How to handle morning sickness when pregnant?

I’m 17 weeks with my first child (girl) and I’m constantly nauseous, I may go 2-7 days without being sick. And it varies on 1-8 hours after I eat or sometimes it can just be from drinking water. I’ve followed/read all the safe pregnancy things I can do while pregnant that my doctor gave me but she’s not having it. Also my prenatal gummies make me nauseous to where I stopped taking them and I take children’s vitamin’s and other vitamins as well. Is there anything I can do? I feel bad and I know she’s taking what she needs but idk if if it’s enough of it.

One other question, is it normal not to have an appetite this “late” into pregnancy? I was like this at 8-11weeks also but got it back somewhat. I don’t know if I’m scared it will come back up or what, but last time I ate was about 7-8 hours ago and I have no appetite at all.


You have to consistently eat, the build up of stomach acids is part of what’s keeping you so sick! I was sick until I delivered with my daughter, but I felt substantially better when I ate on a regular basis! It’s completely normal but you’re making yourself feel worse by not eating!


You have to eat. So please eat. And my doctor gave me a pill that helped me from getting sick and it was like magic in a bottle. I never got sick again! If it’s not working for you maybe ask for something else you can take.

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I use to get nauseated from prenatals when I was pregnant. What worked for me was to take them for lunch rather than mornings ( that’s when I was most nauseous ) there were days I had no appetite but I did eat small frequent meals rather than 3 regular meals for about half my pregnancy.

I constantly ate green grapes. It was the only thing that helped when I felt sick to my stomach.

I’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow and I feel sick when I take the prenatal vitamins walking helps

Im currently 23 weeks pregnant with twins and have had no appetite i do eat something in the am wether i want to or not because i blacked out with my first child from not eating and ended up with 5 staples in my head (baby was ok) i learned my lesson but i eat little thing here and there but nothing big my dr said i cant force myself but to try , i also am on vitamins that make me feel sick and asprin … i really have no intrest or crave any foods this pregnancy id say as long as ur eating something you and baby will be ok

Try green apples or mints to help with nausea. Keep eating, even if only snacks.

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I used to sip on pickle juice to reduce the nausea. Idk about you, I’m not a big fan of pickle juice but it definitely helped me. Always worth a try

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YOU NEED YOUR PRENATALS!!! take them with a full belly and they wont make you sick

I was the same way for 24 weeks. You have to be careful not to get dehydrated. It can cause early labor. Make sure your dr. Gives you a prescription or Folic acid if she hasn’t. I had to take the children vitamins too because the others made me sick. I didn’t gain very much weight only 17 lbs. My son weight 8 lbs. 12 ozs. I never had an appetite or hunger. But you do need to try to eat. I went into early labor because I got dehydrated at 8 months. But they stopped the labor by 2 bags of IV. I got chewed out every time I went to the Dr.

The gummy prenatals made me extremely sick. I had to switch to pills. Had to take them at night, that helped. Also unisom and vitamin B-6 really work well together too.

Prenatals made me sick also. As did everything else. I took the kiddy vitamins instead. For the nausea, I kept butterscotch candies close by and sucked on those a lot. I also ate bananas because they taste the same coming up as they did going down.

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I was sick for the first 3 months of my pregnancy with my third child, my only son. I had hardly any appetite but I ate anyways even I did get sick. I lost 27 pounds those months. Then it went away and I ate like crazy. He came out a fat healthy little man :heart: just take it slow, some meds help. Hope it works out doll.

This is my 3rd pregnancy. I finally found a miracle medicine for morning sickness that you can buy over the counter! Vitamin B6 and Generic Unisom. I’ll post a picture of the exact kind you need to get. I seriously take 1/4 of the B6 and half of the unisom pill anytime I start feeling sick and it takes it away during the day. But I also take it at night so I won’t be sick when I wake up. It’s amazing

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I’m 25 weeks and still get nauseous every day and almost all day sometimes! Nothing has really helped me and I just eat whatever whenever I can!

My first child was a girl and I was sick the entire pregnancy where I couldn’t hardly ever eat anything. I never gained any weight and I lost 40 lbs during that pregnancy. I was hospitalized a few times with dehydration and then I started puking up pieces of my stomach. They gave me ulcer medication at 8 and a half months but by then I was tormented and miserable. I had four additional children since then and never had any nausea at all and was never sick from pregnancy again.

I would drink lavender tea with lemon, it always soothed me in the mornings.

Talk to your doctor. I have a friend that ended up having to take medicine because even at 9 months she still gets sick.

Try frozen Gatorade. Thats all I could stomach when I was nauseous. And fresh fruits helped just little bits at a time

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Take the prenatals at night before bed it helps alot im 32 weeks and have the same problem

I was sick every day during my first pregnancy. Lost 35 lbs. Had gestational diabetes and pre eclampsia. My baby was fine. I had to spend the last 4 months of my pregnancy in bed laying on my left side, and was hospitalized many times.

I went through three different nausea medications with my son (second) before I could get it under control. If you are ok with taking some meds, ask your doctor for some different kinds to try as they don’t all react the same way. I hope you find some relief.

I was horribly sick with every OTC prenatal I could get my hands on… my dr. Gave me samples of about 5 prescription prenatal vitamins… the blue one (this was over 3 yrs ago) was the only one I could easily keep down. She also had to prescribe me some anti nausea meds at one point. Talk to your obgyn. They have loads of awesome and practical solutions :wink:

I have hyperemesis so my Dr prescribed me zofran. But it’s barely working right now. If your nausea is severe, you may need medication.

I was like that with my son I had morning sickness till the day I had him.
Try mint, crackers, colas. Talk to your doctor about it.
I didn’t take my vitamins but he was perfect

Make sure you’re gettin enough folic acid from the vitamins you are able to stomach :blush:

Eat small amounts more often even a few crackers. I actually ened up in hospital one time. Feel sick don’t eat the have empty stomach be sick Try not to be completely empty.

Talk to your Doctor. Preferably an an obstetrician. I believe the doc can answer your concerns better than FBers like me. Especially about your vitamin intake.

Yikes, take the vitamins you need them especially if your not eating. Just eat the vitamins at night and hopefully you can be sleeping before they make you nauseas. Foods like celery and carrots are crunchy and take a long time to chew, sometimes it helps bring back the appetite. And they’re good for you, so there’s that too! Hope it gets better for you. HANG IN THERE​:heavy_heart_exclamation:THE REWARD IS SO WORTH IT.:grin:

I took Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins and they were great! Plant based iron and ginger so they were easy on the stomach. Take sips of water or whatever liquids you can tolerate every 15-20 min to stay hydrated. I was sick my first pregnancy off and on until she was born. But I was dehydrated and ended up in the ER on an IV during my last trimester. Zofran works wonders, just talk to you doctor about possible side effects. It was linked to defects although my kids are both fine. I did take diclegis for the second pregnancy and it worked well too with no side effects. Good luck!

I had an issue with prenatal vitamins for both of my pregnancies. My doctor told me to take them at night before bed instead of during the day. BEST ADVICE EVER!!!

I don’t have any answers for you… But you need to figure it out because those prenatal vitamins are important not just for baby but you too and not all vitamins are created equal… I quit taking mine because it made me sick and my teeth ended up paying for it… I had sensitive teeth by the end of my pregnancy

My middle girl i puked the whole pregnacy up till the day i had her i kept snacks by the bed and nibbled on crackers all day and when i woke up throu the night seemed to help a bit and kept water with me and sip throu out the day so i wouldnt get dehydrated

I had this issue with my twins. They prescribed me diclegis (spelling may be wrong) but it helped tremendously

Drink ensure or carnation breakfast essentials. Its a drink that has vitamins & helps you gain weight

I was crazy nauseous and would puke every meal up so my doctors prescribed diclectin. Best thing I ever got! It really kept the nausea at bay so I could eat.