How to heal quickly after a c section?

I’m having my 2nd csection in 2 days and I know it’s not my first rodeo lol but what are some things to expect before and after surgery? And any tips for recovery?


Get up and walk ASAP and keep moving!


2nd one is so much easier


2nd one was a breeze compared to my first! I was super concerned about getting up and all the stuff from the first one but it was so much easier!

drink a lot milk with a pinch of cinnamon.

My recovery for the 2nd one was SUPER easy. Get up and walk asap but don’t over do it

Sounds like a pillow by your incision and I have heard of a belt type strap to hold your tummy where incision is. Pain meds probably are good if they don’t space you out. Tylenol is pointless for me. Oxy for a short time will help. Not for to long tho.

A belly band, also since you’re getting a section you’re going to have to hold your incision when you cough, sneeze, or laugh (more than a chuckle.)

Your doc and care team will give you a post discharge list of things to look out for and you can ALWAYS call L&D if you’re unsure about anything

My first I had staples and was in horrible pain. My second they used glue and I felt great. Was up moving much quicker.