How to get rid of under eye circles?

What do your moms do to get rid of under-eye circles? I have tried Spa stuff and tons of other things. I haven’t found any makeup to cover them up. I think I need a miracle! Only 36 but feeling older with these circles. Thanks, ladies!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get rid of under eye circles?

Have you tried the eye rollers?

Warm tea bag compress followed by spoons you have put in the freezer

Check on instagram dr vanita rattan @skincarebydrv

Iron and magnesium supplements made a difference for me


Raw white potatoes skin with a small amount of potato on the skin …wash your face as you usually do…put under eye serum then lay skin over that for about 10 mins every night or you can use banana peels just the same as I explained with the potato

Preparation H shrinks bags & wrinkles


Sleep lol but I don’t get enough I have luggage under mine

I use mary kay under eye corrector. Its my magic in a bottle

Use turmeric, cold milk, rice water , tomatoe, or a potatoe

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Mary Kay eye cream is AMAZING

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I second the MK eye cream. Have you been checked for vitamin deficiencies and things like that ?

I have had blue under eye circles since I was 13 good luck

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Wash my face with cold water morning and night,have been using my retinol eye serum for a while and it works wonders.

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Retinol works really well. And a good color corrector under your concealer will help when you apply makeup.

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You gotta get rid of the kids :joy::joy:


I use coco butter stock I rub it under my eyes before bed. And use one of those gel mask from the dollar tree that you put on the fridge

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I found a really nice concealer…the stick kind seems to work for me.

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I have had them since i was 20. A little cover up helps. To tell the truth as i got older it got a bit better. They are still there, just not as bad. (I’m 68)


I suffer with the same dark circles and I just turned 30 :sleepy:

I need it bad also a miracle all my life i had them i want to buy something that works for them also


I bought a high frequency machine for 50 bucks on Amazon it worked wonders on my dark circles.

Sleep, water and I use Bo Stegall silk amino peptide therapy under my eyes at night.

I used to use a concealer stick that was a shade lighter than my foundation

Olay under eye serum

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I had them reeeeaally bad and after I started taking a multivitamin along with an added vitamin C supplement they got a lot better!!! They’re only really noticeable now when I don’t get enough sleep.

Google vitamin deficiency

Some people get fillers, they look painful though :grimacing:

In the morning I use the ordinary caffeine solution and at night I use the lilyana naturals eye cream

To actually get rid of them i have no clue… I’ve had horrible dark circles since I was a child…

I used a peach corrector with my foundation and concealer to cover up

I use the ordinarys retinol serum at night with a heavy moisturiser and the caffeine drops in the morning before sunscreen and moisturiser

I use Drops of youth eye roller stuff by the body shop, really works wonders!

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Tropic skincare eye stuff is really good and so is origin skincare for eyes x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get rid of under eye circles?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get rid of under eye circles?

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Have your iron levels checked. I had dark circles for years and come to find out, my iron was low. I take iron supplement now and no more dark circles


This stuff works really really well for me, you only use a little and it works for most of a day. I get it on eBay for about half the price as the actual website, so it’s not so bad, totally worth it in my opinion!

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Mine are genetic due to a blood disorder, but my mom and grandma swore by Black tea bags. Takes the puffiness down, too. You’d figure it’d stain your skin, but it somehow doesn’t.
After making a pitcher (or cup) of tea, drain the water out of the tea bags and stick em on a dish covered in cellophane in the fridge for a few hours till their chilled, but still moist. Use em like cucumbers. They did this once-twice every week.

I’ve had them since high school and have tried countless products. Honestly, I’ve given up on trying to get rid of them and just cover them up when I feel the need to. Tarte Shape Tape gives me the best coverage I’ve ever found.


A few years back I was on a low carb diet and as part of the diet I had to drink a TON of water. During that time (and only them) I had no dark circles under my eyes! Water is the answer IMHO. Water is the best medicine for soooo many ailments. (Oh and good sleep if you can manage to get it)


Sleep and water. Though I personally also use Tarte Shape Tape concealer (I’m more pale than their lightest shade so I also use Cover FX HD concealer too but that’s for the color not the coverage) and it helps

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Water and keep under the eyes hydrated with cream. Also me and my kids have bad allergies and have dark circles which are called allergy shiners sometimes.

You’re going to think I’m crazy but I’ve used Preparation H for years & it really works!


I didn’t expect Il Makiage to nail it, but the foundation and concealer they sent me was probably closer than I would have chosen for myself.


Vitamin c (eat blueberries!!) builds stronger capillaries and help promote microcirculation.

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My iron and b12 was low. Very low. Since starting vitamins my dark circles are so much lighter


The only thing that works for me is a regular sleeping schedule and drinking lots of water.


I’ve had them since I was a teen. It’s hereditary. Dark circles are different then just puffiness. I tried all the creams and magical things promised to make them go away and nothing works… it’s literally a pocket of fat, it won’t go anywhere unless you do surgery, which I’ve consulted in.

My under eyes are dark, but also deep inset and sometimes baggy. All my aunt’s have this as well and I often wonder if it’s just the genetics I’m stuck with.


Filler, if makeup or skincare isn’t giving you the result you want

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I just only go outside with my kids so people understand why I look dead.


The puffiness comes from when the cells in the back of your eyes die and leak to the front. Mostly it’s hereditary from eye sockets being too big to allow the leaking.

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I can carry groceries home in the bags under my eyes. I’ve tried everything, even looking into surgery.


Perhaps an iron supplement. Talk to your doctor and see what they tell you. Sometimes a deficiency can cause dark circles.

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There are several reasons you may have under eye circles. You could have low iron or allergies. If it is due to allergies…there is nothing you can do, except find make up that will cover them.

Filler if you have the budget. Freeze spoons then put them under your eyes before you apply make up.

I use a home light wand. Got it on amazon.

Go to the skinclinic. It might be malasma

I had the same problem until I found Beauty Society. I’ve switched everything I was using over to a beauty society regimen now. The Immortal Eyes really helped with the circles Discover your best Skincare Routine | Beauty Advisor | Beauty Society

Nothing has worked for me I Google it and says some people are just born with it and there is nothing you can do about it. I’ve tried everything creams Makeup nothing worked

Less sugary food and drinks! Drink more h2O

Check out Dr berg on you tube. His videos are short and to the point. He has few videos about dark circles

A good moisturiser daily, 8 glasses of water daily, and some gentle reflexology massage daily on the pressure points inder your eyes.

Putting a spoon in the freezer and setting on each eye in the morning when she wakes up

Does anyone know how to get rid of baggs under eyes?

A doctor once told me to drink more water

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Preparation H for hemorrhoids, works magic under eyes.


Cold already brewed tea bags.

Some hot rooibos tea bags

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Water really helps but I still get them naturally :woman_shrugging:

Just dont look in the mirror itll go away

Get more sleep and hydrate.

I get them when my iron is low thats my first or second sign that my iron is low that and being colder than normal …

Fasting. Look up on YouTube Dr Berg - loose skin.

I’m only 26 and I feel you there

Can be cause by iron deficiency

Proper nutrition. Topical treatment has zero impact. Resolve the underlying cause.

Eat greens its lack of iron.
Lack of iron makes you tired
Lack of iron and being tired gives you dark under eyes.
Iron rich greens

Caffeine. Take used tea bags, then top off with cucumbers.

I’m not a mom, i just know things


Witch Hazel
Soak a cotton pad
Leave on a few
Do every morning and night
Text me after a few days
You’re gonna love it

Well in our family dark circles are inherited! Till I was 20 I thought we were related to Elvis and his Mom! My Mom told me it was a beauty thing! Lol so now I rejoice in my dark circles like a movie star!I’m 60 years old this year and love my dark circles.In this picture I was sick for a month went to hospital for 2 weeks with pneumonia my black circles surrounded me here but I will always remember I survived!

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I like this stuff. Its cheaper at Walmart. Under $20

No puff and stuff no crap in it! Minimal i.ingredients hence the name! Best stuff ever tried after trying expensive brands!

These and a good hydrating eyecream. Make sure you’re drinking enough water too.

Best stuff ever for under eye circles, bags, puffiness and wrinkles.

The truth is there’s no amount of water, better diet, exercise, and sleep that will help. It’s genetic sometimes. At my best even drinking more than 8 cups of water and being on a diet and sleeping wonderfully it was bad. Honestly even with a 1 year old and husband it’s still as bad :rofl::joy: creams and stuff only work for people who don’t normally see them and have them pop up. Shit….my 1 year old already has them and she sleeps 10 hours a night through the night. Sometimes you just can’t :sob: fillers or surgery is the only way but honestly…EMBRACE IT! Don’t think of them like dark bags…think of them like Gucci bags :rofl::rofl:


I have had dark circles since my 20s. I worked for a cosmetic who surgeon said there’s nothing you can do. If it’s actual bags of lose skin you can get a lower blepharoplasty, if it’s dark circles just keep on looking for coverup. Try one of the cosmetic counters at a department store where they have people who can put make up on you. They usually cam find something to make it not look so bad.

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Unfortunately it’s hereditary I also have won this genetic lottery :frowning:


Go see a dermatologist if possible to make sure there isn’t a skin issue. I freeze cucumber slices and use them in the morning. It helps. If I forget, I have literal black eyes.

I use glycolic acid and a really good skin care line and a Mary Kay eye cream. 10000% better.

Are you Sicilian. ? Lol
No. We all have that on father’s side. My grandmother had surgery, twice. Some have darkness as well.
I have it too

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution use it every morning and it has helped and it’s less than 10dls

It all starts from within. Your cells become what you put in your body.

Preparation H. I said what I said.

Don’t believe me, try it. Just don’t ask me to explain how it works lol​:joy::joy::woman_shrugging::tipping_hand_woman:

This stuff sorts mine out

I have numerous remedies that have literally immediate benefits, inbox me

Contact Karen Forshee League she has some pretty amazing products.