How to get pregnant?

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Some back story first. I’m 24 and my Fiance is 27. We have been trying for a child for 5 years. This being said, we have had no luck and I started experiencing “imaginary pregnancy syndrome,” which has lead to a lot of disappointing, failed pregnancy test. I do not have monthly periods. They start whenever they feel like it. My obgyn has put me on a pill that helps regulate it, but that only works for a little while. Now, this is where the “TMI” part comes in. My fiance, doesn’t produce a lot of semen when he finishes. When I asked him to get tested, he looked at me, with tears, saying he doesn’t want to know if he’s infertile or not. He just wants to keep trying. Now, I know he and I both are the issue. I’m a previous cancer patient, which lowered the amount of eggs I have because of treatment. Basically, is there anything he and I can do/use to help us try to get pregnant. I’ve been having dreams of being pregnant and finally having our own, but I can’t handle waking up in tears anymore. I also can’t see him in tears because of failed pregnancy tests. It tears me apart when I see him so devastated.


TMI. But I couldn’t get pregnant for over a year after my first two miscarriages. My three kid I have, I actually got pregnant because I had sex the second the last day of my period and then immediately put a tampon inside to keep his men in there then took a 2 hour nap. Less than 3 weeks later I took my first test. My daughter we tried for a little less than a year and my husband laid inside of me till late that night. Again. Took a test 3 weeks later and was pregnant with my daughter. If he smokes or drinks that can lower his count. Google different foods to up sperm count.


I would encourage you to ask your primary care doctor or your OB-GYN or both to refer you to a fertility specialist and it would be a good idea for both of you to submit yourselves to any testing the fertility specialist suggest because that will be the only way that you will get definite answers as to what is going on. The only reason I suggest a fertility specialist is because that is what their job is that is what they specialize in and your OB-GYN is not going to know much about that.


I had the same issue with periods and then I went on the pill for like 6 months. I stopped talking it and within a month I was pregnant. I have no idea if it made a difference but who knows🤷🏻‍♀️

i tried to get pregnant for 5yrs I’ve now 2 beautiful kids girl and a boy conceived naturally! my husband’s semen was low also but we just kept trying Dec 2011 i found out i was pregnant with my little girl. i never thought I’d get pregnant again and just over 2 yrs ago my little boy was born never ever give up hope. they say more you worry and stress over it less likely to happen easier said than done i no. all the very best xx

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Conceive plus helped my sister after 5 years of trying. .

I heard having sex every other day or every other day helps and having too much sex lowers a man’s sperm count I’m not too sure if that’s true. But try Clomid ask your OBGYN about it also there are conceiving gels out there that is supposed to help and download a period tracker that might help to get idea when you ovulate.


Try folic acid…(prenatals) I dunno if either of you smoke but thats said to lessen your chances. And sex every other day.

See a fertility Dr. Together. :green_heart:


First, marriage should be the first step, then perhaps consider adoption as an alternative to pregnancy since this is so disappointing g for both of you.


We tried for 5 years to have our 1st. Hubby got tested before they moved onto me. He was fine but they diagnosed me with infertility. She put me on clomid and i had one round left and i got pregnant. You both deserve answers, you both need to know who needs the work so you can start a family.

coming from a woman who went through all that (minus the cancer, god bless you :yellow_heart:) surgeries, egg retrievals, ivf & so on… it’s so hard & trying on your marriage. i would focus on the wedding& the beautiful day & then see a fertility doctor. stressing out definitely doesn’t help your periods unfortunately. prayers :two_hearts:

Why are you both trying to have a child, which is a huge commitment when you have been together for 5 years and cannot even commit to being married??
You are having imaginary life syndrome


I understand your frustration. Keep in mind it’s very hard for both men and women. Maybe adoption could be an option…good luck and maybe you guys could go see a therapist together

Try balance by alani nu. You can get it at gnc or their website. There’s been a lot of fertility success on it because it stabilizes your hormones.

Have him get a sperm boosting daily vitamin it works 100 go to vitamin store and get it

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We tried for ten years to have a child. In the 11th year we had the talk “whether or not we’d be okay with just each other if it didn’t happen”. We accepted it and stopped trying. We got pretty drunk one night and after intercourse I layed on my back with my legs up for awhile. I wasn’t even thinking about having a child in that moment, I was tired and buzzed. Three weeks later I found out I was pregnant!! It happened for us and it will happen for you. Enjoy each other. Might be TMI but oh well.


Red raspberry leaf tea helped me get pregnant fast.

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I think you first need to speak to a doctor about finding out your ovulation times. If you try a few times knowing you’re ovulating, then it’s time for him to get checked whether he likes it or not. Then you can speak to a doctor together and go from there. With all the issues combined, you may need to use IVF


After he finishes inside of you, lay on your back and prop your whole lower body up (hips to feet should be in the air for 10 minutes at LEAST) and then try it about 5 more times within the whole week! I got pregnant everytime doing this when we were trying fir my son (i had some miscarriages) and anyone ive told this to has gotten prego.


Start taking prenatals. They make you very fertile.

Pray to God everyday. Quit stressing and trying so hard. If its meant to be it will happen. My son and my daughter in law went thru some of the same things. They tried invitro a few times. Fail she had endometriosis bad. Hysterectomy finally in her twentys. Now i have a beautiful grandson. They adopted.

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Relax, quit trying so hard !! My best friend and her husband wanted to have a baby so bad. They went to a fertility specialist and spent thousands on tests and treatments. Yes she got pregnant. And the baby wasn’t 8 weeks old and boom she was pregnant again !!! The doctor said it was they finally relaxed and didn’t worry about it. (They told her she probably couldn’t have any more babies. Ha that goes to show you ) Anyway forget about it for a while, and quit trying, it will happen when it’s supposed to. Enjoy each other. You both are young, you have plenty of time.

Maybe try a fertility clinic.

You can start taking prenatal vitamins. You can also try apps to help track ovulation and by the kits to find out if your ovulating.

He can cut out soda, wear loose underwear (boxers not briefs) , take cooler showers(heat can kill sperm of make them swim slower) don’t have sex every day or multiple times a day.

We tried for 3.5 years and 1 miscarriage before having our rainbow baby, good luck!


Is IVF an option? I have no idea what the cost of that is but that might be where I would turn next.

First off you should be married it is not the taxpayers responsibility to pay for this , then relax and trust GOD his timing is always perfect.


Stop trying and being stressed might help, you both need to relax and enjoy your time together if it’s meant to be, it will happen,but as long as you keep stressing it won’t happen


Brutal…Some of the things people laugh at on here is shameful.
Up your vitamins get your estrogen and progesterone levels up. Live healthy, be happy it will come!


I couldn’t get pregnant , so my doctor said after we have sex to put my butt up in the air with pillows and stay that way for 1 hour for the sperm to stay in , I did that for about 1 month and I had a beautiful baby boy 9 months later . Maybe try that .


Ask your Dr about fertility drugs like Clomid.