How to get rid of stretch marks?

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Hello ladies, any suggestions for stretch mark remedies? Also anyone have a really inspirational mommy body transformation? How did you do it? Thanks!!


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I found Bio Oil works good. So does Cocoa Butter lotion.

I used cocoa butter and vitamin e oil on mine. Took over a year to really turn skin toned, but I also have skin elasticity issues that contributed to that.

I used mederma for my stretch marks and it lightened them a lot. That’s the only thing I found that kind of works.

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This is what I use!!! 3rd pregnancy and just started to get red parts to my stretch marks. (38-40 weeks)

Coffee grounds coconut oil and sugar mixed to make a scrub use it in the shower. After I would use palmers body oil while I was still wet from the shower. Stretch marks faded in one month and almost completely unnoticeable after 6weeks.


I found that Body Boosting cream from Pure Romance & Save my skin together works wonders!!!

I live for these 2 together!! The results are mind blowing!! They are like $50 for both but totally worth it :purple_heart: