How to get pregnant?

Best way to get pregnant as I’m having a hard time(positions, how long I have to lay afterwards and how I have to lay and such)??

Is the most fertile time to get pregnant before during or after your period!?

Any other tips on how to get pregnant easy would be greatly appreciated!


You need to work out how long your cycle is (number of days between periods), which then determines at what point you generally ovulate!

You can buy ovulation tests I’m not sure a good they are but might help xx

Download a tracker app. Track your period and then it can tell you when you ovulate and are most fertile.

Try positions where the sperm can move towards your cervix. Basically upside down lol. Doggy style is how we concieved our son. We actually looked up old tales(ways) to concieve a boy :joy:.

Your best bet is to start by downloading a period tracker on your phone. I have android and use Lilly Tracker. They even have a forum where you can post questions and all other members around the world can answer them, they all can post where your able to answer as well.

Start with tracking and go from there. It will let you know when your fertile and when ovulation is.

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Download the glow app. I started in March for a baby and positive test in April. The Glow app below tremendously and track your ovulation days.

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Track ovulation do it during ur fertile week also I second the Glow app helps alot

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Pre-seed and Clearblue Advanced Ovulation Tests! A little expensive but worth it. I wouldn’t use the apps because they just drive you crazy. The ovulation tests do a much better job.

First thing is read up on ovulation cycles.


I stopped trying and ended pregnant

My doc told me, count the first day of your period as day 1. On day 10, have sex every other day. Until like day 20. If you have a normal cycle, you should ovulate in that time span. Good luck!

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Very very few people can get pregnant during a period. It’s rare. You need to download an app and learn your body’s own signals for ovulation. It gives off quite a few if we pay attention. Ovulation strips also help.

I used the Ovia app to help track my fertile days. I loved it. You can also use ovulation strips.


I use this period tracker that has an ovulation tracker as well

Omg your body will get pregnant when its ready. None of those matter. Stop stressing as your body goes on lockdown mode


Make sure you don’t have pcos. If you do, get on metformin. Get a sonogram to see if you have any cysts or anything else as a block to getting preggers. Fish oil megadose for supplements. Good luck :purple_heart:


Also, my doctor recommended making love every day the day before, day of and day after ovulation. I also did the old wives tale of putting my legs up on the headboard after lovemaking. We got our miracle baby after all this ; ) I’m due in August.
According to another integrative medical provider, I was told it takes most couples a year of trying before getting preggo, so hang in there.

I used an app on my phone called “Flo” to track ovulation. Got pregnant each time right away…your supposed to have sex 1-3 days BEFORE expected ovulation, then every day/ every other day during ovulation week. I have all boys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: 6 years old …14months old… and a 3 month old :blue_heart:

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Quit trying to keep track for things … it can stress a person out faster not knowing if it’s working… if it’s going to happen it will happen only God and mother nature know when the time will be right and if it never happen then spoil the kids around you.

The best way to get pregnant is to stop trying to get pregnant.


GIVE UP!!! stop trying so hard. Some people try to get pregnant so hard it stresses them out and they obsess about it. It will happen when time is right. Track your ovulation, just enjoy the practice part too.

Women ovulate 10-14 days before the start of their next period. Sperm though in a good environment (cervical mucus) can survive for 5 days as they search for an egg to fertilize. It’s best to have sex every other day to every 2 days so the sperm count has time to increase to better the chances. I used the basal body temp method to have my son and got pregnant on my 3rd cycle with him! I even knew I was pregnant with my temps before taking a test!

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Dont try. All 3 of my babies happened when I wasnt trying!

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I probably not alot of help as i am currently pregnant with my 6th baby and i only tried for one and it took o months but get a period tracker as it will help keep track of your menstral cycle and your ovulation day and have sex during the time you are most likely to get pregnant it usuallly a five day span even though you only ovulate one day but sperm can live up to 3-5 days and do it everyother day as you dont want to do it to much since it will weeken his sperm count or if you domt want to go that route just have sex every other to every 2 days

When you stop trying! Tried non-stop for three years. As we were waiting for the referral to a reproductive specialist I finally got pregnant and didn’t miscarry!!! Whoop Whoop…it’s possible!

I don’t think position or any of that matters. But figuring out when in your cycle you normally ovulate is key and then having sex every other day (from my understanding) for the week prior to your ovulation and a few days after is what I did! Worked like a charm. Not that everyone gets pregnant so easily but I would say that gives you your best chances. Good luck!

I literally “stopped” trying actively to get pregnant. I had sex when the mood fit my husband and i both. After 2 years of trying and loaing pregnancies. I managed to conceive when i had given up all hope. Now i have a healthy 4 month old daughter.

You should learn about how the female reproductive system works.


Download “period tracker” than once your activated go somewhere in the settings and click on trying to conceive. It will calculate your periods , it will tell you your fertile days etc

Those ovulation test work great …after 2 miscarriages thats how we got our daughter!!

Relax and enjoy the process. It helps to relieve stress and that will help tremendously.

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When you’re ovulating is the best time to get pregnant. Very low chance any other time…

12-17 days after the first day of your period is the best time to try to get pregnant

I swear it’s a mental game. I wasn’t on birth control for 4 whole years with my husband. Not actively trying but wouldn’t mind having a baby and starting a family.
Well i decided one day “I don’t think i want kids anymore. Im going to start taking birth control again.” And I found out i was pregnant a week later.

It’s really about tracking your ovulation that’s how I got pregnant and it was on the first try keep in mind that you ovulate about 14 days before your period starts so about a week after it ends it’s best to start tracking your period and keeping up with it if you dont already if you have an app on your phone most show your fertility window it’s really about working with the science of your body.

I started both of us on vitamins after several early miscarriages. Him a multi vitamin and I took B6 B12 and a higher dose folic acid(20mg had to order online) along with my prenatal. Within a month I was pregnant. And I rubbed a lot of pregnant bellies lol.

Down load a period tracker it will also tell you your most fertile week and ovulation day…

It took me and my husband ten years to get pregnant with our first then a year later got pregnant again…I went on birth control pills for 6 months to regulate my cycle and hormones…got pregnant both times immediately after stopping taking them. I also got pregnant both times while on my period lol my body is weird

I have a 7 year age difference between mine my dr told me wont u stop stressing and trying soo hard ur body will relax and it will happen naturally u just cant be hard on yourself and take away the stress and enjoy doing it again

Do some research on your ovulation cycle.

Quit worrying about when, you have the “HOW” part down pat, the more you stress/over thing it ,harder on your body, when you least expect it , it will happen…

I’ve read that some women are using menstrul cups to help the sperm stay inside longer increasing chance of fertilization.

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Ovulation tracker and ovulation tests. If you reach the year mark of trying then you may need to talk to your doctor.

Flo app will calculate when your period is and when you are ovulating

Download the Eve app and log your periods into it, it will tell you exactly when you are ovulating!

You wont have to do any special positions or anything if you use an app to figure out when your ovulating

Face down butt up… that’s how we did it​:grimacing::dog2: Woof​:joy::joy:


Google could answer all your questions & you wouldn’t have to ask a million strangers.


Hey ovulation kits. Track your peroid with a feritily app. After sex, lay on your back with your legs straight up against the wall.

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Fertile days depends on your cycle length. On an average 28 day cycle, your most fertile days are 10-14 after your period starts with ovulation happening on day 14 (generally). Everyone is different though. Make sure you really pay attention to your cycle. Start taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid now. But the biggest advice I can give is to not stress so much on it. Which, I know, is easier said than done. Stress throws off your whole body, cycle included, and can create issues of performance anxiety. Have sex as often as possible (in your fertile days). If you’ve been doing everything you can and after a year you still haven’t conceived, talk to your doctor to make sure there aren’t any problems are a cellular level between you and your partner. Good luck!

Start taking prenatal vitamins so your body has what it needs first then use ovulation tests to find your best days to try.

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When you get busy and don’t have time to worry about it you will

Less stress, ovulation test, fertility meds, take prenatal.

Hmmmm. If you’re not sure when your fertile before or after the period I think you might not know some important stuff… You have your period because you didnt get pregnant soooo therefore your fertile after your period like 2 weeks after…


Google is a neat resource and youd learn what ovulating is and when it occurs. Because im not sure you need a baby rn if you arent really aware of how that fully happens hahahah


Take the pill, for a month or two… then stop taking them.

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Don’t try so hard. Enjoy yourselves and the moment. When you dont put so much pressure on each other is when it’s more likely to happen.

Not trying is number 1. Have sex every other day. Take prenatal vitamins. Rest. Take care of yourself first.

Ovia fertility app. Track mucous and periods.

Dont stress. Seriously, I promise :heart: the less you stress about getting pregnant, the easier itll be.
Make sure you’re getting an orgasm after he does his thing. That’s the key

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