How to get rid of baby acne?

Any tips on getting rid of baby acne? Got canesten from the dr. It does nothing.


Following… I need these tips as well!!

Might sound odd… but I put some of my breast milk on my daughters and it worked wonders on it.


Gentle washes and time

Clean water and patience

Just ride it out. Nothing to do and DON’T put chemicals on your baby’s face plz

Breast milk but other than that just wait for it to go away. It’s natural and will go away with time.

I second on the breastmilk. Helps any type of skin issue. Also works wonders on pink eye.

Breastmilk normally cleared my sons up by the next day. Just dab some on the bump throughout the day. Otherwise just let them be and don’t mess with them. They are normal and will go away. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re breastfeeding put breast milk on it. Otherwise just leave it alone and it’ll go away

It will just go away just leave it alone, it’s actually good for their skin. It’s vernix from when they were in your belly.

Just leave it alone it will go away on its own