How to get rid of fleas in the house?

We recently had two cats who we let in and out of the basement. They got around another cat outside and brought fleas in. We set off flea bombs, put powders on the furniture and carpets, sprayed, vacumned, steamed cleaned and had a professional come in. I had gotten flea traps and he looked at them and said there were only gnats on the one upstairs but some in basement. He said not to vacumn for a week but everywhere i look online says to vacumn everyday. Does anyone have experience with fleas and what the best way is?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get rid of fleas in the house?family

You need to keep up with the flea bombs and powder.

And yes your supposed to vacuum daily and multiple times a day.

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They will die off if they don’t have a host.
Have the cats been treated ?


You need an exterminator. Don’t waste money on home treatments that don’t work. Try Terminix, they do a good job. Unsure if they’re in your area


my mom used mothballs

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade!!! Life saver!


Vacuum daily. Cap star every other day for cats. Wash ALL fabric. Steam couches and carpets.

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We adopted two cats from the humane society that was infested with fleas. They were in our carpets also. We got Frontline and treated the cats and thought we’d have to fumigate the house but once the fleas bit the cats they died within two days. Not one fleas problem after

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Borax powdered laundry soap, spread, leave, vaccuum

If you treat the cats with a flea protectiin than the fleas will eventually die off.

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Get your cat treated with the good stuff from the vet right away


My puppers got fleas and they had allergic reactions to them. I started using baby powder it worked wonders I put it on everything the dogs the carpet the couches and mattresses. And vacuumed multiple times. Not a flea since. It suffocates the adults but keep it up about two or three weeks long enough for any eggs to hatch.

Full strength pine sol on the carpets mattresses…etc. Vacuum twice a day. Repeat process for a couple of days. If it’s on clothes wash in hot water and dry on high heat. Also clean under beds and check the bottom of shoes for eggs.

We did the powder for carpets and flea traps (plates of water with Dawn soap) they were gone within the week. VACCUMM, VACCUMM, VACCUMM. Empty it everytime and take it outside to the trash.

Seresto collars are the best for fleas and ticks and they last for 8 Mos.

Diatomaceous earth. Food grade. Sprinkle it all over. Then vacuum up after a day or two.


Raid has a flea spray. It works. May wanna treat the cats tho. They can get worms if they eat a flea.

Use revolution plus from your vet and use it every month for at least 6 months straight! Get house flea spray from your vet as well

Water in bowls with dawn dish soap , best to leave around a well lit area , the fleas will hop in and not be able to get out .

And if you can get some food grade diatomaceous earth , spread it all around , it’s safe for pets and kids .

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You need to treat the outdoors area around your home or you will keep getting them. Even you can bring them in…

I live on 7 acres with 4 dogs & literally no fleas in 25 years of living at my home…

Get Sevin dust powder. Do the yard immediately around your home. The next day, put animals outside (or move room to room if needed) & sprinkle Sevin dust in your home, on the floors. Let it sit for at least half an hour. Sweep up bulk of it with a broom & vacuum the residue left behind.

I do this routine every spring & we never have to use flea meds on our dogs.

No chemicals needed!!! Do this and it will take care of your flea problem! Flat jelly roll pans…fill with water and drops of Dawn dishsoap, then shine a bright light on it (we used an desk lamp because the light is directed down) the fleas are attracted to the shiny light and will jump into the water and dishsoap…move the tray around the room. It might take a day or 2 but it will solve the flea issue!!


Some chemicals kill animals. Be careful what you spray or use.

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Flea treatment before this problem happens.

Couple years ago we got them so bad no matter what we did worked in the house until I had my husband throw our couch out it was a fabric couch it was holding them come to find out got a leather couch no problems since them are hard to rid of in carpet also

Best to call a professional. They came twice for us but the second time was to just spray to make sure.

did you treat your animals? If not, you’ll still have fleas.


It takes at least 3 months to break the cycle if all pets are treated monthly as directed. Using a fogger that has a growth inhibitor in it will help as well. The growth inhibitor will keep eggs from hatching for up to 180 days. If vacuuming daily either dispose of the debris after each vacuum or put a cheap flea collar in a vacuum with a bag.


I was always told salt and barking soda but idk :woman_shrugging: never tested that idea :bulb:

Are you sure they are fleas

Fleas and bed bugs look very similar

Mix salt and borax and Sprinkle it on the furniture and the mattresses and carpets let sit for an hr and vacuum…empty vacuum away from the house


Treat the animals for fleas either oral or the oil stuff that goes on rheir skin and keep up with the vacuming daily.

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When our cat brought them in we used baking soda on all the carpets and furniture let it sit for a few hours then vacuum and dawn dishsoap in hot water to mop the floors and wipe down baseboards of the walls.


I JUST GOT RID OF THEM. Vacuum everyday, steam clean everyday with a dawn dish soap mixed with water solution, dump vacuum IMMEDIATELY into the trash and take it out, Remove as much fabric as possible, repeat everyday for a month, bag up every bit of fabric and tie the bags tight to suffocate the fleas, wash everything multiple times. Removing as much fabric as possible decreases the potential for fleas to land and breed. I did nothing but vacuum, steam mop, bag clothes, and flea treat cats.

Salt…lots and lots of salt. They eat it and die. Leave for a few days, vacuum, repeat.


Big bowls of water mixed with dawn liquid blue they jump right in it


Borax in the carpet rub it in with broom. Let it set for several hours. Then some serious vacuuming. Family Dollar sells it with laundry (powders).


Spray your carpet and furniture with alcohol. It will dry them out.

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If alllllll that isn’t working they’re bringing more in as you’re cleaning them. Keep them in the house until you’ve been flea free for a few weeks. I couldn’t get our dogs under control because they have to go outside to potty. When we moved though we must have gone to a flea free area, because the seresto collars worked, along with dawn baths once a week, and combing the eggs out when possible (more possible on the chi less possible on the gsd lmao), kept the bedding clean and within 2 weeks our 3 month flea hell was over.

Was the powder diatomaceous earth? It works great!


A few years ago my apartment ended up with fleas BAD. I had a baby and a cat so I couldn’t bomb the house or use anything harsh. salt, fckn TABLE SALT. Get a few big containers of it, they’re usually only a dollar or two each, I think I used a total of 4 in my entire apartment. You sprinkle all over the carpets for a day or two and vacuum it up. Wear shoes when you’re done this cause it’ll be gross to walk on for a bit but it dries them out. I tried everything before this and this was what got them all. (Along with washing everything of course)


Look online for Zodiac flea spray. My mom used to own a kennel and that’s what we used. We had horrible fleas until she sprayed with that. Also used a prescription from the vet for our animals and once the 3 months were up with the meds, she just bought them the generic and they never got them again

salt! And LOTS of it. Sprinkle it EVERYWHERE! let it sit for a day or two, then vacuum.

repeat as necessary.


We ended up with bed bugs. They came on a blanket a friend made. The only thing that worked was Bug MD. It’s a little pricey but works like a charm

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Baking soda … salt… and you’ll need to do the routines you were doing for at least two weeks to a month. Also fleas don’t like peppermint eucalyptus tea tree oil rosemary essential oils at all either.

Are you sure the cats brought in the flees
There are what’s called grass flees
Which will make their way into houses

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If u don’t treat the animals it will never get better and yes vacuum and remove it from the home asap. Walmart has a great carpet powered that works wonders . Leave on for an hour vacuum it up. I love it.

Get bowls and put dawn dish soap (the blue kind) with a little water in bowls and put a lamp shining on each bowl and the fleas will jump in the bowls and die, put one in each room.

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Use dawn dish soap to clean and kill fleas then us a flea ointment to detour them

Salt works leave on for 2 days then vacuum and if you still got them do it for two more days and then vacuum should be good

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Put garlic in their food

Pull the carpet n replace it probably won’t get them all gone other wise
I don’t like carpet for few reasons

Fleas are hard to get rid of. One thing that helps is to get lids from jars and get mothballs. Put the mothballs in the lids and put these under your furniture. (If you have furniture that sits close to the floor. You don’t want the mothballs where your pets or children can get at them.) There’s something about the mothballs fleas don’t like. I would try setting off another flea bomb. Sometimes it takes more than one time to do any good. And vacuum again after. Good luck!

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Salt on all soft surfaces overnight will kill them.

Table salt!!! Nothing worked for me until I sprinkled it on all my carpet!Especially under the dark places like my couches. I let it sit for a week and vacuumed it up and did it again until they were gone. It has worked 2x for me now when Nothing else would. Seresto Flea collars work along with this also.

We just took our cats to the vet and they give them advantage and the the fleas usually go from everything to them then die I’ve never had to do anything different


They eventually die off after pets are treated…

Raid flea bombs in the purple cans with the raid flea spray is all I have ever used. But it has to be RAID.

Boil rosemary let it cool put it in a spray bottle and spray everything animals included. Natural flea repellent and smells good.

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There is something called fleabusters that is amazing. I used it when my place had fleas really bad. The only bad thing is that it does take like 5 days for it to start working. But this kills the adults and the eggs and worked really well. Also if you get a capstar from the vet that will kill the adults fleas for up to 24 hours, does not work on eggs though.

Put the cats in the bathroom and bathe them every few days with dawn soap. Don’t let thrm roam free until they stop having fleas.
Also bombs don’t work. We used best bet flea and Larva killer. It’s safe for pets. Spray all over couches.
Blow dry the carpet and couches everyday.
Throw away small rugs .
It’s a huge hassle.

Get seven lynn dust it will kill them in just a few days


We used Seven dust!! Lived Florida and fleas are really bad!! Put some down, walk it in a day or so and vacuum up!! It won’t harm your pets either!! Also put some around the house to!!

Luckily never had them in a house we were living in. The carpet in the house we purchased was loaded so because we were not living there yet, Set off lots of flea bombs and vet told me to sprinkle borax into the rugs and let it be for a couple days,then vacuum. Ripped out all the carpet but continued to use theborax and seemed to keep them away. Live in Florida andtreat the yard also

Get Diatomaceous Earth and sprinkle it everywhere, even under beds and couches. Just a thin layer. The product will kill the adult flea, it dries them out pretty much, interesting read if you tell me. But leave it down for about a week, then vacuum it up. I left it under the bed and dresser. (It’s like shards of glass to a creepy crawler, anything that crawls over it dies.
But anywho I think it’s like up to a 3 day range for egg hatching but we had a bad flea issue with a stray cat we let in as well… But the fleas were gone very fast.


Fleas come from outside…

I went through it all too. This is awesome only thing that worked.

Use table salt leave down a day or two than vacuum up and put more down until gone this is cheaper to do

I had to have a professional exterminator come in

Fleas are like ticks, they breathe thru their skin. Flea eggs hatch every 7 days. Vacuum every day and dump the Vacuum. Take TIDE soap – the power. Regular TIDE soap and sprinkle on the basement floor. The fleas get the film on their skin and can not breath. Keep Cats out of basement.


Pick up anything they can breed under and vacuum everyday. You need to treat the cats, though, for it to really get better and for them to not bring more in. I used a mixture of salt, baking soda, and lavender oil to make a powder you pour over the floor and carpets. I’d let it sit, then vacuum, and repeat. We had a lot of problems with them because of stray cats around and under our house, you really have to fight the.

Did you treat the cats? They have to be on flea medication or the fleas will keep laying eggs


Yes, and these work, It’s called BUG MD
Go online to order them, tho . I bought one, for my older sister, too, after she got a cat with fleas

This is the base and u have to order the round
sticky bug traps, that go with it. U will not b sorry!
I wanna say BugMD . Com. is their website, so try it

There’s a spray you can get from the vet

Don’t let your cats out. Fleas can get on them from anywhere.
Treat them with advantage or something along that line.
Put your cats away and use raid on all your baseboards. Vacuum daily and empty it in the outside trash.

Wait you had cats just living in your basement!

Start your cats on Frontline. Once you get the flea problem under control it’s a great maintenance product. We have 3 indoor outdoor cats and don’t have flea or tick issues.

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Vacuum, vacuum and vacuum. Find a spray to kill fleas and spray on carpet, wait a few mins then vacuum. Continue for a few days. Wash everything in hot water. First, make sure your pets have some sort of flea killer collar or liquid whichever you prefer

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Treat the cats. Sprinkle salt on all carpet. And vacuum daily!

Give the cats a bath with Dawn dish soap it kills the fleas


Im pet professional. Flea preventative on your cat. I like advantage, catago. Vacuum real well, wash everything. The preventative is really important they make organic flea prevention too ive never used it tho

Spray from vets only thing works in house. You need to leave down along as possible, even avoid moping if possible. Longer stuff stays down, better kills flees and eggs

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All these saying vacuum, your wrong all your doing is removing spray or powder thats needed down to kill fleas.


Treat the cats first


Make sure you treat your cats first. Frontline. Keep those traps around, especially if they are the lighted sticky ones you get off of Amazon, they are amazing! And sprinkle borax on your carpets, do one room at a time. I’d let it sit for a day and then vacuum it up!

Treat cats. Consult a vet. Fleas can come in on you and your cats walking to your door doesn’t necessarily mean they got them from another animal.

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You got to bomb the whole house and vacuum but throw the bag away and remove the vacuum outside to the dump before u decide to clean the vacuum each time until fleas are gone

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I’ve been here, tried different things, and I know the perfect system and you can do it yourself.

First, treat the cats with advantage 2 for cats. You can get it without a prescription at Walmart or Petsmart. I was paying for Frontline from the vet and the cats STILL got fleas. Switched to Advantage and it worked within 24 hrs.

Secondly, vacuum every single square inch of your house, including furniture. Get the crevice tool and vacuum the crap out of the cracks around the baseboards especially. Empty the canister outside in a trash bag and seal it so live fleas don’t escape.

Third, go online or to Lowe’s and get “Ortho Bedbug, flea, and tick” spray. Depending on the size of your house, you’ll probably need 2 bottles (3 if it’s a big house). Go from room to room being sure to get all the baseboards, crevices, under dressers (foggers miss these places) etc. Once it’s dry, it’s perfectly safe for kiddos and cats to walk on. It prevents fleas for 3 months on the carpet after you spray, so if you treat the cats and the carpet well, this will solve your issue 100%. You can also spray furniture with it if you think the couch or chairs etc have fleas on them.

Lastly, wash all the cat bedding, blankets they’ve used etc in hot water.

It’s an entire days process but it’s not as toxic as fogging, it works better and it lasts for 3 months.

Best of luck!

Diatomaceous earth!
Messy but works!

Everyday! I bought a cheap dumpable vaccum when we moved and found out their were fleas (we have no animals). We bombed and then I vacuumed every room, twice a day for about 2 weeks. You have to take the canister outside to dump in in trash, don’t dump inside trash can indoors, they jump out. The vacuum didn’t last too long after, but it was expected while being cheap and the ware and tare of using it so frequently. But we had no issues afterwards. It was a headache, but worth it.

Diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle on everything 

I bombed my house put down 1 inch of flea carpet powder i scooted my shoes everywhere i walked in my house so it got down into the fibers good left it on for couple hours then vacuumed the sh*t outta my house everyday and emptied vacuum right after outside in trash bag every time didn’t take long to be rid of them

they got the fleas from outside your cat needs to a indoor cat only my cat never goes outside

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