How to get rid of dry scalp?

I’ve noticed my baby boy is getting a dry scalp and I’m pretty sure it’s the shampoo I’m using. Currently using Cetaphil Baby wash and shampoo combo. Any recommendations on something else I should try??

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When that happened to my first son I switched to dove lotion bars and have never used anything since, he is now 10!

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I use aveeno baby lotion but dove body wash both work great

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Might be cradle cap. I used Mustela and picked off the dry flakes off by hand.

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Try Dove it works magic

My baby had super super dry sensitive skin and the only thing that worked for us was Shea Moisture Baby virgin coconut oil shampoo/body wash, we also got the lotion

Make sure u lotion his head after a bath when u do his body to.

Prob cradle cap my son had that for awhile. Burt’s bees or aveeno both were great and I put a little balmex on his head at night


It could be cradle cap. I picked all the flakes out by hand. But when I’d bathe them, I’d put baby oil on their scalps and gently used a baby brush. It helped a lot

I wonder if it’s cradle cap, it doesn’t say how old the infant is.

Baby brush and baby oil or lotion on head. Sounds like cradle cap to me.


Baby oil morning and night.

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Baby Don’t Cry by Paul Mitchell

I use baby oil in my kids hair massage it and leave it over night then wash it in the morning and give it a light comb and it should come.out

I used baby oil on my 3 baby boys.never had cradle cap

We used live clean shea butter when my babe had super dry skin when she was younger and another one for eczema that was in a pink and green container I can’t remember the name but it was “all natural”

I thought Aveeno was the most amazing thing. The cream wash is the gentlest in my opinion.

Done use any just use coconut oil and wash it with just water.

No need for nasties.

This helped my son a lot with dry scalp

The doctor or pharmacist can tell you which one is best!

Liveclean shampoo and wash.