How to get toddler to nap?

HELP! So my son is 15 months old and is refusing to take day naps ? My child health nurse tells me he NEEDS them still since he is so young but hasn’t given any advice on how to get him to sleep. I also have a 6 month old and I’m pregnant so I’m reallllllly missing the naps. He’s just running rings around me. Can I please get any tips? I’ve tried it all. Humidifiers, sleepy time balms, lavender and chamomile sprays THE LOT !
Please no hate, I’m running on empty. Please help… just a mum who wants a happy rested child…
P.s. he is tired, extremely tired. He will doze off for 2 mins then wakes up. A literal power nap. Helppppppp


Some kids give up naps earlier than others. You can’t force a kid to sleep… My son started potty training and started phasing out naps at 15 months…

Same time my kid stopped.

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My son stopped taking naps at 10 months. Hes now 11.

I would only worry if he wasnt sleeping at night. Not all kids nap consistently or phase out at 1 yr. Try laying and watching a show with him and call a take a rest with mommy time. He may not sleep but he will have a rest

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Maybe instead of trying a nap try quite time laying on the bed reading a book or playing with some toys or even put a kids show on tv and lay on the couch. If he is tired he may fall to sleep… you cant force him to sleep…

I lost my son watch a movie on the bed and he usually falls asleep

I agree☝ maybe he has gave them up. I can’t remember exactly how old, but my now 2 1/2 yr old gave them up sometime before 2. It’s rare that he takes one now…but sometimes he will go rest in his bed for an hour or so…and it seems to make a difference for the rest of the day

Dude my 4mo takes maybe an hour throughout the day as a nap. She straight up just doesn’t sleep until bedtime and still fights it

Make quiet buns for him.
Little bins with different toys or activities that will keep him entertained.
He’s still a bit young so the materials you use might be a bit hard to find if he’s still putting things in his mouth. But make sure that what you put in the bins is only available to him during “quiet time” so he’s more interested in it and contained for longer.

Hell no. Naps are important for everyone sanity. Weather he sleeps or not he and you need down time 1 to 1.5 hours laying down quiet activity… I do daycare they all nap 1 to 3pm daily sleep or dont but respect others that need to sleep


My now almost 2 year old naps from noon till 2 pm. I have been consistent with this schedule from the time he was 1 and phased out the first nap. It is my belief that bed time has a lot to do with day time naps. I put my son to sleep between 7:45 and pm, and he sleeps until 7-7:30 am. Then nap at noon. I lay him down in his crib with soothing music and his room is dark. I do not go in at all until 1:45-2 pm, whether he sleeps or not. Consistency is key! Or for the kids in my daycare, I put on music, blackout curtains are closed, i read them a story and then rub their back or head for about 15-20 minutes. Then leave the room. Again, i do not go back in until it is time to get them up. Even my most difficult kids usually fall asleep. Good luck!

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It’s kind of hard and psychologically unhealthy to force a child to take naps
It sucks but sometimes they stop napping young
All mine did around the 1 year mark


What about doing quiet time instead. He can lay down in his bed or on the couch. Watch a movie or play with stuffed animal or book.

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I HATED naps. I would tell him that there is break time. That he doesnt have to take a nap but head need to be on his pillow with his eyes closed. He thinks he won the battle BUT no one can stay awake. A pillow feels so good. Worked for my kids. I would put the grippy thing on the door so he cant get out so you and your other can take naps. When the kids got older I told them they didnt have to take naps BUT if you woke me from mine then they have to take a nap. Worked wonders. Good luck!

Have you tried laying down with him. I have to lay down with my baby and use my mommy voice and say "Its nap time. Time for night night’ and he’ll face the other way and go to sleep :woman_shrugging:

Shut down the house…turn off all electronics…put on lullaby music and make him lay down…lay down with him…do it at a time that your 6 month old is taking one of their naps …my now 8 year old was like that at that age…he has adhd …and its pretty bad …but the only way to get him down was to go down with em

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I’ve been there girl, it’s hard. I’ve had babies 3 straight years waited a couple year then has two close in age again. It’s best if you establish a routine in my opinion. My son is 15 months as well and I try to get him up early around 7 or he will refuse to nap and then try to kick back at like 430-5 and that doesn’t work because he’ll stay up until 12-1am. Does he have a favorite show to put on while you try to nap with him? Eliminating any distractions helps too, aoft fuzzy blanket puts my son to sleep pretty quick. Warm milk in a cup before nap time. I’m really sorry you’re so tired​:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: It will get better :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Gotta rocking chair? They work wonders and sing to them while rocking. Works every time.

My daughter went through around 14months and was like that for about 2months then she started taking naps again.

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Mine hasn’t napped since she was 9 months old. Some just don’t I wish she would but it just doesn’t happen.

My daughter never liked naps it was a struggle my middle child use to love them doesn’t take them any more and my 5 month old is on the fence about them if he takes one it’s only like 20 minutes. It happens it’s okay if they don’t nap

Wake him up early and put him down after lunch. Is he on a schedule?

If he is just power napping he could be done taking naps !!! My son was done totally with the naps by 18 mths … sorry girlfriend ! And good luck !!

My 2 year old takes a nap every day from 12-2pm…if she doesn’t then she will fall asleep by 5pm and then when she wakes up she will stay awake whole night…so I forcefully carry her and tap her till she falls asleep otherwise I will have to stay awake the entire night with her

My twins 16 months still take two naps a day. After they are up for 2 hours I watch for them to get fussy or start laying their head down when playing, then I lay them down I their cribs, they like their cribs so even if they are not tried right away they a fine just hanging out for a little bit until they fall asleep

My now 7yo stopped needing naps about 2yo but we still had “rest breaks.” WhenI notuced she was getting cranky or whiny, we would pop on a movie or show that she liked and cuddle on the couch for a half hour or so. Maybe once every two weeks she would fall asleep but if not the rest break was enough for her to get calmed back down and be calmer. Even now, if she is having a rough day, we will take a rest break and get ourselves together emotionally. Maybe try rest breaks when the 6 month old is sleeping?

My son would take naps but would wake up 1-2x a night. My daughter was Miss Never Nap but would sleep through the night, but for less than 10 hours. Is there a teenager or retired person who could come watch the older one for 1-2 hours of quiet time—a few days a week if not every day—while you & littler one/s get a nap? Or can you afford to put the older one in day care a few times a week? If not, caffeine is your friend. Being a mom is exhausting!

Do you have a significant other who can deal with the kids at night so you can go to bed earlier? I also find the more I exercise the more energy I have.

I just don’t play that game with mine and she’s 3 now. I tell her it’s nap and rest time. Some days she doesn’t sleep either but if she gets out of that crib I put her ass right back in there and walk away idc. At this point it’s going to be a fight for you no matter what because now he’s used to not napping but just stay consistent and let him cry if you have to. They need naps and So do we.

Does he enjoy movies?maybe put on a movie, grab his blanket and pillow, and a sippy cup, and let him watch. Mine use to pass out 20-30 mins into ANY movie lol sometimes i would lay down with him so he would just calm down. Hard while being pregnant AND with a 6 mth old. Also…not all kids need naps . Mine stopped around 2 yrs old. Get him outside in the fresh air, that can do wonders as well. Good luck

Just keep putting him back in bed until he finally falls asleep (if it’s a toddler bed) or keep going in his room every 15 mins or so and lay him back down in his crib and tell him it’s nap time. He’ll eventually grasp its time to lay down and take a nap or he’ll get tired enough he’ll fall asleep. Don’t say anything else, just walk in lay him down and say it’s nap time and walk out.

I used to have to lay down with my daughter and hold her and yes she would ask to get down, but the weird thing is I didnt let her because I’m the mom. I put on wizard of oz and we let her have her sippy cup she was always asleep before the tornado.

My middle stopped napping around this age.
Rough, because I was also due any day with our third. :weary:
I started blocking off the living room, and laid on the couch while she and our oldest (almost 4 at the time) would play around in the room.

Mine stopped just before she turned 2 she wouldn’t go down unless she wasn’t feeling well but other then that she was up an at em! Some kids just won’t nap

Try making him tired by taking him to the park or something and after that give him a warm/ hot lavender bath with night time baby bath and lay him on your chest and rock him or lay next to him

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We did soothing music, closed blinds and doors and just rocked. Some days it took up to 45 minutes to get him asleep some days it was only like 3 minutes but I knew he needed it. If you are okay with it, I say rock your son or lay down together. My son naps better when we lay together , my daughter only sleeps in her crib.

My son did the same thing (he’s 40 now, lol)
This is what worked for us both.
He had a movie that he loved and would watch every stinking day!
So I made a pallet in the livingroom with quilts and a bunch of pillows but NO TOYS. I put in his movie and laid down with him. I would tell him “mommy is so tired!”, and I would pretend to be asleep. He would watch his movie and be asleep in 10 minutes eveytime.
I didnt have another child like you though.
Oh, and i turned the ringer off on my home phone also and hoped somebody didnt knock on the door!
I guess the most important thing is to be consistent and do it at the same time everyday, including weekends.
He may just be done with naps. Good luck to you.

My youngest son is now 20 months old has stopped his naps for nearly 6 months now tried everything he just would not go, so I left it goes to bed an hour earlier but sleeps fine 3 of 5 of my kids did this obviously just don’t need the sleep

My daughter was done with naps at 18 months. But she would sleep 12 hours at a time. That is a lot of sleep at one time. How much sleep is he getting at one time. I was pregnant with my second a few months later. So again you have to pick your battles. Good luck. Naps was not a battle I was going to fight. She is now 35 and every one in the house knows don’t wake mommy.

I stuck to a schedule but about 14 months all my kids were done with naps so I just bumped up bedtime. 8pm to 830 am. Now they youngest is 6 and if we are up past 8 turns into a fussy baby. She will also look at us and say I am tired night. We only nap on long car rides. Maybe he is just done with naps. Ps my oldest are 11 and 10 and they still insist on going to bed no later than 830

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What time does he go to sleep at night and wake up

Try laying down with him and keeping him can and still, that’s what I would do for mine at that age when he didn’t want to nap, he’s 3 now and naps only happen if he has to get up really early now and those are in his car seat but doesn’t like getting up in the mornings, he’s like a teenager now with how he sleeps.

Just leave him in his crib with calming music on low.

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Most mine stopped taking naps by a year old. I try to do quiet time instead. It helps when I’m able to let them outside to run around, naps or quiet time come easier.

Put him in his playpen with a bottle and turn on his favourite show. Put a pillow and a blanket in there.

If no nap then quiet time in his room… consistent bed time and getting up time…my son wasn’t a napper either…lots of energy…this was a big help to me