got it taken out and 2 months later I was pregnant.

Every time I got mine out, I was pregnant within a month. But everyone is different. Don’t base your body’s experience on others

Had mine removed at 5 years and ended up pregnant within 2 months. Currently due with baby boy anytime now. Its different for everyone though as to when they get pregnant.

I had it fir 3 years … Took a year and a half!!! Just dont stress or over think. Try some vitamins

I had mine taken out may of 2019 and finally got pregnant March 2021. I’m 12 weeks pregnant now.

I’ve had the implant twice.

The first one was taken out and took me 6 and a half months to fall pregnant!

Second time round, had it taken out and fell pregnant within 2 weeks.
So I think it depends on your body to be honest. Every women is different but all I will say, take your time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself… it will happen when the time is right! Good luck :heart:

I was pregnant within a few months after having mine removed. Wasn’t trying but wasnt preventing either :roll_eyes::joy:

Everyone’s bodys are different. All us ladies can do is offer advice.
My story is kind of sad and happy.
I had my nexplanon removed last year in February. I got pregnant not even 2 weeks after removal. We were excited. But… sadly we never got a chance to get passed 7weeks. I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy and had to have our baby removed. We went to ultrasounds and did blood work and the pregnancy was not viable. They couldn’t find it in utero. It was in my fallopian tube.
Crazy enough in June I kept saying I was pregnant and no one believe me. So I took a test. Told my fiance on fathers day. That he was gonna be a daddy again. Even though my pregnancy went to 38weeks and we have a healthy happy baby boy. It was the most stressful time for me.

It only took me a month to get pregnant :pregnant_woman: Make sure to tractor cycle, and my OB that took it out said, “have sex before your period, a couple days before and like a day before too and after your period.”

I had one a total of 4years(got it taken out at 3 and put a new one in for year) but I took mine out June 2020, got my period the first week on august and had a positive pregnancy test August 28th and my little guy is now 2 weeks old

Personally I been on nexplnon for about 9 years here soon
I took it about the second time because I felt I was ready for a baby it took a year for me
But it’s different for everyone’s body
Nexplnon works different for everyone please keep that in mind

I wish you luck and when you get your blessing I pray it’s a healthy beautiful pregnancy good luck :+1:

I’ve gotten pregnant twice right after and miscarried both times… but ended up pregnant right after the misscarige and had healthy babies. But I do feel like it was the reason I miscarried my body wasn’t ready yet.

I had multiple implants in total I had it for 7 1/2 years. I got it removed in Nov. ‘18 and was pregnant Jan ‘19. But it was good timing after I had my son I didn’t get on any bc and when I started trying for my second it took roughly 9 months to get pregnant with my second. Timing is Crucial, I had to get ovulation tests and test when i was ovulating and I made sure to have sex every 2-4 days to ensure I had sperm in my system.

It took me a year after getting it out

Considering I’m going on 3 yrs trying. Now starting IVF. Anything could happen. I have had false positives a few times and have my hopes up . See ur Gyno

I’m going to agree with everyone that said that stressing over it will never get you pregnant, I got married at 18, come from a big family, love kids and everyone in my family was having kids except for me, I was stressing about it, I cried every time one of my sister in laws had another baby, I was happy but I wanted my own. I started having issues with my husband and I decided maybe that wasn’t time to get pregnant, well guess who got pregnant, my son was born a week after my 21 birthday and my daughter was born following year 3 weeks after my 22 birthday. Stressing and thinking about it does NOT help you get pregnant. Relax, don’t think about it and it will happen.

I had Paraguard, supposed to be 99.6% effective for 10 years, and my son is now 12. We had issues getting pregnant with our first two and the last one defies birth control. Everyone is different, and things happen in their own time. Good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It takes about a year to get hormones back to normal , i wouldnt be concerned until after that point.

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I was told a year but a missed pill with my 1st and 2 weeks after stopping the pill I fell pregnant with my 2nd. Lucky I guess but it does affect hormones. Good luck and stop trying so hard. It will happen

It took me close to a year to conceive adter being off it keep trying if its not becoming to emotionally hard

Give your body some time ! Atop focusing on it. I stopped my birth control pill and got pregnant at the very first try, and i miscarried.
Give your body time to get rid of evrything. Focus on eating healthy and exercise. Stop stressing over it (i know it’s hard) and enjoy your life in the meantime. It will happen!

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Gotta basically wait out all the extra hormones in your system and for ur natural hormones to get back to normal. I’d say atleast six months to a year but I’m no doctor just my bc experiences.

Have you seen an OB/GYN? That should be who you’re asking. Just sayin…

Idk about that one but it took me almost a year after getting off of the depo shot to get pregnant and that was normal for that so it might take a bit for ur body to get back to normal but again I read that it was normal

Why are you asking people on FB? ASK YOUR PHYSICIAN!


It can take quite a long while. Don’t think about it even though you want to. Idk why but somehow ppl end up pregnant when they stop tracking/paying heavy attention to cycles and stuff. Don’t lose hope but don’t rush your body mentally either.

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Took me two years after having mine out to get pregnant again

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6% of women are infertile

I’ve heard it can take a while… Not to scare you but took a friend 2 yrs… But a great tip is to stop thinking about trying… Just stay calm, enjoy yourself and just let things happen. I myself got pregnant 3 separate times on different birth control… It is different for everyone.

I had it I conceived right after my first full cycle almost two months after it was removed but everyone is different… and just cuz it’s not positive and you get your monthly doesn’t mean your not pregnant it has happened to a few people I know some people it takes 3 or 4 months for the body to produce the pregnancy hormones

STOP stressing it will happen.

I worked with patients and it all depends on the person, some get pregnant right away but it’s rare. I do know that I saw a lot of patients getting pregnant for sure after 6 mos - 1year because your body was used to the device so you have to give it some time for your body. Start by getting your body ready to get pregnant begin taking calcium, folic acid, prenatal vitamins that helps a lot… but again everyone is different. Just don’t get obsessed/ stressed out because you will definitely not get pregnant.

Take prenatal vitamins before you get pregnant

It took me almost 2 years to get pregnant.

Infertility starts as early as 15 years old

Took me over a year to resume normal cycles

Took me almost 6 to 7 months after I remove mine to get pregnant

Couple can get secondary infertility

Why are we discussing this stuff on Facebook. Seems oddly personal to me. :woman_shrugging:


Get checked out.every woman is different

Veterinarians found that protein intake may have something to do with it too.
This you will have to clarify with your dietician & doctor.

10% of couples are infertile

Track your ovulation. Getting pregnant isn’t just as easy as having sex.

9% to 12% of men are infertile

Consider this:

When your feet are cold, you can’t fall asleep.

Medical experts suggest on South African radio to wear socks.

Example: Respiratory system may affect cardiovascular system.

Thus: Cold may* “affect” your reproductive system.

Many women take the pill for a year to normalize their cycle and then stop taking the pill and start trying. Its actually not that easy to get pregnant because you are the most fertile only a few days out of the month. It is very advantageous if you know when you ovulate as the best time is right after you ovulate as the sperm will fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube. Good luck to you.

There is only one answer you need to hear… and its this one.

Every birth control every woman differently. What is true for one may not be true for another. And it may not be true the second time the same woman uses it. I took depo when I was 17 for 4 months. My period didn’t come back for a year and a half after my last shot. I could not have gotten pregnant at any point while my period wasn’t showing up.

Second time I went on depo I got pregnant with my son 6 months after I started it.

My body had a different reaction to shot both times. First time my periods stopped, the second time I spotted right uo into I got pregnant.

You best rule of thumb is if you are having a REGULAR period, you should be able to get pregnant. Again, that may not be true for every woman… but jts your best way to judge.

Stop dwelling on getting pregnant it will make it harder. Accept that it will happen when it happens. Do some meditating while sleeping for fertility. And just go about life normally. Don’t stalk your period or check if your ovulating just enjoy life have lots of sex and it will happen when the time is right. I personally meditated and manifested both my kids (3 year old next month and due with another July) I did exactly what I told you. Meditated while sleeping and went about life lots of sex and enjoyed my oldest and boom pregnant again. With my first it took me ten years to have her. Once I stopped dwelling on not getting pregnant and just accepted it will happen when it happens I was pregnant within a few months. Good luck.

It took me 7 months but it was not planned. Maybe talk to your doctor everyone is different and I highly doubt any of us answering are actual doctors

How young u are, if ur 25 well, just relax, dont push urself , if ur 35 well, see a ob gyne!

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Swallow a raw egg.
It then becomes a baby.
It then hatches and you have a baby :grinning::grin::grin::joy::joy:
Good luck.