How to handle separation anxiety?

Does anyone have a separate anxiety from being your so. My fiance is waiting for a background check to go through for a job. It’s a high labor job in the middle of nowhere( I have no issues with) he’s gonna be gone for about 2 months if he gets the job. My question is has anyone payed attention to adults going missing I mean something happening. I see these reports everyday that someone goes missing either abducted or killed. There’s two guys went missing on there way to where my fiance will be working if he gets this job and I can’t shake the feeling what if this happened to someone in really closed to I wouldn’t know what to do. It can happen to anybody.


Its scarey to even go on vacation anymore u just never know with how this world is now

It’s genuine concern. Sometimes I’m anxious just stepping out the front door. It’s a shame, these days. My anxiety gets high during the school year, as well. This past year they had 2 lock downs for shooting threats, which ended up being hoaxes but still, not cool. Smh.

If he can, maybe y’all can set up a call/text/video chat schedule or something, to easy your mind.