How to get rid of an ovarian cyst?

i have a question can yall please answer i have a functional ovarian cyst does anybody know how long it usually takes for it to go away im trying to get pregnant but its hard with it … so id like to know if any of you ladies had it before

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They could be there forever unless they get to big and burst that’s painful u can still get pregnant alot of women have cysts and never even know

I have had them for years and they’ve never caused any problems (never gotten big enough to burst) so depends on the mom. I know women who have had them and have had to have surgery while pregnant (babies were fine so don’t worry).

When had my daughter had had a c-section n while doctor was in therehe noticed i had a cyst he removed it while was in surgery. Talk to ur doctor tell him or her ur concerns n ask what can be done about the ches cyst

Take the herb pawpaw. It dissolved both of mine. The dr was amazed it was gone in a few weeks

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Every time I get pregnant I have a cyst erupt prior to knowing. My 3rd pregnancy I had one erupt early in pregnancy. Best thing you can do is go on birth control until its gone. Women have cysts every month during our periods. Some cysts stay behind and attach. Some shrink some grow. When they erupt they hurt worse than a period cramp if they are small. If they are larger they hurt worse than contractions and delivery itself. I have had 6 kids. I didnt take pain meds. I still get cysts. I recommend to go on the pill for 3-6 months until cysts are gone. Then within the next 6 months you could try for a baby. Who knows the birth control could boost your system and end up with twins… Lol

Ive had many. They tend to reoccur. Mine usually bust during ovulation. Ive been in the ER for them more than once and have had them removed on the past.
I did get pregnant though. I don’t think they mess with fertility too much. They are very very common.

I’ve had them burst (very painful) and I’ve also had them surgically removed when I was attempting to get pregnant. My dr at one point put me back on birth control pills in an attempt to shrink them. Talk to your Dr about trying to get pregnant and they can try to keep an eye on it, you will have more Dr appointments if they keep appearing but it will be well worth it in the end.

I had them for 10+ years my doctor finally removed them July 3rd last year and we conceived July 17ish. We are due in about 5 weeks with a healthy baby boy. We tried for 7 years before that.


I had cysts on my left ovary since I was 13, that was the same ovary that I got pregnant with. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I have cysts that rupture during ovulation, so my cysts are reoccurring. Mine aren’t big enough to do anything about. If they are big enough they will remove it. I know someone who had a golfball size cyst on one of her ovaries and they removed it.

Mine took 3 or 4 cycles to burst