How to get rid of kids toys?

How do you all get rid of toys? My child has an ABUNDANCE of toys. Like way too many, but I can never find it in me to get rid of them. They’re all basically age appropriate. She’s 5. But I feel like the amount is overstimulating her or something and that’s why she doesn’t usually play in her playroom and will take toys out. But I know it’s overwhelming me lol. But I HATE getting rid of stuff


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get rid of kids toys?

get a friend who has kids to come and help… it what me and some other parents uysed to do… clean up each others kids stuff and get rid of things. it helps

Put them in bins and rotate them out every couple weeks or months, Some feel like brand new again


I don’t have a solution, but wanted to let you know you are not alone! I’m trying to figure this out myself! My son (8) still plays with ALL of the toys!

I rotate my boys toys so every other month I swap out for shit in the wardrobe

We donate and make it fun for our kiddos to give to those that don’t have toys +


Toy rotation- or sell the toys that are too much like another one you have.

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Put some up in a closet etc…and rotate toys every couple of months

We tried to rotate things out so that it’s not as overwhelming. I want to puke with our current toy room it’s awful. And we’ll be doing another purge here soon. I have them help me to an extent of things they don’t want, but then I also just go through it when they’re not home. Because all of a sudden a toy they haven’t played with in 6 months is their new favorite.

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I go through all toys broken ones or missing pieces go too the trash. And any other toys that I see they don’t play with much anymore I bag them up and give to my parents for when they go there or too my friends. Most of the time I donate to goodwill tho

Put some of the toys up and then rotate them out every two-three weeks. It will help with the mess and help her not get board playing with the same ones all the time

I put things in little bins and rotate them out so my daughter plays with them. Otherwise she just pulls the same things out. If she doesn’t play with it within 3 months I donate it


We always donate them. If they haven’t played with them recently, they’re gone. I tell them to donate it to kids who may not have any toys and make room for Santa


Ask your son to help you

Alternate what she plays with every week or monthly (?) just an idea. Or what ever she does not show interest in donate it

I used to put some in a tote and put them away for a month or two and switch them out give give them a change
I did this every few months so it was like getting new toys.

Put in totes and put away for awhile. Switch em out every so often.

While they’re sleeping I go through what they don’t play with anymore and I put them in a trash bag for either donation or trash ‘em

My daughter and I go through her toys right before her birthday and Christmas. I have taught her that there are a lot of kids that don’t have all the toys she has. She tells me to donate them to kids who are in need.

Whatever toys I don’t see my child play with for a while I put In a bag and place outside at a park, on the corner, or I throw them away. She’s 5, trust me she won’t remember certain toys after 2 days . Pay attention. Kids have their favorite toys.

Start a tradition, where you teach her to donate some of the toys she least plays with, before you buy anything new. That way she learns the value of giving as well as decluttering.

We throw them away because most of the time it’s broken and she refuses to part with it. So my SO and I go through it like every month or so and toss stuff

Toy rotation or get a box and ask her what toys are she plays with least or doesn’t like and explain that you will donate them to kids who don’t have toys.

Remind yourself of the less fortunate kids you could give them to.

If my boys don’t play with any of their toys in six months if they aren’t broke I put them in there outside toy box. If they can be outside toys.

I have my son go through and if he hasn’t played with it, it is broken or he has duplicates, out it goes. Duplicates and hasn’t played with go to a charity, broken goes in the trash. Things that he collected but no longer plays with go in a storage bin in the garage. When I donate it, I feel better about getting rid of it because I know it will be loved again by someone whom will play with it.

I have them help me sort their toys so we can donate them. Anything with broken pieces we throw away. We try to do this two or three times a year.

Donate to Salvo’s or the Dept of Child safety. Plenty of children out there with nothing.

I start with smaller boxes or totes & ask my daughter to fill it up with her least favorite toys to give to other kiddos that don’t have toys. It’s worked really well. To the point where she loves to give to others now & gets so excited.

Take outgrown toys to a kid’s consignement store. Get a little cash or use the balance to get clothes or anything else you need.

Rotate them. Pack some away for a few weeks then rotate and pack a different set. That way it’s not overwhelming for either of you and she gets to properly use and enjoy them.

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Donate! Think *upcoming holiday
Or sell and use the money for something she needs or into a fund for later uses :slightly_smiling_face:

Donate to Womens shelter, Goodwill, daycares

Learn to let go because you are the one setting the example for your kids. Better to start good habits early. Also learn to buy less or ask others to give experiences as gifts for upcoming gifting situations.

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I hand my daughter a box and tell her to pick a certain amount to donate, sometimes that will be 5 and sometime that will be 15! I let her choose which ones she’s done playing with.

I tell mine that we are going to give them to kids who need them more then they do and we donate them

Have her pick a number out of a hat and thats how many she can pick to donate. Donate them and take her with so she feels that good feeling of giving. Christmas soon and she will probably get more toys.

Donate to children’s hospital :sparkling_heart:


Find a local group to post them on.

Switch them out every couple of weeks after you get rid of the ones she seldom plays with or are broken…put the keepers into a tote…alternate …it’ll seem like she’s getting something new when they are switched

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When mine were small I taught them to throw away what was broken.i usually let them keep tote of toys in their room and an extra in a closet rotated them every once in a while.they would go threw their own by the time they were 6 or 7.

I throw toys away every time I clean up. Usually the toys she has no interest in anymore. Pretty easy for me.

I clean out toys 3 times a year…and I donate to less fortunate children or I post them for free on Facebook…you can sell them if you want to but I like giving to others that cannot afford to pay.

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Following, but our problem is that my granddaughter doesn’t play with Any of her toys,not at her dad’s house my house,her Mom’s,None, anywhere SOoo many from infant age till now 7, likes coloring,playing school,outside and on Ipad.

Pack half of them away in totes. Swap out the totes every few weeks. Than around birthdays and Christmas, get rid of half.

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My kids also help clean out their toys so they have a say too instead of a meltdown and it teaches them how to be giving and kind to others


Rotate her toys, keep some out for a few months, then switch. She’ll feel as if they were brand new.

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I always clean out the toys before Christmas every year. Sell them if you can then out the money up for Christmas or birthday.

Ask her to go through them and pick out up to 10 toys she don’t play with and would like to donate to other kids.

We come up with a general amount that needs to go, sometimes it’s 1 garbage bag, sometimes it’s 2, sometimes it’s 1 or 2 big storage totes with. Start smaller and allow your child to choose what they’re getting rid of and either donate to a second hand store or post in local groups to give directly to someone.
It gives the child control over what goes out and isn’t so traumatizing as doing it yourself to find out you took out a beloved toy.

I always get the stuff she doesn’t play with it she can play with it in a few months I get it and I put it in a box on the corner saying free and all the neighborhood kids who don’t have toys come and get it

Have her make a donate pile and a keep pile. Trash pile for the broken ones.
Sort through them. Have her donate ones she no longer plays with. And keep the ones she does play with still. Anything broken or missing this or that can go bye bye.

I know the feeling. Can never do it. So I rage clean them. After I asked 247 times to clean his toys up and I still trip over them. That’s when I grab trash bags and clean.

You can also take half of them out and put them in the garage and switch them out in few months. They feel like they got all new toys. Keeps them busy.

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For the first year of my daughter’s life I kept everything because I felt guilty for getting rid of stuff people got her but I realized I can’t keep everything! So I only keep super special toys that she gets attached to and also I try to keep in mind certain toys I can save and then maybe her children can play with them.

Have a basket in the area she likes to play in the most. When it’s time to clean up have her put the toys she’s been playing with in that basket. After a week or two get rid of the toys she’s never bringing out. Sell them on yard sale sites and put the money in a piggy bank for her for outings or a long term goal.

Reach out to local daycare’s and see if they have a need

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I regularly toss any games or toys that are missing even one tiny piece or broken. If it’s something getting yucky and not really able to clean, it gets tossed too. No need for duplicates. If they haven’t played with it in a few weeks, get rid of it!

I have toys in totes and every couple of months I change out the totes and what’s available for them to play with

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Take then to a children’s home like a orphanage or shelter. Maybe let her wrap them up and give them to charity. Goodwill sells them for way too much. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Go through her toys and see what broken or what she doesn’t play with or too big for. If they’re broke, throw them out. If she’s too big for them, donate them or give them to a friend that could use them.

Have her go threw them and pick out the ones she doesnt want and tell her for every x amount(bag, box, tub, ect.)that they fill up they get either like 5 dollars for anything they want or a new toy you will be suprised by how much more your kids are willing to get rid of than you! It works for my kids ever time

You just have to bite the bullet and do it. Get rid of stuff that she plays with the least. If they’re still in good shape, donate it to a women’s shelter for battered women or somewhere of that nature. Police departments may take donations of stuffies that are in good shape. They often hand out little toys like that when they encounter children on their calls.

Kids take toys out of the room to play around their parents. I’m for certain that if you sat in her room then she would stay in her room & play. I personally feel like getting rid of toys is crappy. Imagine someone comes into your house and takes away some of your things they feel like you don’t like. I only toss broken toys

If you HAVE to keep them then I rotate toys in and out. Only keep out 5-7 toys and store the rest and then swap every 2-3 months or so

My daughter stores some in attic or garage then trades them out with other toys the kids have about every 3 to 4 weeks

Since my kids were born I have donated their unused toys. When they were old enough to understand (like 2) about a month before Christmas & in the summer they go through all their toys & clothes with me. They throw out anything broken or stained & if it’s still in good condition they donate it. That’s how “Santa” works in our house. They have to give to get.

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Rotate the toys. Put a bunch in storage then switch some in 3 weeks or so.


I give them away, put them to the curb or I really like donating them to the shelters and safe place (women escaping abuse/etc) … just personally what I do… literally taking a few totes this week!


Store them and rotate them in and out each month

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Put about half of them in a storage tote and put it away, in about 3m or so switch out all her toys for the ones in storage. If there are certain toys she always picks up but doesn’t necessarily play with them, then put them in a different tote and if she looks for them then you know to keep those as her main toys. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have always taught my daughter there are so many kids out there less fortunate than her. So she has no problem getting rid of toys she no longer plays with…whether it is giving them away to friends, family, or donating them…shes 10 now and has literally no attachment to material things…so when we have hurricanes, or there are folks suffering from the loss of a fire, etc…she is always the first one to jump and want to donate…we just went thru her playroom bc we are having another baby and she helped me go thru all of her things…shes over the barbies and LOL dolls now. So she donated some toys to some younger family members, and then sold a bunch of things to Once Upon A Child and on Marketplace. I allowed her to keep the money so that motivated her to get rid of things she didn’t want. We kept a few boxes of things that were sentimental and things she wants to pass down to her baby brother.

Its easier than you think and once you get going its very therapeutic.


Find a family to donate toys to. Or donate them to a shelter. Or children’s hospital


I only keep toys that I actually see her playing with or has interest in. I toss toys if I find them getting in the way too lol. Like small Barbie toys, McDonald’s toys, legos, random stuff. Anything else I will toss or donate when she’s not in the room. If it doesn’t have a purpose it has to go. Toys I know she won’t notice are gone can go. The less the better honestly


Don’t be a hoarder take some of that stuff to the Goodwill


Take one a day and regift at another time

I understand. We (4 sisters) & I had very little growing up & I for one became a hoarder. Just in the last wee while have I realized that I don’t need nor do I want to keep most of it. Our kids can choose what they would like. A few keepsakes will likely be chosen by them & the rest can go to day-cares or preschools or just to friends kids or grandkids.


Go through them. Any she doesn’t play with. Give to charity. Size down.


Absolutely donate!!! My boys had to help with the process since about the age of 3. Some would go to the Sunday school rooms at church. Some would be given to a women’s shelter that allows kids. The rest would go to a group home not far from us. The boys really learned a lot about giving to others that are less fortunate than them. Usually did this about twice a year. Now they’re grown and donate clothes instead of toys.


Get a basket and the ones she does play with put in that basket
The rest can go in storage for 3-6 months if she doesnt ask for the other ones
Give them to goodwill or salvo

I would consider donating them somewhere where they’d be needed places like a children’s hospital, a woman and children’s shelter, even to local churches. A lot of churches offer food, clothing, and toys to people in need.

Put it in a bag and putting it up somewhere…then switch toys out she will think they are new …less it’s one of her favs

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We donate at Christmas time before more toys get brought in, pay attention to what she likes and what she doesn’t ever play with and make the decisions off of that.

Pull out all the ones she does not play with and get rid of them

Throw them /donate then while the kids are at school !!!

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I’d put large amount in box too of closet trade out occasionally will be like new toys when you trade out


Donate them to a shelter or day care

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Give them to kids that need toys. Things she doesn’t use often go in a pile put it on your local free site you’d be shocked at how many people are interested and grateful.

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We rotate toys. Some are in the storage closet for a month or longer and then switch. They’re like brand new toys to them.

Post a post in your local buy and sell or a free group .there’s bound to be a mom who’s struggling somewhere . Or donate to a family shelter…
I always find it easier for me knowing it is going to someone in need

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About a month before her birthday and a month before Christmas I tell my daughter (she’s 5) that she needs to go through her toys and give me any toys she either doesn’t want/like to make room for new toys. After she does that I will slowly take away a few toys that I know she doesn’t really play with and put them in the spare room. If she doesn’t ask for them I get rid of them. The ones that are broken I obviously throw away but the ones that are still in good condition you can sell on marketplace or have a yard sale.

Donate them to a women and childrens shelter.

A toy rotation is always an option. Switch out toys every four weeks or so, and it’s almost as if she’s getting all new toys, she won’t have a lot of clutter and she won’t be overstimulated by so many things.

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My mother purged our toys every year between summer and fall . Cleaned them up and gave away to others. I grew up with recycled toys and clothes. She kept what we played with most and got rid of the others. Always got something new At Christmas.

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Donate them to those less fortunate than you


Just get rid of them I had to do so with my 6 year old olds

I boxed up half my kids toys once at Christmas and once beginning of summer and rotated
It was like new toys twice a year …. And as you bring them out you can always go through for broke or age appropriate toys .

Every 6 months I go through things and stuff that’s in the bottom of the box is usually no longer wanted/played with. If it’s good I donate, if it’s broke recycle bin.


I get my kids to go through their toys every couple months & i tell them were going to donate toys to kids who have nothing & I let them pick out what they no longer want

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You’ve gota make a choice. Got to make up your mind. She dosent needcall those toys, but some other needy children do.