How to get rid of stretch marks?

Best stretch mark cream, scrub, or oil to reduce stretch marks and help elasticity of the skin? Even better if you used the product and seen/loved the results! 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.


Nothing helped me now I’m older I love them I don’t have a bikini body mumma of 5 right here my hubby loves them too reminds him of our Babies

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Body Boost & Raw sugar scrub. Body Boost stretch Mark butter

Bio-Oil and this stuff has really worked for me. I’m 32 weeks and have no stretch marks

I used organic coconut oil & the Palmers stretch mark lotion. I will stress that I used it religiously everyday…I used the palmers at least 2-3 times a day which I put it in another bottle so I could add some organic coconut oil to it & the organic coconut oil usually once in the morning and once at night before bed but I just definitely made sure to use it at least after I got out of shower. I’m a mama to 3 kiddos, Hope it helps🙂

I love using a body scrub of some sort and this oil

This and bio oil is great too! :blue_heart:

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Love your mamma tiger stripes :cherry_blossom:


Stretch marks are genetic creams and lotions targeted for them are a gimmick just keep your belly moisturized


Creams, oils, etc won’t help. Your skins elasticity is genetic, you’re either going to get them or you won’t. Best thing to do is drink plenty of water, staying fully hydrated will keep your skins elasticity at its best. Stretch marks will eventually fade, I ended up covered in dark purple ones and now they’re barley visible.

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I used vitamin E oil in a tube. Got it at GNC I think. The women in my family are predisposed to stretch marks but I never got a single one on my belly!

You can drink collagen

After you have your baby not while pregnant


The brand Anese with their boort trio works amazing! I use only the cream, and saw results from the first month of use!

Those are warrior marks! Embrace them :heart:

PALMERS COCO BUTTER IS THE ONLY BEST! I have 1 tiny mark that’s it ! And my baby is now 5! :heart_eyes:

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I saw pumice stones on TikTok

Heli Stretch Mark from pure romance is magical

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Stretch marks are hereditary you can’t just get rid of them however you can reduce the appearance of them with stretch mark cream. I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter which worked well for me with my first pregnancy I’ve also heard that coconut oil works really good.

Unfortunately you don’t

My daughter is 7 and I still have really bad marks. I kept moisturized and did everything else you’re “supposed” to do. They’re still very dark red/purple to this day.

I’ve always used coconut oil from the baking section at the store. I have zero stretch marks and I’ve had 3 kids… but I’ve also heard it’s hereditary…however all the other females in my family have stretch marks so idk :woman_shrugging: