How to get rid of stretch marks?

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5 Months pregnant and belly is itching a lot. What was the best product you used to avoid stretch marks ?

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Coconut oil, vitamin e, beeswax

You can not avoid stretch marks. Trust me. I tried everything yet my stomach was still covered.

Stretch marks are a genetic thing. If your mum got them it’s very likely you will too.

However to stop the itching use coffee scrubs, oils and moisturiser.

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Stay hydrated and don’t wear tight fitting clothing over your belly. Palmers Shea butter lotion keeps the skin moisturized longer then most lotions but ultimately it comes down to your genes as to whether or not you get stretch marks.

Shea butter was heavenly for me!

Baby oil gel after every shower, & pat dry. All 3 of my sisters and my mom have terrible stretch marks, I didnt get any with any of my pregnancies (on my stomach). I swear by that stuff.

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I never got stretch marks. I used cocoa butter moisturizer.