How to get rid of stretch marks?

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Question about stretch marks! I’m 37 weeks pregnant and my stretch marks literally hurt to the touch. I can feel my skin stretching and it is the most painful thing I’ve experienced. Any recommendations on some pain relief? I’ve tried oils and lotions but nothing seems to be working. Thanks!


Good luck with labor if that’s the most painful thing you’ve experienced :joy:


Wait till the contractions, those will be the most painful experience.


Unfortunately stretch marks and such are hereditary so if it’s genetic, no snake oil will do the job. My mom swore up and down about Crisco on her belly and she had five giant babies with zero stretch marks. I truly believe she hit jackpot with her genetic makeup. Who knows. Try crisco? …Like a fat layer on your belly with just a bra on.


Mederma maybe? I’ve just used coconut oil and have had no stretch marks. I’m 31 weeks with my second baby

Are you sure you don’t have pupps?


If the stretch marks are that painful then you’re not going to survive labor, they are just a part of it and there is no real cure for them but they only itched for me, never hurt.

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You have to apply oil frequently…I used vitamin E oil and honestly believe it helped me not get as many stretch marks.

Arnica gel! It’s a natural, topical anti inflammatory. You can find it at most health stores :slightly_smiling_face:

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Coconut oil.and olive oil.

Mine itched SO bad! My MIL hot this for me and it has worked wonders!!!

Stretch marks form from the inside out. Drink lots of water and eat some fresh turmeric. Turmeric will help with the pain. Drinking a gallon of water everyday will increase the elasticity of your skin.

Put your lotion and oils on 5+ times a day

Coconut oil and baby oil. (Baby oil helped me with scars)

I used udder balm but my daughter recently had a baby and swears by coconut oil (like the kind used in a kitchen)

Hot baby oil baths
And I also used palmers belly butter. I think thats what it was called.

Vitamin E oil or coconut oil

i used this one it helped alot with the color. i normally use their regular product though i bruise easily and it makes it go away