How to get rid of stretch marks?

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Hi im having a hard time with stretch marks! i was using maderma to prevent them since before they popped up. Im 5 months now and i finished the bottle and it didnt work i still got alot of them. My stomach looks like zebra print. What works/ worked best with you mommies to prevent and deminish these stretch marks?


Cocoa butter worked for me. I have a very small amount that r super light hardly can see them. Dont know if it works for everyone but it worked for me. Plus made my skin super soft I still use it now

Own them for what they are proof you grew your baby all by yourself (I’m covered too)


I’m due sep. 30 and still have no stretch marks so I’m kinda confused on whether I should start using cream just Incase… would love to see some recommendations as well.

U can only lighten the Mark’s hun they will always be there wear them with pride there your baby baby Mark’s

Otherwise you can try coconut oil (Stay away from bio-oil )
Microdermabrasion after bub and u have settled of cause

I think some people get them even if you use coco butter just keep putting lotion on your stomach your going to b fine your growing a baby a miracle dont worry embrace your beauty god bless you

There is a Palmer fade cream… it will not obviously take them away or make them smaller but if they are dark they will lighten up… also use lotion with collagen!

I feel so lucky that I never got any at all :heart_eyes:

Elasticity of the skin is what determines stretch marks… Nothing will prevent someone from getting them. There are things sold that say they diminish the look of them but not sure if they actually work or not. I have had 3 babies & I have very few stretch marks & they aren’t that noticeable & I didn’t use anything.


Once you got them … You got them …

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Cocoa butter! This is my 3rd pregnancy, I’ve used it during all of them and have very few. I apply it once daily during first trimester, twice daily during second trimester and three times daily during third trimester. Not just on my stomach either. I use it everywhere!

I religiously used stuff like twice a day when I was pregnant with my first and it didn’t work. If you’re gonna get stretch marks, you’re gonna get stretch marks. I’d say just embrace your new body and the baby you’re growing. You can always spend tons of money on trying different stuff, but it’s not guaranteed to work.


Stretchmarks are usually gentic. Theres really not much you can do to prevent them. I will reccomend you keep moisturizing your belly, though. I was never religious with it and then once i got big it was almost unbarably itchy.

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There are a lot of factors that will determine if you get them like genetics. I’m prone to them…I got some during puberty. I got them on my stomach with my first. I did everything I knew to do: exercised, got lots of rest, took my vitamins, stay hydrated, stayed within the recommended weight gain guidelines, and lotioned multiple times/day. I didn’t even get them until the last month.

With my second I got light ones on my thigs and arms. They don’t bother me since they’re hardly noticeable.

Stretch marks lighten with time, but they are an everyday reminder of thr life you grew, so be proud and embrace them. :wink:


I used a stick cream containing cocoa butter during my first, never got any. Then I had 2 more pregnancies and didnt use anything. I dont have stretch marks. I think no matter what you do or dont do,depending on your skin, you will get stretch marks.

Keep using the mederma. Some scars can take up to a year to disappear or diminish.

It’s part of carrying a baby and becoming a momma your body will never be or look the same! Just got to own it💁🏻

Its genetic… yes genetic if you get them or not. It’s not about lotions, it’s about the genetics in your skin.

Personally,I feel we should be proud of our stretch marks! We earned them creating life:)

My experience is that once I had them they were there. I tried all the different products out there. They were bright red and awful looking. But they will fade after baby! My son was born in 2017 and I am 24 wks pregnant with my second with my second, and this is what the old ones look like now.

I use vitamin e oil and gold bonds diabetic lotion and at 6 1/2 months along, I havent gotten any stretch marks. I went from a slim 120 to 158 in these months so I’m very happy with the fact that I haven’t gotten any yet.

It’s all about the elasticity in your skin. Drink lots of water, moisturize well daily, and DO NOT SCRATCH! As your skin stretches it will get itchy, but resist the urge to scratch because that will damage the already sensitive skin and bring about stretch marks. Instead, gently rub on some coco butter or other deep moisturizer.

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I used nivea cocoa butter and vitamin e lotion

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Embrace your stretch marks… you grew an amazing human. Have no doubt your body went through a lot. They fade as time passed.

Once baby is born I suggest buying the ingredients to make your own lotion there are certain essential oils and carrier oils that help tighten the skin as well as deminish stretch marks

There’s really no way to prevent them…just ways to ease the itchiness and products to help them fade faster…

Coconut oils or any lotion with vitamin E. With both of those, I recommend taking vitamin E pills as well, but I’d talk to your doctor first.

I used bio oil for my first and third child. With my second I used coco butter but I hated the smell

Bio oil and the arbonne baby oil

Bio oil. It helps fade anything and everything.

message Amanda or Misti

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Also important factors are that you could get them from having water retention like I did with gestational diabetes . From arm pits to knees . But they disappeared and never had that again 2 preagnacys later

Olive oil rub in skin make it more elastic