How to have a good relationship with my boyfriends family

Is it possible to have a good relationship with your boyfriends family? Like I feel like I constantly try and it gets me no where. Almost 4 years with this man and any progress I make, just ends up blowing up.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to have a good relationship with my boyfriends family

You should wonder what he tells them about you.


I gave up. Clearly no one was ever going to be good enough for him. Hubby cut them off. Best 4 years ever


Seriously it may never happen. My grandfather started date a younger woman and she is desperate for us to like her but it doesn’t matter what she does. We just don’t. She hasn’t done anything wrong we just don’t like her. My son has a girlfriend and we do. Some people just rub you the wrong way and sometimes you are that person to other people.


There has to be someone you know that you just didn’t like but didn’t know why. You just didn’t. Eventually that person people don’t like will be you. That’s ok. We are all different. I’m definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m cool with it. Just worry about the two of you. Not approval.


I’ve given up after 6 years with my husband :woman_shrugging:t2:only problem is his mother and step dad.


Just concentrate on making him happy. Don’t worry about everyone else. They don’t matter.


My ex husband’s mom hated me and is half of the reason we’re almost divorced right now. She would put a bunch of negative thoughts into his head about me and he was a mama’s boy, he could never stand up to her. I’m better off without that drama. My new boyfriends parents are the best in laws I’ve had so far.


Kill 'em with kindness and do your own thing when your around them…
My boyfriend’s gma, sister, uncle, friends were the same way…
I completely understand what your saying. When it came to gatherings, I did what i was taught, show respect, smile, offer assistance, whether u want to or not. Let them see you want to be there. My mans gma did not think much of me, until I acted as if i were family,
if im going to be N’SYNC w/ someone, than yeah, whats mine is his, whats his is mine, and they fam, so they now my fam, DEAL


I feel like the more you try the less they like, ever thought about doing what makes YOU happy?


Some times there is no impressing people no matter how happy your boyfriend is you won’t be good enough. When they say that …. Give it straight back

Your the bad guy if you try or if you don’t try I kept my boyfriends out of my life and it’s destroyed our relationship tho bc it hurts him that i want nothing to do with trash :v: leave em. Like everyone is saying sometimes you just don’t like people not that they necessarily do anything wrong you just don’t like them!

I went thur that with my husband the frist 3 yrs then everything blow up then he blow up an said as long as she my wife your will respect her you don’t have to like her you don’t have to love her but as long as she’s got my name you’re going to respect her or we will never be back and we’re going on 13 years now and have a wonderful relationship with his family actually in January we just went on vacation with this sister and brother-in-law and parents


Lol my bfs mom legit hated me for 8 years! like even looked me in my eyes and told me she hated me… now we are super cool and it’s amazing! sometimes it just takes time if there was bad blood at some point.

It’s been 5 years for me. Was good, but went south. We all live next door to each other. I don’t see or speak to them. It’s sad. Makes life hard.

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My mil is just starting to like me and we’ve been married 8 years. It took her 3 years to like my sil’s husband. Some people are just determined to not like you, at least for a while. Just be yourself and try not to let it get to you.

I thought i had a good relationship woth them then my father in law tells my husband i seem controlling and my husband laughed in his face because thats the last thing i am and i dont even know how i come across as controlling because im not… my only guess is because my husband hates going over there so we hardly ever go over there and he probably thinks i am keeping him away. Then my sister in law has started inviting my husbands abusive ex to family events and hanging out with her all the time so my husband told her he wants nothing more to do with her but she claims i changed him. His sister and his ex have even tried starting lies to break us up and try to get him and his ex back together which clearly doesnt work. Brother in laws are distant and have been. Grandmother in law i feel like sje tolerates me is all. She doesnt like females so i dont feel like she likes me like that. I bend over backwards and cook them huge meals etc and the relationships are strained still. Ive given up on the hopes of them liking me and just am happy i have my amazing husband.

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Sometimes the inlaws are just assholes. Stop trying to please everyone and just live your life with your boyfriend

I have a great relationship with my in laws and other family ,

Go date someone else.

I’m kinda glad that my boyfriend has no family

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I’ve pretty much always had a great relationship with DH’s family. BS21’s grandma hated me though. Still does to this day actually and it’s been 21 years.
I gave up when my kid was like 8. I just wasnt going to try to make her like me anymore and I quit trying. :woman_shrugging:

Some yes others no I’d fight him over his mom but his dad can stay far away from me