How to get sun burn to stop itching?

I got a sunburn on my chest and it’s non stop itching. How can I get it to stop itching. I’ve never had an itchy sunburn before


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to get sun burn to stop itching?

Aloe gel helps a lot. Or using sunscreen on it.

Aloe for the itch, vinegar for the sting.

Use vinegar just damp a rag and pat it or my grandma just pot it on us. Lol you might smell like a douche for a bit but it works

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Calomine lotion or aloe vera

Benadryl and 1% Hydrocortisone cream works wonders.


Cold black tea. Soak a cloth in the cold tea and put it on your burns

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It could be sun poisoning and not just a sunburn

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To stop the itch, don’t get a sunburn

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Use liquid makeup and any kind lotion when u get sunburn it won’t itch and makes it quit burning

Several tips :… use isopropyl alcohol… yes it takes the burn out ; try tea bath or tea sponge ; vinegar sponge , that blue cool menthol gel ; then apply aloe


Put calamine lotion or aloe Vera in the fridge and put it on cold

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There is a spray you can get at Walgreens that has lidocaine in it. Saved me when I got GANARLY! Burns on both my legs.

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Cortisone Lotion is what I used

Cut open a vitamin E gel capsule and apply it to the itchy parts. It should go away instantly.

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A shaving foam
A antihistamine

Sounds strange but….vagisil

I have a mask just for you

mix gold bond itching powder with aloe vera and put it on

I got bit last week by a bee I tried baking soda with a little water to.make a past withing few min the sting and itch was gone and within an hour so was the redness .
Cheap,easy effective.

I have alie vera , vinegar, baking soda
In case you want to try some of the ideas
my sure one is
" wild oil of oregano essential oil " diluted in water in a spray bottle or just in a bowl and dab on with a soaked paper towel works right away. I have that also.
Msg me if you need me to bring something over

Oil, any kind of oil. You need to get moisture to the area. Can put some mild moisturiser underneath the oil too if you like

Diaper rash medicine… the more zinc the better.

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Gold bond foot powder

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Get apple cider vinegar and put it I. The bath tub and I swear to got it works especially when the sunburn is new and it burns

Get a bigger bowl of cold water, add about a half up of vinegar. Use a washcloth, have it kind of dripping & put it on your skin. It’s amazing how fast it works. I had to take my daughter to the ER after my ex sister in-law took her to a tanning bed without my permission. She was 15. The ER doc gave her some cream & the nurse told us about the vinegar, which worked better than the cream

I am extremely fair skinned and live in Texas. I get sunburned all the time. It itches like crazy, I just make sure to keep it moisturized

Aleo Vera, or any cream with Cococnut oil

Calendula cream. Helps with burns and moisture for they dryness.

Never put any kind of oil or occlusion lotion on sunburn. It holds the heat in and can make the burn worse. Aloe Vera, vinegar, and cool or cold water/ice are safer and soothing. If you can take ibuprofen (as in not allergic to it) do that also as it is an anti inflammatory and can reduce swelling and block histamine which may be contributing to the itch. You can try a benadryl lotion, or even the pills.

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Vinegar takes the sting out of burns and sunburns

I swear by apple cider vinegar to this day over anything I’ve ever found on shelves. Since I was a baby and I used it on my kids too.

Have you tried Aloe Vera gel? That usually does a pretty good job.

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Aloe works best for a sunburn

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If it’s itching it’s in the repair phase; the top layer of your skin has become UV damaged it activates your nerves causing over itchiness; hydrate your skin as much as possible. Start by taking an oatmeal bath before bed; after your bath apply a heavy moisture lotion or aloe vera with solarcaine. You can even try anti-inflammatory medications to see if that helps. Good luck.

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Nothing :disappointed:. I have red hair and pale skin. I battles this every year!

It stinks too high Heaven… lay a washcloth or doubled up paper towel over the affected area. Pour evaporated milk over it. Let set 15-30 min, rinse/wash off in luke warm water.

Immediately apply an after sun care lotion, hemp lotion or something with high hydration and bonus for having vitamin E.

Aloe shaving cream. It’s .99 cents. Put it on your burn and let it set for 30 mins before rinsing off. It will stop the ich and also lighten the burn.

Apply aloe Vera, lotion or aquaios cream regularly. Maybe because it’s winter therefore itchy skin. Also observe how frequently u have itchy skin. U might have exzma