How to help a child through their first period?

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Want some advice mummies about periods, my 12 year old daughter has just started and she’s pretty scared and anxious about it. No matter what I say or do its not helping her. She’s so worried about leaking at school. I know it’s part of growing up but I Never expected it so soon as I was 15 when I had my first. I have heard about period pants where you don’t have too wear any pads but not too sure about them or how hygienic they are.


How about you two sit down and talk about different options and your own experiences with each option. Then she can make an educated and informed decision that she feels comfortable with.


Let her know to wear dark pants, go to the bathroom every other class and see if it needs to be changed or not, look up some articles to help out as well… it’s normal for her to be anxious.

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How about period panties? I have never used them but have been looking into them and they make them for teens. You use them with pads or tampons and they help minimize any leaking.

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Just tell her to wear black pants and to go to the bathroom during class or every break she has. Or if she feels like it’s time to change her pad to go & check


I would sit down and talk with her and also make her an emergency kit like I just did for my 10 year old. Put in extra pads or tampons, wipes and an extra pair of underwear and maybe some treats and such. Let her know if a leak does happen she’ll be ok.

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If she is nervous about leaking, maybe take her to pick out the pads herself and maybe some “period” underwear. I knew I felt more comfortable in darker underwear. Have a conversation about changing her pad. Have her bring a flannel shirt or sweater as a security blanket. If she leaks she can wear it around her waist.It’s a scary time all the body changes. Just be open with her. And provide her with options, overnight pads, pads with wings… until she finds something that makes her feel secure


My daughter is 12 and just started her period as well . to help her Insecurities about a leaking I ordered period panties on Amazon will not leak threw pant

Maybe take her to the doctor and let her have a 1 on 1 appointment. I know we all want our daughters to come to us mamas about these things but her getting the information from the doctor is better than nothing, good luck and just be open and honest and it’s a normal thing

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Do have plastic panties you can order

I just bought the panties for periods I’m thinking use both pads and the panties. Then no leakage. Just wash them like normal.


I started in the fourth grade me mom alwaysss made it a happy thing we ordered pizza and a Pepsi to celebrate when I started it took me a couple days to tell her cause I wasn’t sure wth was going on, always keep her supplies up without her having to ask weird I know but helped make it easier on me to not worry, get her a little school bag that she has everything she needs like little wipes even! :revolving_hearts: good luck


You could buy the period panties and have her wear a pad also…just so she feels more secure❤

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Does she have a locker? Have her put this in there to feel more secure.

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I flowed heavily when I was young. If I didn’t go to the restroom between every class I had a problem. My best advice is to use a tampon plus a thicker pad. If the tampon gets to the leaking point before the end of class you can definitely feel it starting to soak your pad and you know it’s time to excuse yourself before there is any danger of the pad getting soaked enough to leak. Dark pants are always good and having a dark hoodie or jacket on hand to tie around my waist just in case always helped me feel like if it did happen at least I could hide it and not be embarrassed in front of everyone. Good luck momma!

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My mom made me wear two pair of undies or girdle panties over my regular undies to keep the pad in place. I was super skinny and worried about it moving around and leaks also. It worked, never leaked

My daughter is 14 and hasnt started yet.we’re not sweatung it yet, every body is different

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Teach her how to use tampons. Much cleaner than pads and less embarrassing. And more discrete, she can just put them in a pencil pouch at school. Never heard of period pants but if you’re referring to the underwear I’ve heard they work well. I’m not a mom but I’m telling you what I wish I would have done in middle school

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I was 11.
I worse skirts over my pants to hide leaks I’d they happened

We just ordered my daughter some underwear from . She hasn’t had a chance to try them out though. You don’t have to wear a pad with them.

My daughter was terrified of her period at first. She used to cry and say she didnt want to grow up because she was afraid of leaking. It honestly just takes time and support. Get her some teen pads because they will be shaped for her younger body, my daughter uses U kotex tween or teen, they are in fun colors and they arent super loud to open. Get her some dark pants, let her know that in the beginning it’s rare to bleed so much that she will leak, and she should have hours between having to change due to it being full.

I had period underwear thinx or something like that and they where so nice.

I would try the panties with the pads or tampons, until she regulates or feels comfortable knowing her body.

I’ve also had really good luck with the always infinty heavy flow pads. No bulk, light weight, but hold a lot.

I would try those new panties. I was twelve and felt anxious too. I cried because I woke up in the morning to my first period and there was blood all over my bed. My mom was great, but I saw it as such a hassle. I would always bring a sweater to tie around my waist in case I leaked. My best friend would walk behind me. I hear those new panties are great. Good luck to your daughter.

I have a couple pair of thinx period panties and I love them. I have an extremely have flow. I use them as tampon back up instead of a pad. They have disposable ones too

Period panties, pad, and black pants. Then check up every hour or 2. She can set an alarm if she’s worried. If this will cause long term anxiety, discuss birth control with her doctor and decide if maybe it’s easier for her to not get a period. Periods are not for everyone. Especially people with bad social anxiety and sensory issues.


The good thing is that pads are much improved. They are very absorbent even though they are thin. Of course, you could just let her wear black or navy on those days. Poor kid!

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Put her on the pill. It’ll make it easier and shorter

Get her the long pads and change them every 2 hrs

I was 11 when I started mine and I just wore 2 pads at a time and made sure I changed them when I needed to. I always had a super heavy period so I have to change my pads every like 15 mins if I don’t have a tampon. But I definitely wouldn’t have her using a tampon already. I’d have my daughter wear a tampon in like High school


I bought my daughter always flex foam pads. They work amazingly great. Shes never leaked

Please DO NOT have your 12 year old daughter use tampons. But again as a parent it’s up to you. Please look up Toxic Shock Syndrome and talk to your daughter about it. I would suggest a long super absorbent pad, Thick cotton well fitting undies and black leggings. Wear cute blouses that cover your bottom with leggings and have your daughter take extra pads in a discreet small purse she can keep in her backpack.

Maybe u could keep her home from school and also they have pad just for teens that makes it easy to wear.

My granddaughter was so upset try put her on the shot for 1st year until she could calm down.

Bring an extra pair of pants and undies. I was 12 too. Many leaks at school. I’d wrap my sweater and build up a wad of t.p My dad luckly understood and would pick me up sometimes. To me it’s a learning experience. Learning my body learning what to do in situations, how to prep. I still leak :joy: good luck to her and you. We know.

A 12 year old shouldn’t be having that heavy of a period to be leaking through a pad. Buy the thicker long ones for her and wear darker pants those days and even if it makes her feel more comfortable, send her to school with extra clothes in her bag.